Halloween Races Tournament! Mr. Happy & Chomper⚡Beach Buggy Racing 2


Beach Buggy Racing 2, Halloween Races Tournament with Mr. Happy and Chomper! Halloween Rewards, Happy Halloween!! Crazy Halloween Event, Crazy Gameplay! New Halloween Update 1.6.8! New Cars, New Powerups Unlocked, Hard Difficulty Road to Level 13!! All Stars! Xbox Controller, New Xbox Controller! Xbox One X Gameplay, Steam Game, Like a Boss All Racetracks Shortcuts, Let’s Play, 1000HP Race with Mr. Happy and Benny #Racedose Gameplay! New Ultra Graphics Full HD MobileVersion! 1080p 60fps Gameplay☆

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  1. Dimitra Love says

  2. Alfath Hul says

    Good 😄👍

  3. Big Bang says

    18k Subscribers!!!

  4. Big Bang says


  5. FanzyRocket says

    Please Upload
    More VIDEOS!
    Mr. Happy Ft. Holeshot !

    The Crazy Roadster Holeshot is SUPER!

  6. Rayhan plays says

    I just reached level 10 and got Crystal crate

  7. Ashok ami says

    Hi racedose please tell me that which app you have downloaded for such a nice video collage

  8. yassir play says


  9. Tanzil Urrehmn says

    Hot wheel 2020

  10. Nejc Besal says

    Which car is missing ?

  11. FrostyGamingCH says

    Me: 1:38,95

    5 place

  12. troy gamerr says

    No 13:29 epic moment

  13. Alejandra Muñoz Torres says

    Recendose Nou

  14. Pedro Hugo Salvador Cabezas says

    like para este crack saludos desde peru

  15. Levis Torres says

    Racedoce alfin tengo a Mr happy al principio no lo pude conseguir pero ahora lo tengo

  16. Elyese Moreira says


  17. Zaeem Kapampangan says

    I like racedose

  18. FanzyRocket says

    Please Upload
    Mr. Happy Ft. Holeshot !
    The Crazy Roadster Holeshot is SUPER!

  19. luz solano says

    buen video saludos

  20. FanzyRocket says


  21. Ariel Garcia says

    Eres muy bueno para Beach buggy racing 2 Racedose 👌👌👍👍👍

  22. MelerusYT Games says

    Gg XD 😀

  23. RAYHAN Shanawaz says

    Do u buy stuff using money in this game

  24. Michael Lopez says

    You are another wave Racedose

  25. Johnel Regalario says

    I lost mr.happy because of backup account

  26. Eduardo Arroyo says

    Nice Driving

  27. MOUSSA SZN says

    Bro hot wheels car 2020 😭😭

  28. Big Bang says


  29. CraZyBenNy says


  30. Jone Charles says


  31. Xx_CLN_ xX says

    Nice Racedose You Vs Me Beach Buggy Island Adventure 😁👍

  32. María Diestra García says

    Like Racedose, 🥰😘🤩😍

  33. troy gamerr says

    0:06 impossible

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