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  1. Jace Rafael Ferrero says


  2. sadia traggar says

    In the last computer on second round talking about he beast I remembered I played flee the facility on 💻 as the beast I was that good that I leave the game like slog or slogo named guy was there he saws me turning over the wall and crying it was not real slogo and one thing why do we all say slogo slogoman????????????????¿????????????????????????????????


  3. ilija Martinoski says

    Yes more

  4. Marcel Hooijmaijers says

    You are the best

  5. John Cayabyab says

    Jelly safreyg love sanna

  6. John Cayabyab says

    Jelly kiss sanna 1000000000 times

  7. Elira Dzemaili09 says

    Is it just me or did jelly say dumb a$€

  8. Ms Mail says

    When jelly was knocked out and he was wiggling he looked like he 's drunk

  9. Brian Dempsey says

    Dear jelly can you be my freind then i will have my first freind PLEASE ACCEPT

  10. Joan Tyser Mills says

    zJoie you need to fucking do it

  11. Oratile Kapinga says

    jelly i play roblox on my pc so we can play together

  12. Silver Egessa says

    You have cool videos

  13. Silver Egessa says

    Hi Jelly

  14. • Peekay • says

    Sara Or Sanna Bruh-,-

  15. Cynthia Playz says

    While I was eating my food,I bit my tounge

  16. Louis Kam says

    You are a big noob

  17. Maurice Maligaya says

    i want to play Roblox

  18. Ares Roblox says


  19. Prithisha Sivathas says

    u said dumb ass

  20. Christopher Hall says

    Jelly we would love to see more videos and I love your outfit bro

  21. Mya Bonnette says

    Jelly you and Iamsanna are funny playing flee the facility

  22. Mary Chan says

    You skipped so much computers

  23. tayouy kuoch says

    Jelly you can get more hammers without robux!!! 🙂

  24. Harrison Tuson says


  25. Alwaleed Alghamdi says


  26. Ninja kids says

    Jelly Hi

  27. Aniruddha Gogoi says

    Make more vid plz plz plz.i love your all vid

  28. Aniruddha Gogoi says

    Jelly strategy: run run run sanna run.

    Sanna strategy: jelly let's hack a computer

  29. Muhammad Usman says

    I like you guys playing this game but please play with sanna moody and sunny

  30. cris yutuc says

    i love the part when you knock out lol

  31. Grace Douglas says

    More pls

  32. Dude Royal says

    I love wanna she is sexy

  33. Gaming with Jacob says

    I have Roblox too

  34. Riaflor Laoan says

    Jelly is so funny and I love this vide please make more

  35. Jackelin Lopez says


  36. Jackelin Lopez says

    Make more

  37. Jackelin Lopez says


  38. Theo Scott says

    If the beast is too close to the Rosen chamber the person that was captured will not take damage unless the beast is super far away and if it says frozen they are dead dead dead

  39. Delani Bernabe says

    some times when i watch you i eat jelly

  40. Mike Cruz says

    Jelly can you do more Robles video

  41. Narra Alfonso says

    he looks like he have epilepsy if his hammerd

  42. Julia Kopcho says

    please make more Flee the Facility. They are so funny 🙂

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