Hamburg Travel Guide


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Our Hamburg Travel Guide! Hamburg is one of those cities that deserves so much more love than it gets. One of the biggest cities in Germany, Hamburg is full of charisma and charisma. Not to mention great good, interesting people, and a fantastic nightlife.

We’re joined in Hamburg by former resident (and my brother) Andrew Hunter, who takes us through Hamburg’s Christmas Market food and drink, as well as some to tips on getting in, out, and around the city.

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  1. 【毎日投稿】Leomasa Walking Traveler【Japan Travel Guide】 says

    It's a video to take a break!
    I also posted a video of walking around Tokyo.
    Let's do our best to post good posts to each other!🤣😃

  2. says

    Hey! we just stumbled over your incredible account and really enjoy your video clips. 👍 We are traveling a lot, maybe you'd also like to check for our Cinematic Travel Musicvideo too 🌴 So lets motivate each other. Enjoy your amazing day, and continue the wonderful work! 😊

  3. Christopher Martin says

    Looking at visiting Hamburg (from the UK) "soon". Just back from a week in Berlin and hotels there seem much cheaper than Hamburg. Is Hamburg popular as a tourist destination?

  4. Jessica Grant says

    So fun! Loved this!

  5. indonesia bagus says


  6. Godspeedhero says

    lmao That warning about the trains to the airport was hilarious.

  7. d3vi0uz1 says

    Why does your brother have an English accent while you sound American?

  8. Miguel Antonio González Cedeño says

    Germans hate quite a bit Hamburg Hauptbahnhof because of how chaotic it could be. Me too a bit, but the fact of how well connected it is makes me have a love/hate feel towards it haha.

  9. The Secret Traveller says

    great video 😍

  10. -- says

    Well, i would say it was a very general review of the city: some common information, some views…I would do it for the friends, not for the audience. It was quite boring and took about 16 mins (skipped some conversations). So, Hamburg us amazing, you could do better report

  11. Noah Bowie says

    I lived in Hamburg until January. It was a brilliant year

  12. Brett VJ Ward says

    After watching this I want to visit Hamburg. I have only been to Dusseldorf and Berlin. Want to return to Germany after Covid-19 is not an issue in regards to international travel.

  13. vinyalonde says

    Thanks for posting this. I went to Berlin for four weeks in January/February and thoroughly enjoyed it. Your review of that city was very accurate I thought and helpful to me as I toured the city. I look forward to travelling to other cities in Germany and I will put Hamburg on my list.

  14. IronGolem 147 says

    Wasn't really into this kind of topic but after seeing your vid I'm gonna sub and watch your other vids

  15. Alex the Brewmage says

    Born and raised there I must say the same about it. There's a lot to explore especially in the west of the city as I saw you made it to the town hall of Altona, the former city (now borough) I grew up in. Great video and please go back soon!

  16. jhesskeeptraveling says

    You have a very distinct voice. Lovely. You could do audiobooks yourself. Loved this. I am visiting Germany in about a month. Thank you for showing us Hamburg.

  17. Zaratushtra says

    Dude, please tell me how is it physically possible to film Hamburg but avoid its most beautiful part – the Speicherstadt? I just don't get it…

  18. AbdiQadir Macalin says


  19. AbdiQadir Macalin says

    Dortmund auch schön

  20. AbdiQadir Macalin says

    إن شاء الله Das ist wunderschön

  21. AbdiQadir Macalin says


  22. CS says

    Al – please go to Buenos Aires 🙂

  23. Ed Delgado says

    I really appreciate the RUNDOWN part, I just wish you would convert the currency to US Dollars. I'm not just saying that because I live in the U.S. but because the US Dollar is one of the most widely used currencies in the world. Many countries peg their currency to the U.S. Dollar so it would be useful not just for your U.S. audience but converting the currency in your RUNDOWN would help viewers from other countries. Love your show, keep up the great work!!

  24. 51TGM71 says

    Support Attaché on Patreon dear people, this is the BEST travel guide channel on Youtube and one of if not even THE best travel show ever. They need help to keep making this amazing videos so please support them.

  25. justin says

    when are you going to do miami man

  26. Jonathan Davies says

    I am geography teacher and i am currently teaching development economics. At the start of each lesson we pick a country and check the "run down" to check the big mac price. The big mac index is part of our curriculum, and the kids loving guessing the price each lesson! Your videos bring the concept to life, thanks!!

  27. Maria Klippert says

    If you can't remember having to wait for more than 5 minutes for public transport, you don't use it enough 😉 By German standards, it may be very infuriating, actually… Great video, thank you for showing Hamburg like this <3 Now I can forward this video to all my friends and talk them into visiting me here.

  28. Cupids Velvet 爱 says

    I live in Hamburg😂

  29. Asher Nelakar says

    One of THE worst travel vids…

  30. Ken Suzuki says

    Funny how brothers have different accents!! Well, I am the way but it's funny to see other people having the same type of variations.

  31. bently42 says

    Great video! Been to Hamburg before and now I can't wait to go back.

  32. Julz Julz says

    Cool video. As long as you don't need to be on time while using the SBahn > S3 or 31, everything will be fine. 😁

  33. GherkinTV says

    Love the videos cannot understand why Alex Hunter isn’t on mainstream TV. When are you guys doing more videos and more destinations?
    Also are attaché going to Lisbon?

  34. Nico Scagliarini says

    I love the video nails the most authentic Hamburg-weather lol

  35. Helen says

    German Christmas markets are amazing. Will check out Hamburg's next year just for that chocolate ball thing with no name.

  36. Daw says

    4€ are definitely not $4

  37. Arne Mumm says

    your "dessert" is called Snowball. in german. I think because this thing is mostlie solled during the christmas markets

  38. JustHenri says

    Wow an interesting, funny a very informativ guide? This can’t be real

  39. billie joe says

    These "apples" you ate are called "snowball" – it is a southern thing made of choux pastry ^^

  40. Eric E says

    You habe to make an Episode in the Summer and Show the beautiful Parks that Are everywhere and the Beach

  41. Ju St says

    As a Hamburger Deern, I have no idea how you did it but my trains are ALWAYS late😂 And you definitely have to try a Fischbrötchen they are soooo good😍 my favourite one is salmon without onions and with the honey/mustard sauce♥️
    I’m living in london now and this video made me miss so many things😂
    next time i’m in town i definitely have to have a Franzbrötchen again. 😂😂
    And good to know for me: the price for the normal ticket increased from 3.20€ to 3.30€😂 didn’t know that

  42. Captain Pellaeon says

    I live in Hamburg and the S-Bahn is so great!

  43. Sang Nguyễn says

    Why am I still watching this? I’ve been living here for 4 years ffs

  44. Alina Ujeniuc says

    A good, realistic video, good job! I would recommend you to visit the Feuerschiff restaurant ( Blue Monday – free jam session ) and the Fischmarkt. Btw. that dessert is called Schneeballen.

  45. CNX Expat says

    Interesting, but not a video I would share to show my friends from outside Hamburg how beautiful the city is. No Alster, no channels, no Eppendorf, Blankenese, Eimsbüttel and so on.
    Also you should come again during summer, when you can sail on the Alster lake, the many parks are green and all the people are sitting outside in cafes and restaurant. Much better than in winter.

  46. schnuschnu80 says

    My Hometown……….. 😍

  47. was lan yo0 says

    how much euro u get for your BAHN statements? 😀 i live in Hamburg for almost 25 years and i can tell you that the s-bahn especially in the rush hour and in the winter-months is horrible. great video anyway. love hamburg

  48. Jan5366 says

    Just use MOIA to travel in north hamburg ^^

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