Healthy vegetable in my garden near my house – Healthy food


Today I am going to show you the mini bell green peppers in my garden.
It is fresh vegetable and healthy food for my family.
Thank you for watching my video good luck.

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  1. Toko Dera says

    So lonely

  2. Sumaya Sherin says

    I really love your video where is ur exact place also I like ur life style bcoz iam in Kerala in india

  3. Chhinheang KH says

    I want to do as you my friend.

  4. Jinin Abo aram says


  5. peter trump says

    love you ,baby.i come from China

  6. Happy Family Lifestyle says

    I love that natural lifestyle ?

  7. Shajahan Kamal says

    I don't see any caption or subtitle and your not speaking

  8. Sanjeev Jagtap says

    Polin…Dear….So long…eagerly waiting 4 U….Urs farm is so Good will Refresh our choldhood days Thnxs ….Keep smiling face always??will raise urs feathurs of urs face value….

  9. Insta Vid says

    Feel hungry.. what is the name of this recipe?

  10. Gaury Nandha says

    Only in the thumbnail she faces the camera. ????

  11. Op S says

    Very nice

  12. Gardening Ideas and Home Tour says

    Beautiful garden ?

  13. W Sameera says

    She is wearing red top from last 3 videos

  14. Junior Pedras Preciosas says

    ហើយធ្ងន់ណាស់! ខ្ញុំស្រោចទឹកបន្លែសម្រាប់អ្នក…………….?

  15. Susanth Tiwari says

    Nice baby girl

  16. Mama G-unit says

    Tq for sharing.Done. subs and like.welcome to mychannel

  17. Vandella Athens says

    I wish i am u just living on a very nice farm who had everything, the beauty, the sounds of the nature, how i wish i live that kind of peaceful place….I love the things u use… Dammn i love everything huhu … I want to have a life like that ….

  18. Marselina Ayu says

    Diawal gambar cabe nya gede gede banget eh sekali pas lagi metik malah kecil kecil

  19. หลากหลายสไตล์ พระเครื่อง says


  20. Rita Kumari topno says


  21. Inter net says

    it sooo beautiful

  22. Smart & Useful says

    the way that you cook?

  23. T- SERIES LITE says


  24. Panda says

    bro you're mixing pretty much unmatchable food with one another xD

  25. المطبخ.و عمر شمس says

    حبيبي ????????

  26. sourav jyt ds says

    So cute girl

  27. Blessy A says

    Video was nice and very calm , beautiful nature ??????.

  28. Flordeliza Cabading says

    Nice garden

  29. Портал Открыт says

    Нам в клан такую работящий девушку нужно найти. А тебе Лайк и подписка!

  30. Chandan Kumar says

    I Love you cuking gir

  31. Sunali Kanchana says

    Im from sirlanka .. so nice dear . Oyar gadinar. Good luck

  32. Hà Trần says

    K thấy ng Việt Nam nào xem b này nhỉ

  33. ساندرا ساندرا says

    جميل جدا

  34. jayanath jayawardana says


  35. T&T Family says

    Beautiful garden! Love your video!

  36. Zon Lye says

    Nice video sharing.. I like you resipi Cook???very good..I coming to support you

  37. Jy-Ram Bowman says


  38. AmericanPinay says

    I love the kind of lifestyle you got. simple and peaceful. I hope everyone is doing okay in your family. thanks for sharing a glimpse of your life.

  39. Jerry Kurban says

    Hi beautiful, Love your cooking and enjoying it a lat and wish the best with your programs,, love to you,,

  40. INDIAN BOY says

    I like it your cooking.I like it your village.I like u……❤❤❤❤

  41. Roger Flores says


  42. Mukesh Megnauth says

    If that's one meal, I'm better off clothing you.

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