[HD](Showcase) Jurong Health Mobility Park


A showcasing of a Life-size Mock Up Bus and Train at Jurong Health Mobility Park.

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  1. LMP 2001 says

    whoa there is C151B mock up

  2. emyng says

    Nice place

  3. Island Life says

    And now I’m here when the c151b has been in service for a year and a half and it looks stupid?

  4. Chee Chew Tan says


  5. Joseph Lee says

    you can actually enter the bus! i tried that before

  6. Ivy Ling says

    l like smrt

  7. Adk Syafiq says

    no this is c151b

  8. ಏನೂ ಇಲ್ಲ says

    is the train the c151a?

  9. Beker Street says

    Near IMM but where you get this?

  10. Christian Bermudo says

    are kids allowed?

  11. I Know U Wanted says

    holy cow!

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