Has Frank Lampard gotten off easy at Chelsea compared to Maurizio Sarri? ESPN FC Extra Time


ESPN FC’s Craig Burley, Dan Thomas and Julien take on the weekend’s best viewer questions in Extra Time, including:
(0:00) Would it actually be a good thing for Arsenal to miss out on European football next season?
(3:55) Why aren’t people giving Chelsea’s Frank Lampard the same level of criticism Maurizio Sarri received last season?
(7:29) Does Lionel Messi care about breaking the assist record while Barcelona are struggling to keep up with Real Madrid?
(11:41) Should the handball law be changed after all the controversial calls in Serie A this season?
(13:07) Has Craig changed his mind that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer isn’t the right choice to manage Manchester United?

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  1. Emmanuel ODEKUNLE says

    Lampard was exceptional…. Non of the pundit put CFC in the top 4 in-fact some said they won’t make Europa league.. why can’t people accept the fact that someone surpass their expectation.

  2. William Brightman says

    For now I think Lampard is safe in his job . They overachieved in qualifying for champions league and have top transfers in Kai Havertz and Tino Werner coming on board. The future looks bright for Chelsea if Lampard is given tree reign to build the club based on how he wants the club to look.

  3. Ish No1 says

    Only lost Eden hazard ??????????? did he not see what Eden use to do for Chelsea ????

  4. gregoryw9 says

    6:14 Craig got pwned, total argument went down the toilet

  5. Ben L says

    Fact is apart from Liverpool and Man City, every other top team in the league was rubbish this year. And why wouldn't they be? All of them got new managers. Man Utd has Ole, Chelsea has Lampard, Arsenal has Arteta. Spurs went to get Mourinho, and we all know what kind of a gamble that can be. But i think Spurs fans should be happy. This Mourinho will not have the pressure of winning titles. He will not have the pressure of having to sign big players. He will not have the pressure of doing much apart from keeping them in Europe, and seeing how the rest of the teams are doing, it should be a walk in the park for him. It is like Porto all over again, and we know how that ended. So i think in terms of getting off easy, it's not just Lampard, i mean this is 2 weeks old and the season is over as i say this, but all the 3 teams will young managers will be looking to build on a dynasty rather than short term goals. We know Klopp already said he won't be at Liverpool past his current deal which will end in 4 more seasons. Pep has bounced between clubs before. I won't be surprised if he did so again after a while. So Man Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal have gone a different way. By going for club legends to become managers, they have an emotion attachment to the club and will be more inclined to stay on for decades even like SAF and AW did. I don't know if Roman will have the patience for that but we know Man Utd and Arsenal managers will be given that chance. So yeah …. to answer the question, Lampard has gotten of easy compared to Sari. If anything, looking at the results, i think Ole and Arteta has as well, and this can be easily explained.

  6. zFlash_22 says

    Sarri did some good things for us but Lampard lost one of the best talents in football, had a transfer ban, and relied on inexperienced academy players

  7. Lukas Vlogs says

    Jeezus Christ hazard scored half of Chelsea’s goal contributions last year with 31 won the most fouls in the league… had the most assists most successful dribbles literally carried em to 3rd. Don’t think another player could’ve done that in the ? except Messi. Like kdb is great but let’s face it he plays on a ruthless goal scoring team. Hope hazard recovers from 4 awful injuries in 1 szn but how did chelsea lose him have a transfer ban… rookie manager and get top 4 and will win the fa cup. That’s insane.

  8. Zuher tatli says

    Lampard apologist

  9. J 8 says

    I’m seeing a lot of comments on here. For me as a Chelsea fan I can only put it like this.1) I love Lampard 2) I loved Sarri 3) I loved Conte and all our managers Etc etc. I always back my manager. It is very difficulty to compare Sarri to Lampard just like it was difficult to compare Sarri to Conte. Philosophy, man management, tactics and the way you embed a culture in the team dressing room is something that’ll differ from one manager to another.What simply matters is results and perspective. Sarri was fantastic and I didn’t want to see him go. However Lampard has brought in home grown talent, embedded a culture at Chelsea were we are more classy in how we are running as a club (compared to how we have been in prior years under Mourinho etc.) This is very important for brand, image and respect amongst other fans in the footballing world. Chelsea have all of a sudden become a club that people are now beginning to have more respect for compared to previous years.We’ve beaten all the top teams atleast once this season. Play exciting football with again home grown talent which has been non existent in our history, whilst our best player ever (arguably) is managing us in his second year ever in management. That’s the difference. You cannot compare the two. The only difference is if you’re looking at it on a clear results based perspective and although Chelsea’s attack will be more superior under Sari this season, our defence won’t be. Yet if Lampard finishes in the top 4 and brings an FA cup and does it in his second season? It’s not even a debate. You cannot compare the two. One manager had over 10 years experience working with top class players whilst one is his second season and relishing a youthful team who could potentially win a trophy and qualify for champions league football with our best player sold, an extra year onto our senior players and no transfers being in place.I know who I’m taking and backing.

  10. PACIFIK says

    Frank Lampard has done an incredible job with these youngsters. For years coaches neglected youth players and Lampard was not afraid to impliment them. Lampard has a very clear idea of how he wants to play with Chelsea and his vision. This was a major problem with Sarri. The games were so boring no idea and he kep holding too long on the same thing that clearily wasn't working. When Lampard came in the best player Hazard already left so everyone knew this Chelsea squad was not ready for high successes. Whenever Chelsea played awful or individuals Lampard retaliated and responded. He doesn't stick to the same boring style and formation. Sarri was stubborn.And finally if you look the type of players Chelsea is trying to bring in you just know the future's looks bright with Chelsea. I see lots of youngsters improve under Lampard. Tomori, Mount, Gilmour, Abraham etc. Look at Sarri's Juventus now. It's not an exciting team and him being a year with Juventus I don't see any significant changes or indicators of improvement.

  11. Harry Aladzhyan says

    It’s simply because Sarri failed to adapt he stuck to this sarriball nonsense criticized players for failing to grasp his mentality yes he finished third but sarri was always a one and done manager he had no draw power in the market to attract top players so even without the transfer ban he wasn’t gonna be able to get big name players and besides frank had to deal with players who were constantly on loan lost hazard who is the reason sarri finished third frank has a future whereas sarri didn’t

  12. Matt Smith says

    No way. Lampard lost Eden Hazard and couldn't bring in new players, plus he used academy players so he did a great job.

  13. Rory Blessington says

    Messi is wanting a regeneration and MLS reunion and he won’t leave until that occurs. Then after that and winning the quadruple then- he’ll move on to LA Galaxy, Inter Miami (where he’ll join with CR7) or NYCFC before he rejoins Newell’s Old Boys at like 40! That’s what we all want. Xavi will get the Barça job after a one-season manager and Setien is replaced- either that or Pep will return for one last time for Messi’s last three years.

  14. Fatawu Salifu says

    Please don't forget that sarri was not sacked he left for juventus

  15. Raiden Kalisz says

    Its differentLampard: -transfer ban, dont get to buy his own player yet -playing youngsters mount and james- no hazard the best chelsea player in decade-only his second year as managerIts a achievement already getting to fa final and top 3 so far

  16. Hamze Rafati says

    Come on Lampard didn’t have a SOLID transfer ban, He brought 3 good players. Hazard is a phenomenal player but not 11 players.

  17. Lucas Arzayus says

    Also consider this: When Sarri came in, Chelsea were only one year off of winning the league and won the FA cup the previous year. The club's expectations were far higher when Sarri came in. Sarri was expected to bring a league title to Stamford Bridge and had all the resources available. Not only did they not win the league, they were humiliated several times, particularly the 6-0 defeat to Manchester City, who were the supposed "title rivals". Lampard inherited a club with a transfer ban, a young squad, and 3 teams (at least) who were expected to be title contenders in City, Liverpool, and Spurs (at the time). Chelsea were expected to FIGHT for the EUROPA LEAGUE and here they are in 3rd and have defeated Liverpool in the FA Cup and City in the league and now Man United in the FA cup, as well as a double over Spurs and gave Liverpool a run for their money. Lampard exceeded expectations, Sarri underwhelmed.

  18. InstiGator says

    Sarri sucks

  19. Manfred C.C says

    Sarri lost 8 games and Frank Lampard has lost 11 games in the premier league

  20. Herman Neah says

    Someone needs to slap Dan

  21. pru put says

    If that was Mourinho y’all would have been like he sucks

  22. Saumya Sajwan says

    Sarri did everything that he was expected to do. He came 3rd when the only two teams above him were Man City and Liverpool, two teams they had no hope of beating, and won the europa league. Should've been given another season but it's not to say Lampard isn't doing well.

  23. Randy says

    The difference is someone played for Chelsea and Lampard gets a free pass. Just own it Craigy.

  24. NAVIN DASWSNI says

    I like it when Dan questions his stupid answers back

  25. Sagnik Bhandari says

    We also blame sarri still now for his work in JUVE.

  26. Sagnik Bhandari says

    We also blame sarri still now for his work in EPL

  27. Ashraff Ahmad says

    Plus both pulisic and kante were out for most of the season

  28. Farris CFC says

    These two season comparison Under Sarri 63 goals, 39 conceded Under Lampard 64 goals, 49 goals Under Sarri we had a great start but when the mid season came we started to loosing alot and it became boring footbal. Now under Lampard this look promising and it is a start to fix the team to become tittle challanger again

  29. SG-LEGEND says

    lol 5'10 the scottish biased weirdo. cumprende?

  30. dabwitso ngoma says

    Chelsea have exceeded many expectations… If utd didn't have the chance to sign Maguire, wan bissaka and Fernandez I doubt if they can even be in 5th….

  31. Juanos de la Torres says

    You think Kepa would waive off Frank and refuse to leave the pitch?

  32. LuvJoyMuzik says

    Sarri had hazard in his Chelsea, that makes a world of difference, he also had issues with integrating academy players into the 1st team…. not forgetting his history with Napoli in serie A, I think Sarri was lucky to last the season.

  33. LAPULGA MESSI1⃣0⃣ says

    U can see what's happening to arsenal before criticizing chelsea

  34. Moon Dust says

    Sarri was expected to do well with Chelsea. Expectations were high based on his experience and the players Chelsea brought in for him.Lampard just started managing with very little experience, expectations were not high. No players added to the team.Totally different situations..

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