Harmonic Rhythm in Sonic the Hedgehog's Music


Sonic the Hedgehog’s music travels pretty fast, sometimes blisteringly fast… but not everything about it travels at maximum speed. In this video, I’ll provide an introduction to listening to harmonic rhythm, and how it gives Sonic music, along with most pop music, its form and direction!

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Special thanks to DavoGato and quarkimo for supporting me through this production.

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  1. Thomas Holman-Layne says

    you drew tails without tails

  2. Memerio says

    This video could’ve just been 10 minutes of Chalk-Tails dancing and I still would’ve loved it.

  3. CIFilter says

    It’s pretty rare to find someone gifted in one aspect (audio) but who is equally skilled at communicating it in another (visuals). Very impressed!

  4. Herre Noort says

    I need more "3-frame hand-drawn tails animation" in my life.

  5. Manuel Angel says

    Any way we can get renditions of the soundtrack made for this video? That rendition of Windy Valley/Green Grove toward the end was fire.

  6. Memzy Man says

    6:15 what song is that

  7. Memzy Man says

    Scruffy And Knuckles

  8. joveaaron says

    3:18 Gsus7(like if you understand the wordplay)

  9. TofuDaTurtle says

    "Sonic Forces IS NOT about sonic! It's about how you come up to the challenge and win! The game is about YOU " -Gamechamp3000

  10. Geoffrey Glenn says

    I love how after that excerpt from Fist Bump, Sonic just zooms off the screen.

  11. Marcus TC says

    Sonic accidentally slipping forward while stopping after fist bump was so cute, love the animation!

  12. dothewaltzzz says

    I didn't expect that emotional turn at the end lol

  13. Russell Bezette says

    …We can make it betterrr!…… TOGETH-O-Oh, are…are we not doing that..?Okay :(Oh wait we are doing it?

  14. The Meme God says

    Who knew music lessons on YouTube could be so entertaining

  15. Rafael Soares Torres says

    Dude. You managed to make Sonic Forces fun. You have a gift.

  16. Johnny Hansen says

    Also, do Another one with the Music of Carl Stalling..

  17. James Heazlewood says

    What an absolutely beautiful video. I love how your background music perfectly matches what's happening on the screen, the fade-outs going to blue (like Sonic games), how you made the accordion and violin look like sonic enemies, and the overall information is conveys. Just perfect.

  18. poof you have problems says

    5:46 I would really like a full sample of the background music as it is just MMMM

  19. Shane Jarvis says

    11:05 the music gave me chills

  20. Atlantic games says

    the best sonic forces review, this game deserve more respect , and good music class

  21. quixxen says

    idk why but this made me cry???

  22. Orangepeel says

    I love the Sega "What I Love" at the beginning.

  23. Crystalized says

    I watched this like 5 times

  24. ÓTIKO says

    6:21 DAAM sega, slow down a little

  25. Queen Kaszh says

    I hear the music in the background, it's very clear to me no matter what.

  26. Singe Stheos says

    6:21 funny furry number tends to be the favorite part of the video

  27. Murdoc Tomkinson says

    I like when sonic goes off the screen:)

  28. Once Again says

    This is the first video I've watched from your channel and I'm so impressed right now. You've taught me a great part of music theory from one of my favorite game series and that makes me so happy. I want to learn composition soon and this was a wonderful introduction, practically complete lesson, really. You are an amazing teacher and storyteller, sir. Thank you so much! & Bravo! ?♥

  29. Alyssa McFarland says

    Can you do a video on the villains music in Sonic

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