GTA 5 – Battling Against Covid-19 (JulioNIB's Mod)


Covid-19 has become an uncontrollable crisis in the entire world now including Los Santos in GTA 5. Make sure you stay at home and stay safe.

This is the original owner of this mod. His name is JulioNIB.

You can download it from here.

Make sure you read the installation guides from this mod that are given by him to make the mod works correctly in your GTA 5.

Make sure you have latest version of “Script Hook V” and “ScripthookVDotNet” that are installed in your GTA 5. You can get them from here.

Furthermore, make sure you download “NIBMods menu” first before using any of his mods. You can get it from here.

Do not go to any crowded area at this moment. Stay safe out there and wash your hand regularly and thoroughly with soap.

Grand Theft Auto 5 :

My PC Specs :
CPU i7-4790k @ 4.6Ghz
RAM 16GB DDR3 @ 2400Mhz
OS Windows 10 Pro 64-bit v1909
Monitor Aorus AD27QD 1440p @ 144Hz
4TB SSHD (Hybrid Drive)

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  1. Connor Kane says

    Am I seriously the only person in existance who disliked this video?

  2. Michael Fettes says

    Pandemic is over if Trevor is coming!

  3. Michael Fettes says

    Trevors immunsystem on the beach!

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