1. Max Jonatan Grandes Morán says

    El mejor video de goles de todo el YouTube

  2. Max Jonatan Grandes Morán says

    me gusta este video porque va acorde a la música y le pone mucho más emoción a los goles, que ya de por sí solos son excelentes

  3. Michael Miller says
  4. richard b.mccant says

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  5. Carey Hildebrand says

    Soccer is my life!! Go my team Xifa!!

  6. Funny-O's says

    that was alberto carlos.

  7. Funny-O's says

    soccer's awesome

  8. MrGottster says

    Are you sick? The music did the video, thumbs up if you agree.

  9. BenderOfTime Gaming says

    Best video lol

  10. MrMadridista29 says

    Soccer? did you mean football? 😀

  11. Peter Bondi says

    ****ing AWESOME!!!!
    goals 🙂

  12. Yazan Abedelqader says

    Nice Goals .

  13. •No Mercy• says

    2:18 IBRAHIMOVIC !!!!!!!

  14. Matesko Matesko says

    roberto carlos

  15. Roy Shany says

    The next Messi is here! Look on the search for Lotan Shany…

  16. Devyn Jacob says

    thx bro

  17. Sebkarp0 says


  18. Sebkarp0 says


  19. Devyn Jacob says

    what is the name of this song?

  20. Carlos Valderrama says

    I really like this! It's full of action and I had fun watching!

  21. Devyn Jacob says

    1 person doesn't even know grammar. (hint hint you)

  22. Bernnardo Miranda says

    This game has back graphics!

  23. Quin Phalen says

    check my chnnel for another soccer goal compilation!
    Would be much appreciated!

  24. hormanchung says

    These arn't the best!!!

  25. troll32141 says

    0:22 fail by keeper

  26. alissa said says

    they kinda suck

  27. rashomontenegro says

    Who is this god on 1:32

  28. thegoat_cj2k says

    this is friken awsome

  29. experimentsteam says

    THE MUSIC'S AWESOME…why would you mute it?

  30. experimentsteam says

    Psychin up for soccer tomorrow

  31. Bryce Depperman says

    1:58 most impressive IMO

  32. Kenji Wellman says


  33. TheInFootball says

    Sorry for advertising on the video, but I guess you like football cos your watchin this vid. My channel has all the scores and tables from the biggest European leagues with highlights coming up soon in the form of subbuteo! Feel free to check out my channel, it's free so what's the worst that can happen!

  34. Connor Davis says

    If you wanna see a sick goal type in "Upper-V Volley". its the first video

  35. Shawarmang says

    @njgimbacrew thumbs down cus i didnt

  36. Replayer101 says

    Great Tune! 😛

  37. beastmomohi18 says

    @StayCold118 not really lol
    and if you dont like soccer, why'd you watch the video in the first place?

  38. Joel says

    Guys, if you're gonna complain that much about the music and be a bunch of sissies, just turn it off. It's that simple

  39. Ireland Bigelow says

    I hate how they only show the English Premier league soccer on American espn. And even that is pretty much limited to Chelsea and Man U.

  40. beastmomohi18 says

    @StayCold118 so your mom plays soccer?

  41. Casimiran Taylor says


  42. Joshua Boss says

    @joshbluefan i'm sry but this music is kind of killing me i can't hear such a shit lmfao 😛

  43. James marks says


  44. Joshua Boss says

    thumbs up if you turned off the fucking music :'D

  45. tburon9 says

    Ive seen better XD

  46. fargabibaba says

    there not really nice goals there moves exept for the first 2

  47. MLSSOCCER says

    some are easy to block

  48. MegaLuis0909 says

    chcicharito shouldv beenm there but hot vid.

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