1. XxArticFoxXx playz says

    Legends say if you say this youtubers name 3 times you will get pinnedCookie CreamCookie CreamCookie CreamHope it worksEdit:The legend works

  2. Ava Jackson says

    Cookie cream cookie cream cookie cream I love your video

  3. Melony O'Harra says

    someone dont take my teddy bear me: ok i have one more ber now thanks :p

  4. shufen wu says


  5. AshleyStrawbexrry says

    700th like 😉

  6. Lalpu Lalpu says

    Cookie creamCookie creamCookie creamI tried it ☺☺☺

  7. •Autumn_Cactus• says

    I subbed ^^

  8. Maureen Scheaffer says

    love it

  9. Tony Critchley says

    How sung this cuz it not him

  10. yeet posterತಎತ says

    Wow it made me cry cus i almost did the same

  11. lissy aisyah says

    SO COOL <3

  12. Balzei says

    love it

  13. Zombie _ me says


  14. h x n e y says

    So underrated! 1+ sub!!

  15. Gonzo Plays says

    Okay make sure u remeber me when ur rich and ramous lov ya! ♡♡☆☆

  16. Peace and Love says

    Ever since I saw one of your vids I’ve been subbed you are amazing at these your editing is beautiful you are the best

  17. iiSunflowerii says

    New subscriber~

  18. Dxzei says

    Your good. Very… very good.You just earned a subscriber. ??

  19. Pastel Cacti says

    Yay I’m early

  20. Shevahn Hemi-Rewi says

    I love this one its great and sad at the same time but I might have a song its: don't call me up

  21. Samantha Joy says

    Jumping on train that’s just dumb it has no matter

  22. Samantha Joy says


  23. •bitter fløwers• says

    pt two song suggestion(s): karma

  24. Cookie Cream says

    If I make a pt 2.Song suggestions??

  25. Daily Chilly says

    Part 2

  26. Cynerah Pink Lover says

    This is similar to the other one but I’m not complaining new subscriber

  27. Cynerah Pink Lover says

    I love it but please give credit to Bruno.

  28. • 月 Queue de Lune 月 • alias LV chan says

    What is the logiciol please

  29. kocurkaa 80 says

    I love it music❤️And great video ?

  30. •Lazy_ Lunax• says


  31. Gaming, Food, and Everything says

    Omg! ❤️❤️❤️! So good!

  32. Gacha Violet Gamer says

    Omg Noice I like it ??

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