Hawaii Travel Guide – 13 Tips for a FANTASTIC Trip to Oahu


One of the most spectacularly beautiful places on Earth. Known as the “Gathering Place,” join me as I help you decide what to do, where to go, and what to eat on the incredible island of Oahu.

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Historic Pearl Harbor Footage Courtesy of Pond5.com


-Coconut Waikiki
-Seaside Hawaiian Hostel
-Waikiki Boutique Hostel

Below are some of my personal favorite places…all highly recommended, but I left off a few places…there is so much good food on Oahu. Best bet is to ask the locals…they know best:)

ONE FANTASTIC RESTAURANT that didn’t make the video, but is absolutely delicious is Marukame Udon Noodles in Waikiki. I only didn’t include it, because it’s already so well known. Also Dat Cajun Guy in Hale’iwa is another excellent spot that didn’t make the video.

Featured Places to Eat:
-Leonard’s Bakery

-Helena’s Hawaiian Foods

-Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck


-The Pig & The Lady

-Diamond Head Market & Grill

-Ahi Assassins

-Ono Seafood
(No website that I could find. Open 9AM-6PM, Closed Sunday & Monday)
-Maguro Bros.
(No website that I could find. Open 9AM-3PM, Closed Sunday)
-Matsumoto’s Shave Ice

-Kokonuts Shave Ice

-Waiola Shave Ice

BEACHES:-Waimanalo Bay (Windward Side)
-Lanikai Beach (Windward Side)
-Kahana Bay Beach Park (Windward Side)
-Waimea Bay (North Shore)
-Sunset Beach (North Shore)
-Makapu’u Beach (Southeastern Oahu)
-Ala Moana Beach (Honolulu)
-Waikiki (Honolulu)
-Halona Beach (Near the Halona Blowhole)
-Haunama Bay (Southeastern Oahu)

-Aloha Stadium Swap Meet (Hours: Sun 6:30AM-3PM, Wed&Sat 8AM-3PM)

-Haunama Bay

-Scuba Diving (Reef Pirates Diving)

-Go on a Hike
(Hikes Featured: Diamond Head Crater Hike, Makapu’u Lighthouse Point Hike, Lanikai Pill Box Hike, Koko Head Crater Railway Trail)
-Halona Blowhole

-Waimea Valley & Falls

-Rent a Car and Explore the Islands
Don’t Miss:
Kailua (Especially the Farmer’s Market outside Whole Foods every Thursday evening)
Kāneʻohe (Especially the Botanical Gardens and the Valley of the Temples
Kualoa Ranch

Kayaking out to Mokili’i Island

-Lastly…explore Waikiki

The Bishop Museum is a very cool museum in Honolulu

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  5. marty9957 says

    I was somewhat disappointed that your favorite points of interest did not include Schofield Barracks and Hickham Air Force Base. Those are two very noteworthy historical places snd if you mention Peal Harbor, it just seems like it's just half the picture in history. Maybe next time you can present the U.S. Army's involvement in the attack that took us to WWII. I remember we used to run up to Kole Kole Pass from our barracks for PT often. Another interesting point on Oahu.

  6. Maree Bee says

    I just want to be near the water again, one of my favorite things is water and oceans and beached ahh I just want my feet to hit the sand, see the crystal clear blue water, have the waves it me, the islands are so beautiful and omg I just eek!

  7. Cass DiGiovanni says

    such a great helpful video thank you so much!

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    Wdym super charming Chinatown, always robbing, lots of homeless ppl, it stinks :>

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    My mother grew up here and I used to visit her every summer during my childhood. God bless your mom.Grew up I guess when she was young. Why were you not with your mother your entire childhood? Who raised you and where?I once knew a guy named Troy who went by the name Matt, too. Are you him,? I think his job was like a personal office job, (not cubicle). If so, you sure as heck must be a vampire. Not a year older lookin.Reminds me of Rod Stewart's song 'some guys have all the luck'.

  12. LifeLostSoul says

    Okay we have to talk about Dimond Head Trail. So by no means is it a hard hike but it's not as super easy as everyone says it is either. It's even rated as easy on all trails. OMG I hiked Moana falls that was rated "moderate" and the Moana Falls was so much easier!! And I lived and hiked in Colorado before moving to Oahu. Like honestly it might be more difficult because it's mostly paved.

  13. Lone Potato says

    “I dare you to find a better sandwich in the country”. People from Texas: “ever hear about a place called whataburger?”

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    One of the very best travel videos I have ever seen. I can't imagine how much work went into producing this video. Epic.

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    14. don't, go somewhere where you'll be welcomed.

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    im bummed because my boyfriend and I are going but we're both 20 so we cant rent a car 🙁

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    Hawaii is like asian country… most people are asians.

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  23. Mango 345 says

    My favoritesBeginner surfing: white planesActually surfing: sunset beachShave ice place: Baldwin’s sweet shop in aiea Food: dots Wahiawa Hotel: KoolinaFast food: zippys! (Ligit everywhere)Favorite hike: ehukai and lanikai pillboxFavorite beach to swim in: taishogaco when flatHope you enjoy!

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    Have always had a passion for Hawaii and lived there for a bit. Planning on moving ‘home’ with my little one some day. This video made me smile. Thank you Matt! Your video was wonderful!

  27. Stan Galyean says

    Don't forget to get a gourmet smash burger and milkshake at Betty's just off the H1 at University. Probably the best burger in Hawaii at a bargain price. Regular burger starts around $5.00 or deck it out for about$8.00. Shakes are unbelievable. Charming decor. You won't be disappointed!!

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    Correction, Waimea Bay has the most prestigious Big Wave contest, The Eddie. but its not annually like he said in the video. Its runs when conditions are perfect.

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    Brilliantly put, sir! Absolute pleasure to watch. We hope we can do justice to the islands as well. BTW…intro! Very cool.

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    4:13 Please listen to Matt! Makapu'u has very challenging surf. The locals call it break-neck beach for a reason. Don't be another stupid tourist who gets himself killed. It ain't "only water". It will F you up.

  37. J.C. Dickson says

    I LOVED THIS VIDEO!!! I wouldn't argue with an ounce of it. The absolute first thing I do when I get on island is Leonards–Malasadas, plain, just like you. I forget the name of it (used to live there but haven't been back in 12 years) there's a GREAT ramen place in Kaimuki–its in a little center at the to of Kap Blvd like before you get to Waialae. There's like a ton of restaurants in the little plaza. I've been to them all. The ramen shop is the best. Also? Kahuku Superette has amazing poke–but honestly? Foodland poke is delish and cheap. You forgot Liliha Bakery for coco-puffs and ensemadas and Portugese Sweet Bread.You talked about the best beaches in Haleiwa and the North Shore but you didn't talk TOO MUCH and I love that. Gotta leave some for the locals, ya? Love, love, love your videos! Do an updated Oahu! <3 <3 <3 (Oh….and Michel's at the Colony Surf…that's a lovely little restaurant by the water and it's on the other side of Waikiki so it's not too crowded. Aloha!

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    I love how you show off the amazing spots here on Oahu, but not exposing the “secret” spots. Also don’t forget to not bring pork on Pali Highway!

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    You didn't mention La Marianna Sailing Club on Sand Island.

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    When I move there my brother's and I will work together to eat the ENTIRE island Ima can't wait

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