1. michram says

    Here is an extended version. It actually is longer and I didn't know about it ^_^https://youtu.be/OYZitRVo19w

  2. Alga MV says

    This song is absolutely beautiful and amazing!!?A remix from the Bjora Marches' trailer theme??Excellent and one of my favorite songs from the Saga!

  3. Farlon says

    Just hype!

  4. Fu says

    I feel like this track would work pretty well with griffon adventures.

  5. HNTR says

    THIS IS IT! As soon as I heard this track for the first time ingame it was a magical moment! It almost brought me to tears. The soundtrack gets better and better with each release

  6. Lord Mawkish says

    This track is awesome. Really felt amazing to soar to this music. Adventure wasn't mechanically interesting – boring as hell actually – but the music totally lifted it up.

  7. MikeLangelo says


  8. Radintoriov says

    This was such a nice track to listen to for a pretty chill adventure

  9. Radintoriov says

    (annoyed eagle screech)

  10. Silicon S. says

    Yes! Got chills listening to this while soaring over the new map. This (and the version from the episode 3 trailer) should be the main Icebrood saga theme!

  11. Relena says

    playing the ep -> checks michram upload ❤️Thank you ?

  12. SamMathias says

    YESS!! I was so happy to hear this track when going through the adventure for the first time. I'd been hoping the theme from the Shadow in the Ice trailer would appear in-game too! Too often we have brilliant trailer music that's never utilized again.

  13. lukey says

    I'm obsessed with this theme ?

  14. Kaikouken1 says

    this track was my absolute fave! other than the one that plays during the pantheon bit…thank you!

  15. Zach Nightingale says

    Absolutely beautiful and fitting to the scene

  16. Micke Andersson says

    Awesome, thank you!

  17. 86Corvus says


  18. michram says

    It had to be the first one to upload 🙂

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