Hard Soccer (Football) Hits and Tackles


A selection of bone jarring tackles that made Doug Ithier one of the recognised “no nonsense hard men” of the round ball code in West Australia. On numerous occasion’s he would pick the opponant up off the ground complaining that they are not hurt. Followed by a couple of high leaps to head the ball.

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  1. A Y says

    First tackle nowadays would see a black card let alone a red card.

  2. Myrtle Hume says

    Compare these to Hockey Hits

  3. Cort Lefebvre says

    compare this to football's hardest hit's, soccer is for pussies.

  4. carter smith says

    most of the time i see people tripping others and accidental colisions

  5. Diarmaid Reilly says

    a good tackle that leaves the cheater in too much pain to perform his act.

  6. Ivan Mondragon says

    this is the way you play football. NOT dirty but HARD as hell

  7. LPUDrummer92 says

    I miss the days where football was played by men 🙁 

  8. targetman bob says

    You guys have obviously not seen rugbyThese are normal tackles in rugby but in pussy football these would be pain football players r pussys

  9. Doug Ithier says


  10. Doug Ithier says

    Nice comment Zack. pity we cant play against this mrnextgretzky and show him. 😉

  11. Reed Laakso says

    1:05 the two players don't even make contact with each other

  12. Will Janus says

    Haha title says hits, this had to be a joke cuz in soccer those players frankly can't take hits

  13. Igor Romko says

    1992 called. He want's his tape recorder back.

  14. LuXuS says

    Have u seen Pepe?

  15. James Larson says

    Not all of us are fat haha. There really are a lot of waddlers though.

  16. James Larson says

    I don't see these as hard hits. Never been a fan of slide tackles. Put a shoulder into them man and let him know it's gonna be a long day.

  17. manitsmatt says

    you've never played soccer before, don't talk. The game doesn't rely on much collision, but relys on total team work and skill. And mental strength and endurance. You're so narrow minded its not even funny. What do you think about basketball and baseball?

  18. Alleyboy88 says

    @holtylufc Soccer! Soccer!! SOCCER!!!

  19. rini ht says

    amm please if you want to be called a "man" play football,rugby or hockey,not soccer those "hits" in other sports are so usual……and it's called soccer…..do not call football to soccer please (:

  20. Original Taboo says

    I cannot call those bone splitting hits because more often then not a hit isn't even a hit when a player just flops. Face it, Soccer isn't a sport of toughness but of skill and stamina.

  21. danny buenrostro says

    these slide tackles are like me

  22. thomas gleeson says

    How are they "hard hits"? A 7 year old could get tripped by a slide tackle and walk off like nothing happened..

  23. Doug Ithier says

    Response to some comments:
    I call it football but live in Australia where football here is mistaken with Australian Football. I like most Football: Australian Football, World Football (Soccer), NFL and Rugby. I dont mind getting some negative comments about Soccer. To be honest I hate the fairy's who fall over when I used to tackle them. All I believe that is if you hit someone hard, you know it happened. I understand comments about other sports tackles, but they all nothing compared to UFC!

  24. StrikersFV26 says

    @mammaentillasse but yet we have the most olympic gold medal…. explain that bro.

  25. StrikersFV26 says

    @mcnallyrd3 totally agree with you.

  26. mcnallyrd3 says

    @EbsNhexz i had to give up a full ride to wisconsin because of my knee. but i joined the military so i guess its a good thing

  27. EbsNhexz says

    @mcnallyrd3 Yeah at all levels (maybe not when players are under 11) you make contact with the ball then collision is all good without intent. If your feet are too high or actually attempt to cause injury then it isn't legal. Refs are being to strict on contact nowadays and it messed up play and has led to people exploiting it by diveing. Sorry about your injury, a knee injury can be a pain in the ass for years after the event. Only non-players call it a safe sport.

  28. mcnallyrd3 says

    @la1la1la i know in college levels its considered a clean hit as long as you make contact with the ball and your foot is not aimed right at the player. honestly thats why i cant play soccer much any more is because someguy took my knee out slide tackling me.

  29. Rollie says

    @mcnallyrd3 There are a few other factors to include. I'm not sure about higher levels but if you're sliding cleats must be down(So the studs don't cut into the guy or anything) and then there is dangerous play/doing it to hurt the guy but you just so happen to hit the ball first.

  30. mcnallyrd3 says

    @ithier1010 i was taught as long as you hit the ball before you made contact with the opposing player there is no foul depending on the refs too though

  31. Doug Ithier says

    @mcnallyrd3 Yeah they wouldn't be allowed in these times. In the older days you could get away with a lot more. 😉

  32. mcnallyrd3 says

    from my 15 yrs playing 90% of these tackles are legal but just barely.

  33. TechnicolorWrench says

    @mammaentillasse yeah exactly we why we have the most powerful army, scientist and single men, yeah you can say that just until we kick your ass

  34. LehmannDaHero says

    wow this is in malaysia!

  35. Amidat says

    really? have you seen how well Messi fights off tackles?? Have you seen when he gets tackled how he gets right back up and goes. The same with Kaka. Having a lot of muscular definition doesn't mean you are stronger than someone who you don't see it on. Trust me – I've had to show people that in real life.

  36. Conor Short says

    haha i just think messi is da beast!!!!!

  37. ARC Music says

    lol it doesnt matter, i just thought the description was a bit o.t. forget i even made the comment

  38. ARC Music says

    tahts not lionel messi,

  39. T McSweeney says

    are fucking serious..you're trying to prove that football players are smart…ummmm,….

    micheal vick, anyone?
    bill romanowski…bit a dudes finger off..
    most football players enter the league without every taking a serious class in their lives because they're star players and can get by…have an above average iq? thats the biggest load of bullshit i've ever heard..a football team is going to sign someone if they're good, not if they're smart..this is coming from a college football player

  40. chilangoexiliado says

    i'll give you that… but how many with a college scholarship have sat score avobe average? i don't think it is that many…plus the IQ score… mmm… trust me… a soccer player would make a football player retarted!!! i'll give you that on remembering all the plays and audibles, but soccer… is all instinct, you can get the glory literally on the last second, or you can lost everything!!!

  41. chilangoexiliado says

    how many tackles equivalent to a car hit have you seen in your life??? soccer is a very injury risky sport… you can go to surgery on your first game… there's been even death on the field… not related to the sport… it has been literally caused or ocured on the very field!!!!

  42. Fvantagio15 says

    thats why everyone in the nfl has gone to college? thats why your required to take an iq test and have an above average iq to even be noticed by scouts. dont forget that an average team has over 300 different plays plus audibles, all of which have to be remembered by heart cause if you make a mistake the play is over. not only do you have to know your plays but you have got to remember the other teams and individual players tendencys if you want to even be considered as a good football player

  43. jesse c says

    yeah but that is also when a CB is going at full speed at a dummy in a real football game a CB goes slower and wraps his arms around a player to bring him down rarely do they go full speed at say a RB and catch him off guard one on one.

  44. jesse c says

    what league is this i like that they dont really complain after a good hard tackle

  45. Martin Lewis says

    Soccer is a much more risky game when it comes to injries in fact it is statistically proven to be. But asides from that try playing a real mans game like Rugby not your tripe you call american football with your padding and other protective gear.

  46. Fvantagio15 says

    really? getting tackled by CB in the nfl is equiviliant to getting hit by a car going 30 miles per hour. of course this is with a full run and hitting a dummy but still. if a CB hits someone that hard imagine a linebacker hitting you going full speed. soccer "tackles" are equivilant to tripping. babies trip and fall all the time and are fine, but u dont see them gettin hit by cars and gettin back up

  47. chilangoexiliado says

    my bad, i did noticed the "gamebook", i thought i had cirrected it, lol!!!anyways. i know what you're saying about reggie…i still think it takes more… soccer takes a lot more natural sportsmen, those whose talent are carried in their blood… not learned by a playbook!!!

  48. Leprechaunsquad says

    maybe the reason you left games in pain coz ur shit
    a stamp on the toes is run off in a minute

    how is calling it padding better for your case than armour armour implies necessity aGainst injury eg. shin guards can reduce broken legs. padding oh i might get bruised

  49. Leprechaunsquad says

    footballers dont wear armour or rest after every 5 seconds

    every single one of them tackles were good and fair.

    american football is padding hitting padding football is stud on skin

  50. Pimplord says

    ofc getting hit by NFL players hurt! I just wanted to tell you that far from ALL soccerplayers are panzies(like Vinnie Jones). And since American soccer is at an insanely poor level, you are not know to hard, but fair tackles in soccer 😀

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