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HEROES OF SHAOLIN (Heroes of the Wild) kung fu full movies | martial arts movie | A young boy and his father flying a kite on a secluded beach. The father is soon confronted by a past enemy, who demands a rematch after an embarrassing defeat.

The young boy is horror-stricken as, after his father’s defeat, the father takes his own life before the young boy’s eyes and rushes to avenge his death. The challenger easily defeats the boy, but rather than kill again, he allows the boy to journey with him, offering to teach the boy in martial arts so that he may one day take appropriate revenge. The boy keeps training under him; and through a series of events, the boy has his revenge but not in the way he intended.


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  1. rahim4411 says

    I'm down loading all these!

  2. Infinite Reality says

    Best fight scenehttps://youtu.be/8xxPRVW7L40

  3. Luis Cortes Rodríguez says


  4. 24 man Tv says

    I like you to Chanel vonten all the best thanks for you sharing

  5. 24 man Tv says

    I like you to Chanel vonten all the best thanks for you sharing

  6. Poseidon0077 says

    lol… cute movie.

  7. Thế Chủ Văn says


  8. Nikhil T says

    Awesome great movie.. Kung Fu action excellent

  9. Jon Blatz says

    IM ADDICTED TO THIS SHIT..I was born in 77'

  10. Realrealone Realrealone says

    Originally purchased and release by ocean shores vhs library catalog..an underrated cult classic cinema I have it in my collection as well??? a must have

  11. daniel templar says

    A good lesson for the revenge…! Great adventure with my favourites actors, Cheng Xing and Lo Lieh. Thank you, Daniel.

  12. kitdacraze Philly the Kraze says

    I watch this since was a kid. Now I am 37 yrs old

  13. Mett Ssoaso says

    Si Yo pudiera caminar, ahora para matarme. Gracias

  14. Phongsang Nguyen says

    K co tieng Viet

  15. Maylin Angeling says

    Amazing movie

  16. Janet Buchanan says

    Is that fox Lord Lo Leigh ? Why Chen Zing was the last of the encounter ?

  17. Thomas Stillman says

    Death scene @ 1:31 classic!

  18. Arianne mhelle d. Sumensin says

    Great movie and smart young man knows how to use what he learns with head?

  19. Aaron Averheart says

    I remember this one. Great movie

  20. Jose Aleman says

    Great movie ?

  21. Troy Mack says

    Best movies. Of all time

  22. Jimmy Walker says

    beautiful movies

  23. Sankofa Ashanti says

    Got dis movie on old vhs plus got it on dvd and jus lastnite I watch it again and still feel fresh,3 baddest manz in same movie Hwang Wang Lee aka silverfox,Lo Lee and Cheng Sing (WoW)

  24. Great Khan24 says

    Does anyone know the name of the song at 7:10 this song is used a lot. Its played in Cooking Kung fu, The Prodigy son 2,(Kid from Shaolin), and a tone of kung fu films. Pls, if anyone know the name of song let me know. Cause I can tell its differently from a western film. I must know.

  25. Bryon Stephens says

    I love these movies…watch em' all…late at night bedtime…

  26. Swaley Baichoo says

    This movie is a classical one

  27. Deoanand Geer says

    Looks interesting .Put into save.Watch later.

  28. Fu Eastson says

    Love this movie ❤️?

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