Hacking Mac School Computers 2014 (How To Kill Lanschool)


How to kill Lanschool on Mac OSX. Batch file code: while (true) do killall student done. Bring the batch file to school on a flash drive, don’t leave it saved on a school computer or you could get in trouble.

For how to kill lanschool on windows, click here:

How to Hack Computers At School | LanSchool Hack | 2013
by TheHacker00079 months ago93,205 views
Create admin account code: net user /add account 123 net localgroup administrators account /add net share …
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Here’s Me Hacking Kids Computers At School {Controlling, Blanking Screens etc.}
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I had permission to do this* Thanks to Nate for letting me record with his phone, and thanks to Bryce for letting me blank & control …
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Can students hack or get around LanSchool?
by LanSchoolTechTalk3 years ago7,070 views
Can students hack or get around LanSchool? Dana Doggett, founder of LanSchool.
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by TheHacker0007Active 1 week ago287 videos
Theming, tutorials, hacks and more. If you need to contact me for any reason, use the email address below. (please don’t use …
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How to COMPLETLEY customize your desktop
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Watch this video first!! Download links: Stardock
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  1. ShlonginThatDong RicePicker says

    Why didn’t I discover this before I got in trouble, hacker respond to this comment, my school technician has remote management on my laptop yet I disabled it through settings and especially did a factory reset. I don’t know how else he saw what I did to add an administrator password

  2. Mindblitz64 says

    Here in Connecticut we have 20 carts with 30 MacBook airs in each of them. In the middle school(I’m not kidding)

  3. Smith jackson says

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  6. Angie says

    It does not work on My School Mac

  7. Br uh says

    What kind of school uses mac

  8. Pyruvate says

    When you try to have a good background but you notice you don't have a windows

  9. DavionBlewz says

    I use a USB killer

  10. Mark Lopez says

    DO you really need to put it on a flash drive can't i just throw it away on the trash and empty it

  11. sanpaku records says

    My computer isn't running lanschool.. what else could be happening?When I try to access a site, it comes up with:Access denied to this website as it matched the policy: "Duty Of Care".

  12. The nigeus channel says

    by the way were do i get terminal

  13. Ollie Good says

    will they know what you are doing during/after the process?

  14. ji bo says

    Another suggestion, you could just simply stop Lanschool from launching when the system starts. Disable it in launch agent and it should be fine.

  15. Dillon Blum says

    i have a school mac can u tell me how to hack with it

  16. Raj Rao says

    How do you reset the admin passwordsPlease tell me I can't open Terminal without it ):

  17. steve choi says

    intro scared me

  18. Y says

    Is the command "chanod a'x" or "chamod a'x" if it is another one pelase let me know

  19. Van Thanh says

    Can you plz show a video how to delete certificate on school computer. beacuse I can't download anything plz help. and so you know you got a sub of me:)

  20. Champloo says

    666 subscribers, illuminati confirmed

  21. Trad Archer says

    While this may work, if you think about it, once you run this you will automatically raise your profile with the teacher. If they can't figure out what is going on then you get sent to the school tech. If he runs a keystroke history on your laptop you might get in trouble. If he can't figure out what is going on then he might just hook your laptop up to the imaging server and re-image it. If you are lucky you get to back up your stuff. Hope you have a flash drive big enough for all of it. Once it is re-imaged you start fresh and have to restore it back to the way you liked it. If you keep running this hack then the process will repeat itself until somebody figures out what is going on. Worst case is you get your laptop taken away and you are stuck working with paper and pencil.

  22. harrison cotter says

    thanks so much man 

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