1. Playxotic says

    lmao this is old af. Can xbox bring back GWF?

  2. mossy jay says

    egr cool whip , got cut out! loool

  3. Kifly95 says

    @leonmccollum1994 Nas is also my fave can't wait for his 2011 album!

  4. Leon McCollum says

    negro i wudent act like day but i wud tuch the topic just not ride cuz meth aint realy my fav ,(nas) but meth the stuff

  5. darious green says

    SHUT THE FUCK UP madhad

  6. hurl771 says

    well atleast you got to talk to him

  7. deadbulletz says

    i laughed at how many friend requests you have to game with fame..

  8. Mikael says

    LOL @ Madhada69 pouring his heart out and trying to tell his life story to Meth, and then Meth just shouts "Let's play the game!"

    Fucking hilarious!

  9. Jahmeen Scott says

    no it aint shut yo lame azz up ni66a

  10. BlazinT10 says

    =D Black Guy

  11. Kifly95 says

    @DeadlySnyp3r yeh i know im just tellin that other guy cause he sayin if GWF is in the name then its fake

  12. Kifly95 says

    @MeRkAgExAK47 do you know what gwf stands for

  13. GetYaMindCorrect says

    Da Rockwilder

  14. TazHardy23 says

    wats the song at begiining

  15. Holesale00 says

    waw wish i could been there!

  16. Alex D says

    he stoned he sounds like it

  17. BrianFellowsSafariPlanet says

    How High Part 2???

    happy days

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