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Helsinki – Welcome to Finland’s thriving waterfront capital. Follow us through the city to check out the coolest things to see and do here.

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#Helsinki is situated at the northeastern edge of the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Russia, drawing influence from both Western and Eastern European traditions.

Begin your #vacation #sightseeing. #Visit Suomenlinna Fortress which has protected the Gulf of Finland for almost 300 years. #Explore the many museums and galleries across the city, including the Helsinki Design Museum, featuring a permanent exhibition for great moments of Finnish design.

See a theatrical or musical production at Finlandia Hall or the Helsinki Music Centre. Helsinki Cathedral is a breathtaking whitewashed structure towering above the rest of the city. Uspenski Cathedral is built with dark bricks; it is powerfully conspicuous as it rises from the surrounding white granite of the Katajanokka district.

It’s not the sights alone that lure visitors from all over the world, it’s the people. See for yourself why Helsinki’s long-held reputation is that of one of the world’s happiest places.

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

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  1. Mostafa Attatör says

    Beautiful culture and nature ❤

  2. Sauceman K says

    Who’s here after watching money heist

  3. AfanJeffrey03 says

    Do people speak English there?

  4. Rob Smith says

    Has "the tribe" started "diversifying" it yet? ?

  5. OmegaMale says

    I was in Helsinki on June 27, 2018, one day before this video was posted.

  6. selvaraj s says

    Expedia great applications to you, you are giving very best videos.good photography ,very sharp.,And not disturbing our EYES.gentle editting.Thanks.

  7. _月火水木金正恩 says

    I love finland from JPN

  8. Michael Earl Grey says

    I normally get board but I watched this video until it was Finnished.

  9. Kartik Singal says

    I can only imagine how many people are gonna think of money heist helsinki from now on !!!

  10. Rupert May says

    been must go again

  11. WCMAHWCS says

    This video really makes our country look good

  12. Niyozima Emmanuel says

    I like Helsinki. May God give a chance to visit this beautiful city.

  13. elegy slp says

    It looks like a great outdoors museum with all it's gorgeous exhibits . Shouldn't wonder whether the people of this lovely city ever suffer from burnout .Expedia doing a wonderful job of bringing the best from all over .

  14. Virpi Juntti says

    Pikkasen häiritsevää, kun suomalainen tekstitys kertoo Madeirasta?…

  15. Tharu Navo says

    Peaceful place

  16. 鄭清助 says


  17. joku vaan says

    Any finnish people watching

  18. Sonic Magnus says

    Night on Earth last vignette

  19. Quake Addict says

    I been to Helsinki. The women there hated me.

  20. Shine Dream Smile says

    Jadi pengen kesini karena bts

  21. MOONLINGHT S2 says

    A maioria veio pelo bts skkss

  22. Masuduzzaman Kamrul says

    Love from Bangladesh ????????

  23. General Zod says

    I'll be visiting Helsinki in June 2020.

  24. Goldenbliss_JM says

    Coz of bts I came to check out they are there for photo shoot. Hopefully they will explore Helsinki

  25. M F says

    I’d love to do a trip someday where I could visit Finland, Estonia and Russia. I think that would be a great trip, though really expensive I’m sure!

  26. Alba CG says

    Beautiful place

  27. Marc Avia Noguera says

    Bello bro is biutiful city

  28. Julia Kim Murphy Travel Blog says

    Just did a VLOG on Helsinki also! Loved that City

  29. Karl Marx Roxas says

    I'm here to visit Heilsinki (from Money Heist :P)

  30. Ikmal Hijaz says

    I have a finnish friend from finland resides in dubai. She said UAE should be developed country if to be compared to her country of birth

  31. Shahzaib Ajmal says

    I wish I had the money to travel here.

  32. khaleelalessa_ rc says

    La casa de papel

  33. Hector Planam says

    Outro city

  34. Dee Alex says

    home 🙂 hey everyone from helsinki!

  35. neels n says

    Love Scandinavia .any Scandinavia lover here.❄️?️?️?️☄️

  36. Manoj Prabhakar says

    I spent only a day in the city, but it was an amazing experience. The Helsinki skywheel is also kind of okay to have a good view of city. Hopefully I visit it again soon.

  37. farooq amin says


  38. Rasmus Härkönen says


  39. Discovering Destinations says

    We spent 2 nights only in Helsinki and we were glad to spend a day at Suomenlinna Fortress, amazing place! Helsinki is a beautiful city and we would go back anytime! Thanks for one more great video!

  40. J.J Whitty says

    61 thumbs down, people are so ignorant

  41. Senhor Misterioso says

    Pessoal, a tradução em português está muito errada, corrijam isso daí.Abraços.

  42. Suomi888 蘇歐米 says

    Mää rakastan Stadia! Olen Taiwanista kotoisin :3

  43. Ruth David says

    Greatest designer of all is Jesus…not " mother nature" or whatever….

  44. Fitness IQ says

    I love how thinking I love all those beautiful churches. We will visit all those churches

  45. Rana Omani says

    make a video of Bangladesh

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