1. Joe Epaves says

    3:18 cold ass roast ??

  2. THE SPOT says

    18 nigga you look 30 ?

  3. cashcarti says

    Bruh come on who you tryna fool with these "highschoolers"

  4. J PM says

    Not a lot of diversity here is there? Why don't the democrats fight for more Asian, Latino, Alaskan and Native American players to enrich sports with the golden gift of "diversity?"

  5. LeoGrindinLion says

    Blake Corum looks like Tighten from Megamind ?

  6. LeoGrindinLion says

    Did y’all not catch him fling his titty at 23:45 ?

  7. Zeke Massey says

    I swear the dude in the thumbnail was buying beer before me and I’m 24

  8. Clint Okoli says

    Looks like John cena

  9. Randall white says

    Best pitching QBs are the best in the cousin family.

  10. Jay Scott says

    Bunch of haterz in here!

  11. Connor Price says

    I played against tank bigsby and Jesus Christ he was tough to tackle

  12. Dhiraj Gurung says

    Niggaz look like 30 years old and they on high school?

  13. Elda Desta says

    why blake corum garbage tho

  14. Alexander Papagikos says

    Juilian Flemming: "I am 12"

  15. Alexander Evans says

    ??? what if there were no football 1:24 ?? ???

  16. Connor Hansen says

    Wtf am i the only one noticing the lack of effort? All these dudes are jogging around like theyre warming up tf

  17. C M says

    High school football – tattoos look old as fuck

  18. Monta Williams says

    21:03 ???

  19. Bethany Pennell says

    British highschoolers COULD NEVER!

  20. Blizzy says

    Julian look like he got 3 daughters

  21. Xzavier Prater says

    John cena? 2:15

  22. Xzavier Prater says

    All them are blessed man

  23. Lou Casanova says

    Julian flemming lookin like Julian Newman

  24. B Davis says

    Jesus they are all like 25???? They get held back 5 years????

  25. C M says

    28:50 he was going to say blacks

  26. Tired Marine311 says

    "most defensive black… backs"

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