1. Wyndhl says

    This is worst than Cheddi Jagan, Forbes Burnham, Janet Rosenberg-Jagan and Bharrat Jagdeo: 2020 Elections NOW by FAIR, FOUL, FAKE, FIXED, FRAUDULENT, FOREIGN, FUNNY, FAIR-TALE … and, yes, RIGGED MEANSLet's forget about the fact that:The NC matter is before the Appeals Courts;Charrandass Persaud voted ILLEGALLY;The PPP presidential candidate M Arfann Ali is charged with 19 counts of fraud and has been banned from entering Canada;Charrandass Persaud is wanted for questioning as it relates to gold-bribery illegal transactions, etc.;GECOM's disapproval of House to House Registration of ALL Guyanese – especially the young who will be eligible to vote.2020 Elections in 2019 – now, by FAIR, FIXED, FOUL, FALSE, FORGED, FRAUDULENT, FUNNY, FAIRY-Tale, FEIGNED, FUCKED-UP… and, yes, RIGGED MEANS!In Guyana,3=235=3245 = 9065÷2 = 32, 33, 34, 35 or 36

  2. Omar Yusaf says

    Gecom is pnc it's going back to the Burnham days of rigged elections blacks Re the minority and can never win a fair and free election how many Indians women that was rape by Corbin green loot burn and riot in Guyana since when is gecom tell the people when election can be held the chairman is a racist and a asshole he cannot pis or shit he do not know when dummy

  3. Su Gaster says

    Whether now or November, these low life will be out of there. Jagdeo will close the country down and they will eat grass. No respect for democracy and the rule of law. What the white done to these racists , put me to wonder their justification.

  4. Mahammad Shariff says

    Gecom must be gone…total retardation

  5. Birbal Hardial says

    This country is worse than Haiti and Jamaica, mosambeak

  6. Birbal Hardial says

    The Chairman is a PNC sleaze bag and will be jailed for breaching the laws.must be jailed .This is worst than Burnham. Wants to rig election .we shall not stand for this. All investors must be careful to invest in Guyana and foreigners must be careful of all the choke n rob not only by the wicked people but by the Granger Government.

  7. Thomas Herry says

    All the politicians in guyana are trying to become president so they can get the DIAMOND MEDAL.LIKE FORBES BURNHAM TO STEAL THE MONEY AND PUT IT IN FOREIGN Banks.

  8. Thomas Herry says

    Gcom members are all PNC and apnu. ..

  9. colin woolford says

    The wickedness of charran-de-ass must not and will not succeed . Ya'll could quarrel how much Ya'll want ..may the will of the almighty be done. The wicked shall be shamed. No high priced cassareep will work. God is great.

  10. Fiya nyc says

    Gecom is corrupted and receive direct instructions from David granger not to hold election

  11. ele cayana says

    Haha.mmyou ppp ppl walk out of meetings and then say you had no input…idiots

  12. ele cayana says

    God bless President Granger

  13. ele cayana says

    Haha…november elections…very good…house to house registration…

  14. lennie waldron says

    This news csst is fake as the ppp fuck off

  15. Kevin Harris says

    It not the commission fault you walk out

  16. lennie waldron says

    These fucking people are so dense of understanding according to gecom readyness election will be held

  17. Cooking With Yevette says

    PPP 28 Lot of killin a nothing has been done People children Husbands brothers uncles fathers disappeared on cannot be found till A-day like today

  18. Vintage photo studio 27 says

    is this the government we want to run our country? not respecting the constitution and the law of Guyana.these are the people that currently dig a hole with so much loans and dump this country in and burring us alive while they living the good life.people of guyana this government carrying us into a constitutional crisis so people of Guyana brace for it

  19. shandra robertson says

    Where is the violation? The constitution give options. One or de other. 90days or 2/3 vote. Anyone will do. So the 90 days about to expire so we move on. Stop being stuck on the 90days

  20. Hemchand Lallram says

    Yes the pncafc want the country to fall on it face like in the 80s..

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