Halo Infinite – Official 4K Campaign Gameplay Premiere | Xbox Games Showcase 2020


In Halo Infinite’s campaign, the Master Chief returns when humanity’s fate hangs in the balance to confront the most ruthless foe he’s ever faced – the Banished.

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  1. BillyThe Kid says

    I am still seeing trees pop up in the background even in official 4K gameplay.

  2. Alex Harper says

    Well that killed my excitement for this game. Well done!

  3. G3x3 says

    Samus… Save us…

  4. Guy Arcuri says

    Why would they release something in this condition as a demo? Always psyched for Halo releases before. This time I’ll likely buy it used…

  5. ꧁༺ᏆHE_ᏦINᎶTMPROシ༻꧂ Ƀ says

    I used to play Halo back in the day when I was a little kid, and my mum said don't play it, but I said I don't care. I really really want to play this game so bad I completed all the Halo games all levels are done i wanna complete this one

  6. NPC000139582 Chesney says

    It looks flat and blurry the colours are washed out the levels looks bland the popping in and out of graphics are really quite bad here. Not good enough for a flagship title its really a disaster for a console launching title.Disapointing Microsoft have no quality control these days.

  7. clovis2012 says

    I just farted and it sounded like the shield recharging.

  8. Mayhem says

    Why does the movement and combat seem like a looter shooter??

  9. emarskineel says

    7:59 this literally looks like 360 footage…

  10. emarskineel says

    The original bungee team are pissing themselves with laughter.

  11. Furyan Auror says

    Lol I get it, it's a purely mobile experience. It's Diablo all over again lol. Seriously…this looks fuckin terrible ??

  12. Bry Alrighty says

    Gives a game proper global dynamic lightingPeople complain that more realistic graphical effects look badPikachu surprised face

  13. Loco Dooms says

    why does it look like team fortress graphics. it looks all cartoon like. really underwhelming. all the movements are so far from the originals, yet the design is pretty much taken from halo 1. what is going on with this. it looks like an absolute mess.

  14. trent kursen says

    looks like the same exhausted shooter as the last

  15. Stephen says

    4:36That pop-in though ?

  16. Maurice Burton says

    Looks like 5 i need this already

  17. carrito1981 says

    Generic, dumb and shallow just like every other Halo game.

  18. benson827 says

    Oh god these graphics. Why does everything look flat and like plastic

  19. wiglaugh says

    Well that was…anemic.

  20. Sand Man says

    10 out of 10 Gamespot game, even though it looks like a XBOX 360 game at best.

  21. Xombu _ says

    Why does it give that halo wars feeling?

  22. Keith Mcgriff says

    Im hearing and reading a lot shade being thrown about this game. 1st of all. It looks like a game in the Halo universe. What is it suppose to look like?. Its a stream. Just wait until it ships. 2nd I gotta say the lip syncing w the voice actors seem to be on cue. Ive played thousands of game when lips are moving as if they're speaking a different language.

  23. Anthony Knight says

    I don't want to call gamers entitled but god damn if yall don't act it sometimes. Why do you always need "two minutes of hate." can't you just be whelmed for once. why does it have to blow your mind, isn't it enough for you to be happy with a simply fun game that takes you out of your life for a few hours and doesn't nickel and dime you for simply playing?

  24. MikkoB89 says

    This looks like it was made in a boardroom

  25. Erik Johnson says

    It's Ok, I'll play it on Game Pass but it doesn't look special enough to buy.

  26. Tacoshotgun says

    Halo: Infinite Mediocrity

  27. CarlRodrEsP_ says

    iT Is A dEm0

  28. Brent Wiltse says

    I haven't a clue what you all are talking about. Halo 3 definately doesn't look better as I'm sitting here playing it. Second, I love the art style. I think it's gorgeous. It may not be flashy like halo 5 but that's not what halo is about. I love how all the plasma looks and acts like plasma. I love the addition of new weapons. I love that the ring looks more constructed rather than natural. I love the old feel of it and the new additions. I think 343 is on the right track. I just hope the story is good and you get that same sense of mystery halo has been about. The only suggestion is to change how the warthog sounds. I'm genuinely excited to play this halo. It looks amazing and looks really fun!

  29. Michael del Castillo says

    I respect Microsoft for being consumer friendly and having their games be available on both generations of xbox. But this shows why investing in their new console is a waste of money. If you're asking me to shell out hundreds of dollars for "the most powerful console ever" I expect the game to look like a next gen game

  30. johnny says

    this has the feel of returning home where, when younger, you had close friends and sweet on a girl. you got a bit older, left town, bounced around, sowed your wild oats, but never finding true happiness. and then you return home and there again are your friends you've missed and soon thereafter you run into the girl you were sweet on. you both make eye contact and smiles slowly spread across both of your faces as each walks towards the other. i'm coming home, halo. can't wait to sign up


    Still not seeing an improvement

  32. HAMMER Rock GAMING P2 says

    PlayStation should swap GTS for Halo

  33. bioshock 69 says

    Seeing this still makes the game look like it has a Matt and dull look to everything

  34. ironmatto3 says

    "Next-gen" looks no different to the first game.

  35. Adithya Chennamadhavuni says

    Just cause was better than this

  36. Wixey2 says

    gameplay looks great, story looks great, Just hope the graphics improve. I like the artstyle, and the other gameplay trailer did look better than this. But the lower res textures and shadows in the outside sections look a bit underwhelming. But so far im still very excited 🙂 and Esharum at the end gave me chills !

  37. Lukáš Špil says

    that is an impressive graphic for Nintento Switch…..oh, wait

  38. Krika Moramee says

    People, calm down! This DEMO is like 4 months to 1 year old. There is no damn way the final game will look like this. However, it is weird how 343 and Xbox chose this WIP looking demo over a finalized looking one. I am glad that everyone is talking about it so they will fix it.

  39. L N/A says

    Does 343 hate chief?

  40. ElderMind says

    im confused I thought 4k was supposed to improve the graphics

  41. Jalen says

    I mean it doesn't look that bad

  42. Yoo Anto says

    Looks great to me I can't say any negative things cause that's not the way I live .

  43. npitu04 says

    What is throwing people off is the different direction in art style. It has nothing to do with graphical fidelity. They’re using smoother templates and seem to be using some cell shading, similar to borderlands or outer worlds (though not as cartoony obviously). Not necessarily worse, but definitely a staunch difference from the others. The gameplay looks fantastic, I’m pretty blown away by it.

  44. tutorial boss says

    why would you play this when u can play apex legends, warzone or DOOM. i think that nobody except halo fans that played everything will wan to play that lul

  45. L.M. says

    idk if i can sleep until i get this…

  46. AxlDM124 says

    To be honest, it doesn't look bad but ps4 exclusives have elevated our expectations.

  47. Jojo Molina says

    Does anybody notice that enemies don't have any blood?

  48. M C says

    It's funny how fans are making all kinds of excuses to the bad looking graphics of Halo Demo

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