Halo Infinite | Official Soundtrack – Reverie


Humanity’s fate hangs in the balance as the Master Chief returns in Halo Infinite to confront the most ruthless foe he’s ever faced – the Banished. This song, “Reverie,” is composed by Curtis Schweitzer and was featured in the Campaign demo.

Visit to read more about Curtis’ approach to respecting the legacy while introducing new and unexpected ideas into Halo’s musical tapestry.

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  1. WhiteBulL says

    This music track will probably play in the main menu. Evidence is that it was playing in the menu of gameplay demo. And it's a damn good halo track. I feel sense of nostalgia while listening to this and by reading the comments, i'm not alone

  2. Sgt Arc Dornan says

    ngl this soundtrack is orgasm to my ears

  3. Micah Delgado says

    With this and Kazuma’s Halo Canticles, I gotta say I love these composers taking the core Halo theme and expanding it, and this track is absolutely beautiful.

  4. Elxslve says

    This is incredible

  5. racso nation says

    As shitty as halo 4 n 5 n whatever halo 343 plans on ruin

  6. Erik Barcelo says

    The beginning with the brass instruments, kind of reminds me of Nagrand in World of Warcraft. Mr. Schweitzer definitely caught the right tone with this one! Can't wait to hear more!

  7. Aroldo Ávila says

    Por favor, cuidem do halo, não ferrem tudo!

  8. D Cade Sivertsen says

    Kazuma was a great composer for the art of H5 (along with Neil for H4) but this sounds like some promising stuff to return to the roots. However, I still think Marty is the one best capable of representing the halo series with sound. This music from Infinite is still very passive and atmospheric whereas Marty's really demanded attention. But we shall see.

  9. RaucousOrange says

    Mastercheif has mastered the skill of standing so incredibly still he becomes invisible to the naked eye Like halo reaches active camo

  10. James Shedinn says

    This is like halos version of the casual Skyrim track you would hear as you explored the world, except this isn’t staying in one world, it’s shooting for the stars and beyond

  11. Sorin Simireanu says

    Yes or not

  12. Sorin Simireanu says

    Demo is going to be public

  13. noble six says

    Its now or never

  14. Meme Machine says

    My heart has melted thanks 343 🙂

  15. Drewmanchu says

    Sounds a bit like destiny but with halo put into it

  16. C Note0111 says

    Now release the main theme used in the campaign trailer please

  17. Michael David says

    One word: Melancholia

  18. Spiralbigboy says

    To all my old Xbox 360 friends who I used to play with, and who got me through some shitJD CommanderRazzaJeffery5596Nagging KnightBranmiackXAudioAlexXXJaaaayyX (I believe)And Anyone else who remembers this nameIf you are seeing this, I hope you are doing well. It's been a long time since I have talked with any of you. I wish you all the best, and If you ever need someone to play halo with, I'll be right here.

  19. Andrés Felipe Palma Vargas says

    Ohhh, really nice. Liked it since I heard it on the demo intro they showcased.I hope we get the "Discover Hope" trailer music as well. That last bit when Chief gets to the control room is superb!

  20. GrandNoble says

    I cant wait

  21. Callum Sutcliffe says

    When is the release date

  22. BillNyeGuy says

    This just doesn’t feel like Halo to me. Guardians to Infinite might kill the franchise to me. Miss the Bungie days when each new game felt epic, magical, and mysterious and each new game was about unpacking the mystery of what was happening next in this galaxy wide campaign. 343 saying this is the last physical game they will release in 10 years makes me think we are going to the Destiny route which risks the emotional and purposeful campaign of the best halo games.

  23. medigilclafouti says

    That one is actually pretty good, a very different feel, but I enjoy it somehow.

  24. Star スタープライム says

    I love this I’m getting ce to halo 3 with the score here I’m so happy were going back to this musical style for infinite

  25. The Real Dragon says

    Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST vibes I am feeling.

  26. ODST Niagara says

    Why I joined the ODST’s just me serving the unsc I’m proud of it I’m ready to capture all enemy land on zeta halo in the campaign and holdout and weather the storm let’s do this :)❤️??❤️??

  27. incursio says

    lets finish this fight just like the last boys

  28. Budanical says

    My friend who's only been a Sony and Nintendo fan. Couldn't find the words and felt the urge for tears.When he didn't have the years, somethin is telling me this is gonna be a good one. Who felt the urge to tear up?

  29. Shipreckd says

    fingers crossed that we get new Sprint episodes for Infinite

  30. Why Koala says

    Look imagine thisAt 0:01 the rights and the warnings come up. After all that 343 Studios comes up and after that is Microsoft Studios. After all of that out of the way, we see a cutscene about chef. And at 0:34 the title screen pops up

  31. Blood Song says

    Sounds like destiny

  32. Gareth Colfer says

    As long as the Original Soundtrack comes into play then I'll be happy❤

  33. Yousif Shahwan says

    The Only Good Reverie Is Debussy

  34. Maxime Downey jr. says

    Wow this song was one of the most beautiful soundtrack i hear from Halo since Halo 3… No matter what everyone says, i still believe Halo Infinite can be one of the best Halo games.

  35. Konnor Wild says

    This is without a doubt one of the best soundtrack halo infinite ever made it has emotion and feel to it ??

  36. Xx MLGSHREK xX says

    I rate it 8.5/10. I wish they gave us the OG sound track with the angels singing, or the halo 3 soundtrack, maybe even the halo 3 ODST soundtrack.

  37. xPortaleer x says

    Wait, who could actually dislike this?? Further proof the Halo community is the Impossible community.

  38. Astonished One says

    Reminds of my first Halo game which i played.

  39. TitaniumPlayer3 says

    Bring back the Halo Reach Falcon and all will be forgiven

  40. M;H says

    It kind of feels muted like it has everything that a halo song should have but no punch like in the true trilogy.

  41. richydoodgames says

    "Master Chief you mind telling me what your doing on youtube""Sir, finishing this track"

  42. EricMart says

    I remember waking up early every weekend as a young child and running over to my friends house to play the Halo: Combat Evolved & Halo 2 campaigns on split screen co-op. To this day there's nothing more exciting to me than a new Halo campaign. Can't wait to be your hands once again Master Chief.

  43. Pluhgins says

    this is really good just purely by its sound, and also since it gave me chills

  44. From Azores says


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