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Hanoi – the heart of Vietnam and the pride of its people, is one unique city. Known for its majestic landscape of lakes, French boulevards and the determination of its residents, Hanoi once is the topic of fantasy and fairytale. Its conservative stance maintains the culture as it once uses to be: the cultivation of thousands of years of history. Yet with all the bustling of the fast-paced life that recent economic growth has brought and indeed changed its new generations, will Hanoi today still be a real-life fantasy?

Vietnamonline brings the viewers deep into the heart of old-time Hanoi in a two-part journey of the city’s culture, its people, cuisines and the modern life that is driving the Ascending Dragon forward.

Photography: Nam Nguyen
Host: Huyen Vu
Director/Producer: Nam Nguyen
Post-production: Nam Nguyen
Music: Doan Khuc Thu Ha Noi by Trinh Cong Son

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