Hacker Breaks Down 26 Hacking Scenes From Movies & TV | WIRED


Hacker and security researcher Samy Kamkar takes a look at a variety of hacking scenes from popular media and examines their authenticity.

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Hacker Breaks Down 26 Hacking Scenes From Movies & TV | WIRED

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  1. Delicia Murugan says

    so he's real life elliot then..

  2. Syed Zakiullah says

    Who knew this would be the least relevant genre before clicking on the video…

  3. Zinder says

    Mr.Robot is quite accurate and fun to watch for those of you are wondering.

  4. Duckmeister says

    I don't care about the hacking in Weird Science. I still want to know if it's possible to create Kelly LeBrock with a Commodore 64.

  5. Manuel Torres says

    lol, he mentioned the best interface is a console interface and they put a html image … LOL!

  6. Shabadoo Shabadoo says

    To be fair, hackers do like a doge every now and then.

  7. illuminati SL says

    You guys can't be kidding.. where is the tv series name "scorpion "

  8. Bryson says

    Did this guy just say physically hacking isn't hacking? That's the literal definition of hacking.

  9. ꧁Mike Sully꧂ says

    Also at around 8:00 he mentions the hacker changing IP address of his website as the US takes them down. So the US takes down one server; the hacker updates DNS to point to another IP address, so his site stays up. He mentions the IP addresses (servers) are taken down very quickly.But doesn't DNS have a fairly long TTL, that is it can take hours for every mailserver to transition to the new IP address. So wouldn't the majority of the time, the DNS address would still be pointing to an invalid IP address??????

  10. Hadi Pawar says

    Talks about terminals proceeds to show HTML

  11. ahmed limam says

    "A more accurate interface would be a console or a terminal."Proceeds to show some html code.Hackerman ♫

  12. Kevin says

    Mr Robot is probably the best show I have ever watched.

  13. Kevin says

    Is that Freddie Wong in Chuck?!

  14. tejas patel says

    Horse breaks down rdr2

  15. Wilfred David says

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  16. David Roberts says

    … but most of all Samy is my hero

  17. aSpicyCow says

    i hate how the clip keeps unpausing its so annoying i just wanna hear the dude talk

  18. la says

    i love his smile at the beginning of each clip, he has so much hope just to be so let down

  19. xam wuz here says

    the wand company created a sonic screwdriver that gives off IR and has a database of most IR codes for turning tvs on and off, i went to an art exhibit and turned all the screens off, only to load them back to find out it was windows xp not the art, i had to slip out of there quick

  20. Alex Lagas says

    Speaking of the Matrix let's not forget that the powergrid, the internet etc existed in the VM of the matrix, and Trinity was able to get access to the powerplant even if it wasn't connected to the local "ingame" internet.

  21. Fragster says

    at 0:49 HTML??? Seriously?????

  22. Kevman sin mas says

    Oh yeah, my favorite programming language: 3D forms

  23. daniel jack says

    i cant watch leaving mid vid cause of the pathetic memeing

  24. daniel jack says

    stop interrupting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Gavin Warna99 says

    *Slaps keyboard* I’m InNnnn

  26. Pandora says

    Hes cute tho

  27. sara bisanti says

    i just had access to my ex instagram account when i suspected him of infidelity,, guess i was right when + 1 404 796 9258 got me enough evidence to confront him with the allegations.. i'll save this for our divorce later in court

  28. Backdoe Fn says

    You should do a video like this with video games

  29. The Englishman says

    Hmmm I don’t think he’s a hacker ,maybe a pen tester, and far too technical for viewers here badly explained too

  30. Muhammad Daniyal says

    Hello friend

  31. Vincent Varela says

    very accurate

  32. Oscar Svensson says

    I wonder if this guy would be able to hook me up with some clash of clans gems

  33. Avenue says


  34. Flex Zible says

    Love the info he gives but i hate the way you guys made the video with sounds of the movie playing as the guy talks, thats just bad

  35. ericb31 says

    oh, in Jurassic park, the programmer, Dennis Nedry, used a program called "white_rabbit.obj", which was ACTUALLY an executable with a misleading name, to get into the security systems.not exactly hacking, since he had a legitimate job there…but that's actually realistic. most times when someone hacks a bank or a big company, it's actually a current or ex employee responsible.

  36. ericb31 says

    a VERY old vulnerability came to mind: a program called "sendmail" had a bug that would allow it to "send" messages to SYSTEM files, thus creating fake user profiles.it was easily fixable, the makers told everyone how to fix it, but many IT people were to lazy to fix it.it's worth mentioning that this was one of the ways the infamous "ARPANET worm" spread itself. that worm also encrypted itself, making it harder to figure out!

  37. ericb31 says

    "named servers are all in Russia"…reminds me of a TRUE story, in a book, "the Cuckoo's egg" by Clifford Stoll.a hacker in West Germany was being paid by the KGB to try to steal american government secrets.he tried to hide his traces by bouncing his IP through a bunch of locations.NO ONE NOTICED except Clifford, then an Astronomy Student in one location, a university.with his help, they were FINALLY able to track the guy down and arrest him.one problem they had was that the telephone systems in West Germany are SO old-fashioned, someone had to PHYSICALLY LOOK AT MECHANICAL SWITCHES to trace the signal!this meant keeping him online for HOURS AT ONCE…but how to do that without letting him steal secrets?Clifford's girlfriend came up with an idea: make up some FAKE secrets and let the hacker steal them!Clifford called the fake secrets "SDINET".

  38. The Sad Fish says

    0:50 that's neither a terminal nor a console that's an IDE lol

  39. Damir Gaming says

    if anyone needs help with hacking/recovering/unbanning accounts on sites and apps such as tiktok,insta,facebook,twitter,snapchat and others then contact @trace_hacks on insta

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