Guided Meditation For Happiness & Health: Subtitles English: BK Shivani


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Join BK Shivani to know the importance of Satvik diet and also experience guided meditation, to remain powerful and emotionally protected. Today food and water have vibrations of fear and anxiety. To cleanse and energize them, we need to cook and eat every meal in a peaceful, pure state of mind. As we listen to the Guided Commentary, let us visualise each thought and start feeling it.

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  1. riya paral says

    Om Shanti didi…thank u shiv baba…

  2. Marya says

    Aapki itni pyaari voice bhtt khusi deti h

  3. Rajni Onial says

    Omshanti ?

  4. Santwana Das says

    ओम शान्ति ????१००%सच एही मेरे जीवन की मन्त्र हैं,धन्यवाद,धन्यवाद,धन्यवाद बाबा ,धन्यवाद आप सभी को,???ओम शान्ति,??

  5. Renu yadav says

    Mana ki muje or wrk krna chhaye tha bt you know jo hua vo nhi hona chhaye tha isliye ab kise ches pr visvas nhi bachha mera ……2 yr phle apki video sun k lga tha ki muje rasta mil gya …….ki kse ches shi kr skti hu…Practicality 100%dene k bad bhi kya kmi rh gyi … liya tha ki past birth ka hoga ye ….kai bar mne apke pas phle bhi msg kiye bt us time mere dil me ek umeed hoti thi. … kl jo mere sath hua mere sare umeed sara visvas apke btaye hue raste pr chlna …..sab kise kam ka nhi rha…..mere vo bhgwan k samne ki hui pray ki sab thik kr deo mere se glti hui ho agr past birth me ya fir ab unkowingly mne hrt kiya ho pls forgive me God. …m ideal hu or ideal bn kr hi rhna chhate hu compassion h jo mere dil me usko jinda rkhna chhati hu ..Bt u know apke bhgwan ne apke vicharo ne mera koi sath nhi diya or kuch nhi past birth vgra or agr h to bhi ye glt system h ……bcos m bhgwan ko manane vale achhe krmo me viswas rkhne vale ab ye smj rhe hu ki kuch achha bura nhi h na hi koi kise ka h aaj bhgwan ne muje pthar bna diya to kya past krma. …bhgwan ka to ye rule hona chhaye ki agr hmne glt kiya h to vo usi tim hme shi rasta dekhaye ye sja dekr insan ko raksas bnane pr mjbur krta h … shivani nothing is true in u wrds

  6. lover of says

    Very powerful video Dii love u so much & Thanku❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

  7. RR says

    I WILL CURE MYSELF.I am a day closer to painless life, I know and I pray for all who genuinely have a pain , a pain that really qualfies for a suicide. No , suicide is not an option for me. I will cure myselfOnce again, let us say, I WILL CURE MYSELF.

  8. Veena K says

    Always love to watch Suresh Oberoi and Sister Shivani in such spiritual lessons .

  9. Neha Thakur says

    I am grateful to God for this life and to you also for giving us these ways to live our lives peacefully and with positive attitude. ??

  10. Dee Hamd says

    Whatever you are saying …..ours and yours Prophet Muhammad sallallahoo alaehewasallam has already conveyed 1400 years before …….thanks Di …you r too sweet ,love from Pakistan

  11. Renu yadav says

    Sister kuch nhi h ye ……app vo khti jo kbhi pura hi nhi hota

  12. Vijay Bhardwaj says

    Thank you,om shanti.

  13. - says

    Jo Gussa krta Hai wo uska KARAMHaiHmko apna Karam Nahi Bigaadna chahiye

  14. SHIV BABA says

    Om shanti merey meethey pyarey baba shukriya om Shanti angel shukriya ? ?? ?

  15. Jaydeep Das says

    Om santi didiI'm doing this meditation from last 4 months, it's really works now I feel that I'm pure Soul.I have a faith Very soon I will changeMy sanskar & lifestyle totally .?Thank You sister Shivani di.

  16. Abalhangshu lingkhim says

    Trust me ????those all very meaningful speeches from Shivani didi leads us toward tantrik way (indirectly or directly)

  17. Sai Sangita23 says

    Om Jai Sairam

  18. Jaydeep Das says

    Om santi didi

  19. Ranadhir Bhattacharjee says

    Sister Happy To Inform You That For Your This Video Message On Foods And It's Vibrations Watch Many Year's Ago And From Many Year's Ago I Adopted The Practice To Become Vegitarian And I Continuing This Till Today.Sister I Experienced The Benifits Of The Vegitable Food Consuming And By The Blessings Of God And You My All Family Members Also Become Vegitarian Most Important Thing I Noticed I Never Influenced Them To Become Vegitarian Automatically They Became Vegitarian I Understood How This Happened Because Of Only Vibrations Radiated To Our Home.Sister I Will Remain Greatful To You Always For Your This Great Help In My Life !Om Shanti Sister ???

  20. Nuzhat Khan says

    I am happiness. I am healthy. I am perfect. I am complete. I am strong. I am money. I am lucky. I am love. I am peaceful soul. I am powerful. I am positive. I am blessed. I am easy. Allah talla app ka bohat bohat shukriya shukriya shukriya.

  21. Purna Bandhu says

    Mam aap sabko satik disha dikhte Hain.. love you mam?❤️ jo students job k liye preparation kar te hai unke liye motivation speech ap denge to sb khusi khusi study karenge. students k liye ek video plz mam… Love n respect for you ?❤️☺️

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