1. ajaw tony says

    This guy, a Doctor leads the energy dept and states production will begin sooner if you take 24 hours and multiply it by a fraction. A fraction is part of a whole, so 24 multiplied by any fraction will be less than 24. Will production begin in less than a day or 24 days or 24 weeks? Where did he like so many in the current Caretaker Gov't learn to calculate? Previously, of a total of 65 seats/votes that 33 was not acceptable but deemed 34 a majority until the CCJ ruled what most knew it to be on July 12, 2019. Now, take the elections that should have taken place within 90 days allowing for their deeply corrupt miscalculation will not take place on or before the Oct. 12 but sometime later still to be determined. And, so the never ending saga continues. What is the international community view on this? Guyanese are a bunch of illiterate jokers.

  2. G singh says

    23 or 22

  3. G singh says

    Guyana have many resources for trade and the Government pocket majority of the wealth . We need proper healthcare and security. Whey people don’t speak up on these issues. The laws of the constitution is a joke to the politicians because they themselves don’t uphold the laws .

  4. terry tee says

    The election need to go asap. 2 rigged list are out there. We need outside help to suppress this apnu govt. Few if it members leak this info

  5. lloyd moore says

    I can't imagine all of that oil that has being dump on such a little know nation such has us guyanese,we can't say thank you for our blessing by painting the tallest wooden building in the world,the St George Cathedral.

  6. Anil Ramnauth says

    Congratulations to Guyana- Lisa Destiny arrives for the oil exploration. Very soon Exxon oil production in Guyana should begin. The oil production is a plus for Guyana economy

  7. GORDON Smith says

    Since when Nandiall buy the laws courts of Guyana and everytime he opens his mouth and the pppc leaders and jagdeo the devil always running to court when they dont get their stupid baad daal demands of the pppc leaders and jagdeo the devil and Ali and Anil in political terms and disrespectful to the constitution and the courts and the Guyana highest judges and the ccj and the government and everyone else in politics and don't give a dam at who they insult everyday or night and they think they own Guyana and can do what they want and say hello pppc leaders and jagdeo the devil and Ali and Anil and Christopher Ram allu relax and back off ho rass hole allu don't have nothing else to do eeeh is time to shut up the people tired of allu harassing them everyday with the same stupidness and lawlessness and disrespectful behavior and the people of Guyana wake up and smell the coffee and prepare for the future and the good times coming and if allu didn't hear or see on the news the things started eeeh the biggest ship to store allu oils arrived in Guyana and the oils coming up sooner than allu think well this is good news to hear okay instead of listening to jagdeo the devil and Ali and Anil and Christopher Ram stupidness everyday and turn off your TV and radio and stap listening to these fools okay God almighty help Guyana please from jagdeo the devil in jesus christ name Amen.

  8. Harry says

    the merging of database is preposterous – it seems it is political not logical – it is based on no precedent

  9. Stefan Henry says

    Where did the mathes come from

  10. khemraj sukhram says

    this man is going to get kick out ramjattan is taking his position and he and ramjattan and he is saying that he is going to be the presidential candidate the pnc wants him that is naga but ramjattan is fighting for that position what a joke AFC will and hopefully killing its supporters that they fool the guyanese Indians of berbice

  11. khemraj sukhram says

    this man is lying

  12. Anil Ramnauth says

    Merging the information from H2H registration with the old voters list is good, but GECOM has to be cautious of the duplication of names. The period of Claims and Objections is an ideal way to correct any voters list as done in North America . APNU has a good chance to form the next government in Guyana, since many voters in Guyana are not pleased with the PPP presidental candidate..

  13. Tev Tor says

    Hey Fag-De-Hoe,Here is a NEW MATH for you:AUNTY × MAN = AUNTYMAN.Never trust a PeePeePee GUTTER RAT Politician who does GRAPH MATH on TV….they always "PLOTTING" something…! ???

  14. Tev Tor says

    There he goes again…!Gutter Rat back to court again.#DumbDALALL

  15. Tev Tor says

    So sorry Chutney Stephen et al…!There is nothing the PeePeePee GUTTER RATS and their CRIMINAL CABAL wouldn't THIEF…!#SueThemIt's in their DNA…!

  16. Tev Tor says

    If by now ALL Guyanese, ESPECIALLY THE YOUNG, who have not registered by H2H or on your own accord….SHAME ON YOU…!

  17. Tev Tor says

    WORD PM Naga…!Short and Sweet.#AlwaysToThePoint

  18. gary persaud says


  19. john persad says

    There we go wrong,refurbish ship.money being wasted already.that numskull etc.

  20. Naresh Persaud says

    Nagamotoo you sound like a lump of shit. You betray the guyanese people not knowing you are PNC .You will never get a single vote again

  21. never trust son of man. king James says


  22. Gillian Woolford says

    Wow, isnt this signs of productivity and progress, it's our time to shine my Guyanese brothers and sisters, ONE PEOPLE ONE NATION ONE DESTINY to the bone, WHOM GOD BLESSED NO MAN CURSE, WE'RE A BLESSED NATION AND IS MOVING FORWARD WITH DIGNITY AND PROUD NESS TO BE GUYANESE, this is our time of divine intervention and breakthroughs, THANK U GOD FOR KEEPING YOUR HANDS OVER OUR BELOVED COUNTRY ❣❣PROUD GUYANESE❣❣GO GUYANAIT'S TIME TO SHINE Y'ALL

  23. Patricia Calder says

    All you seeing on Bj is his head and of course his mouth because he must talk to get your attention oh and the jacket that swaying on him he melting down

  24. Melissa Smith says

    Jagdeo is annoying

  25. Donna Narine says

    Haha hahahaha look how he is looking his head big more than his body, because of the oil ???, APNU is going back in the opposition know about the oil but want to sell it out easy,

  26. Donna Narine says

    We are a blessed country Guyana ?? we not stupid but are a well educated people, APNU government used your intelligence with this oil, many just want but was no where around, Guyanese let's stand has on people, one nation and one destiny let's don't give rooms to those that is coming, let them come and go, I have my house to rent everyone told me to rent it out to the Spanish people but I said NO way only to my Guyanese brothers and sisters money is not all

  27. gary persaud says

    $730 million U.S DOLLARS for a refurbished oil tanker, does this seem like a smart use of your taxpayers money?

  28. lloyd moore says

    Paint the st George church all over fresh paint this is a blessing the almighty have dump upon us,a nation that any body hardly knows anything about with less than a million people,this is a blessing and in a big way, it is what we will do with it, remain god fairing guyanese people.

  29. jersey number 32 says

    you just hate hate guyana women

  30. dave das says


  31. christov Clarke says

    nothing is satisfactory to them, they objecting to everything because oil money driving them crazy. they don't care about guyanese.. apnu must win again..

  32. Ramesh Fire says

    Mr. president of Guyana you need to bring back hanging Little injection on the electric chair for all these motherfucker criminal

  33. Ramesh Fire says

    This man should get sentenced to death

  34. Ramesh Fire says

    Why Guyana should be for the ship when you guys gonna take it back no country did not know Guyana but because Guyana discover Everybody wants a piece of Guyana now where were all of you guys 20 years ago 10 years ago Guyanese you need to stand up and fight back let these people leave the fucking country we cannot do this in another country

  35. Ramesh Fire says

    Who give a fuck you should get the fuck out of the country you guys there to rob the poor people of Guyana and the Guyanese people are not seeing that

  36. Ramesh Fire says

    It's about stealing the money and put it in your pocket

  37. Ramesh Fire says

    These people just want to make money guy needs to stop this production

  38. Ramesh Fire says

    Whenever you go to the market to buy fish and shrimp it will taste like Oil

  39. Ramesh Fire says

    It's a good thing the country get oil but it's going to be a bad thing for the environmental you will see all Guyanese you will see how dangerous this is operation is

  40. Ramesh Fire says

    This is a bunch of bullshit you guys are just talking like this but typical Guyanese you guys going to full your husband fucking pocket with the money you get from the oil and Rob all the poor people in Guyana

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