Great Little War Game (GLWG) Android, iPad, iPhone, iPad2, Chrome, BlackBerry


Available on Ipad, Iphone, Android, Windows, BlackBerry and Google Chrome.

Great Little War Game is an action-packed turn-based strategy game in full glorious 3D with a unique and comical graphic style.

Command your army and battle enemies on land, sea and air. Select your units wisely and deploy them to take full advantage of higher ground, natural choke points and defensive walls.

Tactical decisions will be made on every turn. Where should your reinforcements go? Does your base have adequate defences? Do you have time to capture that enemy Factory? Can you afford an aerial strike? Should you make another cup of tea before starting the next round?

It’s a Great Little War out there, and you’d better be ready for it!

Varied missions are the order of the day here – Capture the enemy HQ, Escort the Generalissimo to safety, Guide small squads behind enemy lines, Defend your base… it’s going to be one crazy ride!

But fear not – the Great (and definitely NOT cowardly) Generalissimo is here to save the day, along with his indefatigable aide Jenkins. If the Great Little War doesn’t get to you, their puns and hi-jinks certainly will.

So tell us, Trooper. Have you got what it takes to win this Great Little War?

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  1. Daniel De Jesus says

    I wish the Fighter will be rename Apache and the Jeep to be rename APC

  2. RealNightFury says

    OFCOURSE! i m playing Advance wars on my android! 😀

  3. iche anyep says


  4. KingColton1 says

    Mission 19 is worst mission ever I've played… Why 12 days and 4 ways to reach top for enemy? It too long and at 3–2 Days left, they bring more heavy tanks… Basic isn't worked for easy. Fix Basic…

  5. Jarzka1990 says

    Please make it available for PC as DRM free or via Steam and add online multiplayer :)?

  6. Jarzka1990 says

    It's easy 🙁

  7. Muhd Yusoff says

    Bought it, stuck on campaign level 4 🙁

  8. Just Dat says

    I love that game! I remember how i use to play it :D! Thx for bringing that up! lol

  9. Jochem ter Keurs says

    Is now out for bb PlayBook.

  10. CaptainFalco311 says

    Advance Wars, anyone?

  11. D G says

    @moosinthehoos Please add this to the Kindle Fire (Amazon APP Store)!

  12. عراقي وافتخر says

    samsung kik apple in the butt loool

  13. عراقي وافتخر says

    fuck samsung s2 the best

  14. Runeclaw says

    Make it work on the HTC Sensation and I will buy it.

  15. Ndriana says

    I like strategy games and am a Total War player (Medieval 2, Empire, Napoleon, etc…)

    I would have definitly get this game on my iPad if it didn't look so 'kawai' – as it looks it would just make me feel like i am 5 years old.

  16. PlumTreeCake says

    Cute :3

  17. ZenithPaul Torres says

    advance war 3d lol

  18. moosinthehoos says

    There is a new update coming soon which will have multiplayer. Follow us on facebook or twitter to be kept up to date.

  19. hjeepisbest says

    You guys should make it so peaple can play together with 2 ipads or 1 ipad and 1 iphone and play a co-op campain or 1 vs 1 battle! That would be epic! Ps I bought the game for ipad! 😀

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