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Ancient sun-bleached ruins pierce blue skies as the Aegean laps at the endless coastline. And Greek culture is alive with passionate music, inspired cuisine and thrill-seeking activities.
Home to some of the world’s most important historical sites, along with some 6,000 islands, Greece is known for its natural beauty and fascinating culture. Ancient archaeological sites, cliffs tumbling into sparkling blue water, sand and pebble beaches, and a balmy Mediterranean climate make Greece one of Europe’s prime tourist destinations.

03:16 Zagori
04:50 Thessaloniki
06:39 Halkidiki
08:15 Lindos
09:52 Peloponnese
11:27 Meteora
13:02 Delphi
14:36 Cape Sounion
15:36 Athens
18:21 Greek Islands


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  1. Prasanth MP says

    i am thinking to viist greece . I have 10 days ,tell me where all places should i visit . thank you

  2. Heraklit Heraklit says

    One of the most beautiful countrys in the world and of course one of the most oldest one!!????????????????????????

  3. Immaculate Jesus says

    I think Greek island plave will come in Kuuda jaane song right.

  4. r k says

    I am visiting greece as soon as the corona is gone

  5. M S says

    We ?? Greece ?? ?? ?? !!!

  6. cristian urbina says

    Nice Video,Beautiful Country.

  7. Maria Jimenez Padilla says

    In Tenerife FLIPADA ?????

  8. Popular Air Travel says

    How can you not concentrate on the beautiful?

  9. Lola G says

    Spartan conscience. . . . . You can't be more jealous can you .Why would you watch the video. if you don't like the country. Greece is tge best place in the world great people. great history people with filotimo that are welcoming and beautiful .Amazing main land great food and produce crustaceans clean beaches and a lot of ancient monuments. Greece is was and always will be the birth place of civilization since this is where it all started.Greece put up with 78 wars from invaders and also world war #1 and #2 had its own civil wars and problems but still stands tall and beautiful .With great places to see people of great wisdom in anything they did science medicine Sports culture art philosophy. …Greece is the best place in the world for more reasons than one so stop being so little and small when you talk about this country cause no one agrees with you .

  10. Oksana Iedyna says, Nea Iraklitsa beach and sea – what does it look like

  11. The Meemz says

    only satrini – rest of the places seems lil dull like brazil

  12. All in one direction says

    Love greece from assassin's Creed Odyssey to modern world hope Kassandra exist in real life

  13. Christine Bourolias says

    The video is outstanding. This is my country and you are paying it a great honour – thank you. I do have one suggestion. The names of the various places need to be pronounced closer to the Greek authentic pronunciation. Some of the pronunciations were difficult to comprehend even for a Greek like myself. Apart from this, the video is so worth seeing again.

  14. kafkoylitsa says

    Ελλάδα μου……Γλυκιά μου πανέμορφη Πατρίδα μου…

  15. TRIPATRICKS says

    Hey really beautiful video, well done :)) We have already shared itfrom your YouTube channel to our Facebook Group:"Greece all about holidays" come and join, unfortunately, couldn't find how to email you 🙂 have a great summer !!!

  16. GeneralGreek says

    Greece >

  17. Bill Hosko says

    TOO many commercials… give us a break from your greed…

  18. Mike Mike says


  19. тя-?? ꉹҭὗʀќἷṩђ ᵍᶤʳˡꉹ says


  20. Κωνσταντίνος Χελιωτης says

    And God bless Greece..And we love it…????????

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