1. Tiled Stoves says

    Good Movie

  2. Samim Ahmed says

    Will watch any movie of Tom Hanks.

  3. Cristinact says

    Mr. Hanks, how about shooting a new film with Ricky Gervais?

  4. Too Much Time On Our Hands Productions says

    If you haven't seen the movie yet, watch our spoiler free review! now! on our channel!

  5. OH Yeh! says

    sad that America haters( snowflakes , millennials,antifa & blm- native Americans) don’t realize we might all be speaking german if usa didn’t help Europe defeat the NAZIS .

  6. šapac 86 says

    The movie lasts only 1h20min. It is ok but it is too short

  7. Cheffonzie - Un Andaluz en las Américas says

    Save the private Pedogate

  8. Tom Murphy says

    Not exactly The Cruel Sea, is it? Worst U-boat commanders ever. Constantly on the surface facing destroyers ??

  9. Rimi Paul says

    Isn't it the whole movie?? they just showed everything.

  10. MrPeterharold says

    Hollywood completely butchers ww2 history again, at least they got the ocean's name correct.

  11. Carol Pulma says

    Anybody recognize Scrum in this movie from Pirates of the Carribean …

  12. frank says


  13. lazarus1867 says

    *****SPOILERS!!!****?Dude it was an epic movie.. but like the trailer is full of lies!!! The germans voice isnt all deep or normally masculine.. he sounds like a 'girly man in yah' and freaking I never saw the seen with 20 or 30 u boats surrounding and them.. there was only 6

  14. Dave Grutzmacher says

    Anti German movie if the week. Goddamn they keep pumping them out,teaching a new generation to keep up the hate. I guess we deserve it

  15. Astro Viator says

    What a trash of a movie

  16. Mr.Q says

    Turn out if you travel with Hanks in real life you also get CORONA.Note to self: Avoid this man and all means of transportation.

  17. Bonkers McGee says

    Good movie. This was a story that needed to be told for the huge volume of dipshits out there who utter things like "the US entered the war late when Russia already had it in the bag"/"the US didn't contribute anything". The reality is that these convoys had been going on for years and it kept the UK from falling.

  18. TripleB1888 says


  19. Moses D Cedeno says

    Too bad – why did he leave – Bilateral treaties have been signed with 14 non-EU States, including the USA, Australia, Brazil and Mexico. … Greece does not make extradition conditional on the existence of a treaty. If there is no bilateral agreement or convention in place, Greece applies the principle of reciprocity.

  20. Helena Vladis says


  21. ohsuchislife brudenell says

    Shocking film to be honest even made “Fury” look good and that was shit .. a UBoot giving abuse over a radio talk about give yourself away .. then a UBoot taking on a corvette and a destroyer on the surface , behave yourself , ship to ship radio really again why not give yourself away .. light or flags .. and the thing that made me scream with laughter is a royal naval captain asking permission from a US warship to abandon his own ship .. stop your killing me lol .. if you want to watch a good Atlantic war film , you can’t beat The Cruel Sea …

  22. SoulfulElectricity says

    watched yesterday, super lame and boring, rating was 7.1 ..i give it 4.5it's a commercial for joining the navy. like douzends other movies.

  23. Saad Suthar says


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