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The historic city of Haarlem is one of the most attractive destinations in the Netherlands. We show the main neighborhoods you want to have a look at when you’re visiting Haarlem, a real Dutch treat. In the center the market square with the great church towering over, and just below there is a series of pedestrian lanes lined with shops and cafés that are very charming, and there are little side residential lanes here as well. Haarlem is only 15 minutes away from Amsterdam by train, so it makes an easy day-trip, but this small city is so fascinating you might want to spend a night or two to fully enjoy the experience.
Many of these brick buildings date back 400 years to the 17th century when Haarlem was at its peak of prosperity. They were homes and workshops and warehouses of the merchants. Today there are a lot of bars and restaurants and then it becomes a shopping street.
And this leads us right into perhaps the most charming street in Haarlem and maybe the cutest lane in the country.
Kleine Houstraat. You won’t get lost here because it’s a small district and the streets are rather straight and run at right angles to each other, but there’s plenty here to keep you busy for a full day just wandering around. Walk along some of these connecting streets like Anegan, it’s almost like a wide shopping mall that joins up three of the other main shopping streets.
You’ll find the shoppers and workers are friendly and ready to talk.
There is frequent train service every 10 minutes between Haarlem and Amsterdam. However if you come on day trip you’re probably not going to be getting to the ends of some of the shopping lanes and into the interesting little back streets or to the museums. If you spend a night or two you’ll have plenty of time.

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  1. Linda Siwalette says

    15 minutes from Amsterdam and 15 minutes from Schiphol airport I stay at the area name schalkwijk in front of the winkle centrum nice area in Haarlem

  2. Bert Overweel says

    We Dutch work to live and not live to work , we don't need a bigger car than the people next door or more money than we need , we enjoy life , it's over before you know .

  3. kareen strathearn says

    its not house / huis straat its kleine hout straat

  4. Danny Gayler says

    Nope , too crowded for me , Sorry !

  5. Hans Oosterom says

    Haarlem truly is a beautiful little city. Easy walk from the train station. Lots to see if you like wandele (wandering about). BTW Kleine Houtstraat actually translates as "Little Wood street." The church is impressive; the beer is good and everywhere; the people are very pleasant; and you really must visit the Taylor Museum. The building alone is worth the visit. I really enjoyed the video. Dankje wel. Also, a shameless plug for Utrecht where I was born. It too is a nice city to roam around in especially if you go to the Binnestad (the inner city) . It's about a 10 minute walk from Utrecht Centraal, the train station.

  6. Cezarina Garcia Menezes says

    ????☺ Nederlands is Super beatfull ???

  7. Peter Lunk says

    Teylers museum is the oldest science museum in NL.And the Oldest Museum in the WORLD !!

  8. Shibojyoti Dutta says

    Which part of the year is best for tourists expecting bright sunny weather?

  9. clark kent says

    Are you like it ?

  10. Aarpee Singh says

    Your country is vey beutiful

  11. Border Reiver says

    love those tricycles with the seat/box at the front…and everywhere is so clean..no litter at all unlike the UK and the town I live in which has litter everywhere…

  12. aucourant says

    I like that guy in the camera shop.

  13. Be Free says

    Haarlem has everything, the best bars and much better than Amsterdam

  14. Multan Bikers says

    Anybody lives in netherland plzzz tell me

  15. MoveMekMiPaZz says

    Thanks for sharing this ????????????????????????????????????

  16. Trish Frei says

    Love the use of maps and street names in these wonderful informative videos! Certainly make me want to return and see more. And yes…the bicycles! Wish I could still ride one! Stay on the walking lanes, and don’t walk on the bicycle lane. Some cyclists can get abusive if you walk in their lane, and I don’t blame them.

  17. Rudolf de Lang says

    The city where I was bornThank you for sharing/creating this video

  18. Jack Mundo says

    Excellent. Thank you.

  19. Wardenwarden warden says

    Haarlem is the 2nd largest municipality in the province of North Holland right after Amsterdam.

  20. Ton Olijve says

    Dennis als a NYorker you didn.t know all the dutch names in NY. Founded by the Dutch. Harlem, Brooklyn, Utrecht, Flushing, Nw Amsterdam, Bronx, you have tot study those , haha Enjoying your youtube films

  21. Lakhbir Bajwa says

    Nederland saddi kar sak

  22. motocrosser45 says

    your voice kills me

  23. sharon and ivo of Vega says

    Houtstraat = Wood Street, Hout is wood.

  24. Edet Effiong says

    Holland: Royalty of The King of Heaven.

  25. Edet Effiong says

    Holland: "Eyen Efik" Calabar, Nigeria."Ekomdo Ndito Ete"

  26. Mia Rayn says

    Sir can help me I go there

  27. Eugenio Ruth says


  28. Amazing Supergirl says

    Love ?????

  29. Maurice Minor says

    Brilliant. Love all the bikes, and lack of traffic. Lucky Dutch.

  30. Neta Pool says

    Very beautiful and clean city

  31. jhcfight says

    It's too bad that tourists think they've seen Holland city life (I really mean Holland, not The Netherlands) if they've been in Amsterdam. Haarlem is much more representative for it. For a city tourism is a good thing, but Amsterdam is an example that it can be too much and even disturbing. Haarlem doesn't have those problems, and that's the reason why I prefer shopping in Haarlem and skip Amsterdam.

  32. Rudolf de Lang says

    I was born there (1961)..Thank you for uploading this video

  33. Mr Varus says

    I have never seen an obese Dutch person.Why you might ask.All that cycling…Take note Americans.

  34. Veneil says

    My old home town. I miss it still, even though I haven't lived there since the early 1960s.

  35. James Tallis says

    You are the first American I've heard on YouTube who can pronounce Dutch names, Congratulations!

  36. 55555ditandre says

    Very nice. Maybe I will visit this town next year.

  37. Mellow Midtown says

    Where do I find the videos on all the other Dutch cities?

  38. A R says

    Found this video while reading "The Hiding place." This city is where the Ten Boom family lived and hid the Jews from Nazi Germany.

  39. Pierre Caron says

    Great video, I will visit the Netherlands in a couple of weeks and Haarlem is on my list mainly for Franz Hal museum but you'v shown me many other thing to see, thank you.

  40. J. C. says

    Thank you.

  41. J. C. says

    Thank you.

  42. karen williams says

    Brilliant!! Really informative and detailed information – with humour.

  43. Reza Moghadasian Rad says

    bikes been contributed a lot to make those beautiful leggy birds

  44. zbudda says

    I like the common sense helmet use…without mandating a law like a nanny state.

  45. Reza Moghadasian Rad says

    i wish i knew where that bikes are from, china? they look heavy but practical

  46. Reza Moghadasian Rad says

    ik loved haarlem

  47. Linda Siwalette says

    I always stayed in Haarlem if iam in Holland

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