1. Shady Pikachu says

    i pretend im on a runway when i have this blasting on my headphones

  2. Pat James Dan says

    Activision this one is for free:

    C A L L of D U T Y
    B L A C K O P S



  4. Donnie Dodge says

    Black Ops Cold War are got some Best Music

  5. rene cuellar says

    I legit thought this movie would be lame with the John wick knock offs. But holy hell I love this film and the hyper 80s look.

  6. Dane says

    standing in the rain waiting to get picked up has never been more badass

  7. Bert T. says

    Jason Bourne's badass sister brought me here.

  8. El Clasicómetro says
  9. R _ says

    I prefer this over the original

  10. sad gemini says

    This sounds more like the original than the original

  11. Ton PAULEN says

    I think I like this one even more than the wonder woman version

  12. Mr. Mayhem 72 says

    This could be a good soundtrack for cod zombies

  13. smok4 lif3 says

    more style then this movie is impossible

  14. Bohdan M says

    Тусня під КСУ😂👌👨‍⚖️

  15. CaroBones says

    Original, this and the Orchestra Obsolete version ❤️

  16. Lf 11 says

    All versions are so badass

  17. naveen onpaper says

    Hearing this and the WW84 version of the song is so amazing. Both did such wonderful job. Check that out too fellas.

  18. Snake Pliskin says

    I love pizza rolls.

  19. Reihaneh Esfand says

    The power and strength u feel when u hear such a song but in fact u are a tiny bird in the world=))))))

  20. daryel burgess says

    post malone circles

  21. gstut1 says

    im totally gonna listen to this soundtrack for Black Ops Cold War

  22. REGINA 7 Ichkannsauchlassen says

    😘Komm zu Mama!!Ich muss mein Kühltruhe aufffüllen!Das gibts nur bei Kannibalismusgina!!!

  23. neerajam sony says

    Woods Hudsen and Mason liked this song

  24. PROMETHEUS 3 says


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