Hardest Football Manager Saves? \ 5 Clubs With a Transfer Policy


It’s getting to that time of year when we’re looking for new saves on Football Manager, today we present 5 clubs with a twist, 5 clubs that have transfer policies that make it even more difficult. These FM20 clubs will be a huge challenge.

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  1. Anurag Datta Roy says

    Indian arrows is basically to give young national team prospects League games

  2. Syauqi Rashad says

    I tried athletic. Very easy to win the champions league with. All you need to do is just try and keep your job for 5 years which is pretty easy to do since its not like athletic have a bad team. Then by the time its fives years in, you can start to really form a core with the youngster that comes through. Ofc to do that, within the first 5 years, you have to keep improving you u-18 and u-23 coaching staff and club facilities. Make all the coaches (senior and u-18,u-23) model citizens or model professional or professional. Keep improving their coaching badges until you basically have an overpowered coaching staff for the senior,u-18,u-23. In my save, idk if i’m lucky or Bilbao’s youth intake is always good but within the first 5 years, i got 3 insane regens and i think like 10-11 starting quality players. Then with an overpowered tactic, i won the champions league in my 12th season

  3. TheSimoon12 says

    Braga from Portugal: No nationality policy. However – most of their talented players are on sell-on clauses at 50%. Additionally you only get to reinvest 20% of your profit from transfers in new players. This makes it hard to use the transfermarket to develop the team as you would only get 10m£ of a 100m£ to reinvest. Playerswaps isnt really viable either as those deals are almost allways unbalanced.

  4. memotsubasa93 says

    for me the hardest save is … bring a club in from Malta league to the Champions LEAGUE

  5. Adam Wilson says

    Worth noting with athletic Bilbao you can sign any Spanish youth player as long as they are 16 or younger and they automatically become basque. So keep eyes open on youth intakes of other clubs

  6. Tietäjä says

    Bilbao can sing non-basque players who is or were played at team in basque area

  7. terry nash says

    My everton save they will only give me 45% of transfer fee gutted cause I sold Pickford for 40 and everton for 88 only one season after signing him

  8. Karimalmanohar Patil says

    INDIAN ARROWS is actually Developmental team for National team,the U-20 and U-17, NT Academy players play for this team in I-League which was top tier but now 2nd tier league.

  9. davesaves1 says

    Sangju in Korea can only sign South Korean players. They are from the sports division of the South Korean military. Young professional players serving their 2 years military service go there. I've never managed there but have lost players to them on military service. They come back 2 seasons later to continue their contract. Would be a nightmare to build a team with.

  10. James Byron says

    I played with Famalicão that had a policy to sign Israeli players, even tho they had none on their squad, I signed 4 overpriced young players to fill this quota, as soon as I finished signing them, the chairman left and that policy was changed…

  11. bobi7 tanevski says

    LORD JESUS IS ONLY WAY TO HEAVEN ? (Isaiah 53) ! Read Bible and Be ready .

  12. Soumyadeep Saha says

    I was never expecting Indian Arrows to be in this. This youngsters actually put up good fight with the big teams

  13. F2Z SG says

    I've played Singapore league many times coz I'm from Singapore and yes we use to accept other major Asian club B team to compete in Singapore league but among all foreign team, albirex is definitely the more better team in recent years. Their requirements is to have at least 2 locals singaporeans in the team I believe. I'm currently playing a policy creating a new club in Singapore with a policy of signing Singaporean players only. Pretty fun and challenging and took me 3 seasons to reach into Asian Cup knockouts before becoming eventual champions. 🙂

  14. Scott Cole says

    Burnley in epl. only sign white English men

  15. iemand24 says

    Haha try Fenerbahçe ? I think that would the number one most difficult one

  16. Tom Williams Productions says

    Cardiff Metropolitan University Can only sign Amateur Players

  17. daniel bowers says

    I kinda have my own policy. I’ll not sign anyone over 25 unless it’s a GK or a free. I’ve got a few South American Leagues running and I usually just take the top u23 talent from there every year or every other year and sell my players when they get to about 30.At 30/29 they’re probably their most valuable but about to drop off so it makes sense to off load for a ton of money and invest a fraction of that into a younger player.Keeps it interesting for me because I’ve always got a player around that age that needs replaced but I’ve a small squad so if I sell the player and replace him with the wrong one it’ll kinda fuck me over

  18. Roman Kurtic says

    Altınordu does not aim to promote. Their goal is to produce players and their chairman once said they will relegate intentionally in case they promote to top tier 🙂

  19. fuzzykeuh says

    Does anyone know if it's useful for Atletico Bilbao to put your youth scouting package to "world" or will this produce too many non-bask players? Logic would tell me "regional" scouting would be the maximum usefull, but maybe anyone has any game experience about this?

  20. ben edd says

    what facepacks and etc do u use

  21. Raul Alonso says


  22. Eshaw Mohammad says

    Aduriz announced he is going to retire

  23. Jack Allbrook says

    So after researching Albirex Niigata it seems the reason they have singapore players is because in the spl (singapore Premier league) you need to field 2 local players in each game, so I would imagine you can have singapore players if they are youth intake but can't sign any

  24. I_See_Robots says

    What about clubs that have an amateur only policy like Queen's Park or Corinthian-Casuals (I say this not knowing even if FM forces the clubs to stay amateur in the game)?

  25. Marco Francese says

    Thanks for the suggestions! I'm gonna start a save with Altinordu!!

  26. victoria helburn says


  27. Mr_Anton Sharaburyak says

    Chertanovo 1 russian division. WHERE????

  28. SoberbioNumeroUno says

    ”The LaLiga”. Lol

  29. Michael Garry says

    Singapore is interesting. A rich country, but not very large – about 5-6m population. Football is seemingly split among racial lines, Chinese make up 80% or so of the population and they love football – they just don't see it as a career. Which is why the Singapore League and national teams are filled with Malay and to a lesser extent Indian, local players. The gap has to be made up with foreigners, which also extends to the teams with invited foreign teams having played here for years. DPMM from Brunei are also in the league – previously managed by Steve Kean, the ex Blackburn manager.

  30. Kwesi Nketsiah says

    Bolton Wanderers is an interesting save to look at. You start with -12 points and 0 transfer budget.

  31. NobleTheSavage says

    That Indian save looks an absolute nightmare. Some great finds , that Singapore side looks interesting.

  32. Arjen Van Dijk says

    Can you put a transfer policy on a team in the editor? Just to give your team more of a challenge

  33. Reuben Sequeira says

    indian arrows are a development team for indian youngsters. they can never get relegated but allows only underage player on indian teams like u-18's who play in the league to get experience.the y are affilated to the indian national team

  34. Infinity says

    Please please please.I am asking for ages now, where do you get your logos please tell me ??

  35. Jiho Kim says

    Probably cuz Singapore is such a small country they probably have teams from other countries that bought into their league? Only explanation I can have for the Singapore one. That’s super interesting tho

  36. Md Aizat says

    Im helping out with coaching for their albirex niigata soccer academy here in singapore. They are the sister club of albirex niigata Japan. The players that are in singapore are mainly university students or players that are from the lower divisions in japan. Every year they will hold trials in japan to recruit players for the singaporean squad hence the ‘sign only japanese players. And also their squad will overhaul every season. As for the singapore players in the squad, its a requirement by the league that they field 3 under 23 singaporean local players every game, and they are allowed to sign as many singaporean local players as their budget allows them to. Funding wise, last i spoken to one of their Japanese staff, singapore fa are not providing them funds like the rest of the teams in the league, their funds are mainly from sponsors and their main club in japan.

  37. Storm, Earth, and Fire says

    Deportivo Guadalajara is not an especially difficult save, they're already a big team in Liga MX. It's tricky at first to try and unseat Club America, Tigres, and Monterrey, but the league is pretty balanced. The team has a very high reputation and a decent amount of money so poaching youth players from the other clubs isn't hard. You can also check out youth intakes in the USA, they generate a decent number of dual nationals in-game. Once you get an army of Mexican regens, you should be able to beat down the other clubs.

  38. Mark Barclay says

    Albirex niigata, are a Satellite club of the Japanese team so that’s why they consist of Japanese players probably done for financial gain

  39. prsprsfull says

    Albirex Niigata have been playing in the Japanese second tier for years, so it's no strange that they have some kind of a B team in Singapore 🙂

  40. Ti Ago says

    Leiria (Portugal) Rússia owner wants Russian players

  41. Erich Von Manstein says

    Bolton Wanderers.

  42. Miguel Angel Corona Alarcón says

    I remember a 5 years champion streak with Indian Arrows…. I only resigned to manage their National Team (don't like to manage a club and a national team at the same time).

  43. Pedro Pereira says

    Deportivo Guadalajara it is!

  44. Gene Quagmire says

    Bayern's policy actually gets very annoying as they keep wanting me to buy more germans when I pretty much have all the decent ones available. It's very frustrating.

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