Highlights: Liverpool 5-3 Chelsea | Eight-goal thriller before the trophy lift


Watch key highlights of an historic night at Anfield, as goals from Naby Keita, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Roberto Firmino, Trent Alexander-Arnold and Gini Wijnaldum gave the Reds a victory in their final home game of the Premier League season.

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  1. Surya Manian says

    Kepa kepa kepa

  2. Khani Shibambo says

    Yes boyz thats whats up best team in the world you will never walk alone

  3. Jihad Umar says

    What a ball that was from TAA 🙂

  4. Dhiraj Baishya says


  5. Xploiter says

    0:13 what is that keeper thinking, obviously Alexander is gonna shoot

  6. Sana Angom says

    Why no crowd?

  7. Susanne Sues says

    That Robertson Assist describes Robbo so well

  8. John6- Mufc says

    I support Liverpool

  9. Adonis Top of Men says

    fantastic …….

  10. Prajjwal Athreyas says

    Only wish Trent, Tammy, Barkley, and all english lions stay friendly unlike gerrard rio lampard rooney terry etc

  11. sid z says

    Zidane once said that if kepa is in the box i could never score a goal

  12. Amrit Ramudamu says

    Kepa alazblarger is a Liverpool fan

  13. Alejandro de la Cruz Bussion says

    manana voy a tu casa,… adios Alberto

  14. محمد الحبيب says

    J'ai sui d'accord a 100 % merci beaucoup

  15. Valeriy Naoumenko says

    Liverpool should buy Yarmolenko from west ham…. You would be happy, as the coatch (trainer) is the best in the world!

  16. An Fre Za says


  17. Khulekani Malele says

    I personally think this is one of the best matches this season

  18. Steve Jones says

    Those rent boys need a completely new defence. ?

  19. Andrew Craft says

    I dont understand why Odoi,Abraham and PULISIC were in the bench in the 1st half

  20. kaif hossain says

    goood game liverpool

  21. _Bart3zio _ says

    kepa arizabalaga didn't reacted

  22. Lukas Arif Wibisono says

    It's not about waiting to be a champion , it's all about the pride to be a Liverpudlian.. YNWA. Cheersss from Indonesia.

  23. Ронай Дневной свет says

    Firmino is a versatile player who can exist at any moment of the game. he adds diversity and aggressiveness and completes the team's missing sides.

  24. Ронай Дневной свет says

    Chelsea dam erroneously installed. because of Mason Mount's short stature, he was in the middle of the dam, already the ball went over his head was in goal. I'm glad, though. 😀 Trent Alexander-Arnold scored a wonderful goal. in fact all the Liverpool goals were beautiful.

  25. Ронай Дневной свет says

    I feel a little sorry for lanlana. still it's not a problem. Decidedly on camera, he was pointing at he occasionally. he was a bit happy to get a medal after all. I was waiting for her to enter the game. He scored a valuable goal against Varchester United. he did his best for Liverpool in all the matches he played.

  26. Shreyas Patgiri says

    Feel sorry for those goalkeepers

  27. Military Update says

    Incredible performance by Solid Teams

  28. Wahyu Ramadhan says

    Champion's Again!

  29. Lui gamer official says

    0:42 firmino's amazing head

  30. Empty thawmte says

    Arnold assist was perfect…between two defender♥️

  31. DHRUV DXDHRUV says

    Please win vs new castle and put mo salah pls

  32. Karen Hugh says

    Firming loves his hair

  33. Karen Hugh says

    What a free kick by free Kick master Trent

  34. Mark Sudlow says

    Andy Robertson has to be the bargain of the premier league era… 8m, come on!!!!

  35. Eddie Tozaka says

    U beauty liverpool

  36. Wolfie Alpha Grey says


  37. Tri Communicatie says


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