High Kill Solo Vs Squads Gameplay Full Game Season 3 (Fortnite Ps4 Controller)


High Kill Solo Vs Squads Gameplay Full Game Season 3 (Fortnite Ps4 Controller)
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  1. KingJoe83 says

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  2. Eshwar Das says

    I have that wrap

  3. Инопрешелец says

    Что за песня на 2:43?

  4. Инопрешелец says


  5. Инопрешеленец says

    Что за песня на 2:34?

  6. Logan Highsmith says

    at the whole authority??

  7. Logan Highsmith says


  8. Logan Highsmith says


  9. Logan Highsmith says

    You Have Skills lol ?????????????????? Victory Royal ?

  10. Mohamed Artan says

    Everyday I watch your YouTube and I subscribe you're never ever give to me any skin my epic isendless356rope

  11. Champz 13 says

    This dude is a legend I wanna start streaming now cause he makes it so fun If y’all wanna see my vis check em out?

  12. emp says

    this reminds me of old fortnite gameplay

  13. Abenson Jeantinor says

    he left a purple burst and shields WTF but ur still a god bro keep up the good work

  14. Lotaya Brown says

    The more I watch your videos the more I wanna play fortnite

  15. Loafy says

    Wait a second you kill me yesterday

  16. Asraar Rawa says

    Well played

  17. Loafy says

    My screen was bllured and I thought you hand 75 kills

  18. 50K Subscribers Without Videos Challenge says

    To the 1% of people who see this I hope you are doing well, staying positive and following your dreams

    My Dream Is 50k. Im struggling, any help would be amazing

  19. Star On says

    That was AWESOME

  20. ganzorig tsил says

    wait mapis changed

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