HILARIOUS ARGUMENTS! COD BO2! FLOCKA VS. "MR PLUMBER"! Trae Flocka | Covid 19 | Prod. Dee Low Goiinn



Welcome to another edition of shut down! #GOMFSFB

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MAJOR intro –

mistake Outro –

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  1. Trae Flocka says

    YouTube done changed how the comments look! Stop messing with stuff YouTube if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Y’all doing too much ??‍♂️?

  2. wavematrix says

    Bruh this gotta be the funniest fucking video

  3. Jace Shmace says

    Gonna side with the plumber on this one . 10k is absolutely fuck all. Much rather plumb for 50k.

  4. Nate Williams says

    I smoke everyday 5-10 times a day and I can explain why I personally partake better than this clown. Hurt my back at a furniture company and hasn’t been the same ever since weed helps with the sharp pains. Im not a very talkative person but when I smoke it’s easier to talk and do things. I do really believe weed can make some people “poo brain” but for alot of lowkey weed smokers it helps us. I guarantee if you seen me in public you’d never guess I smoke more than a Jamaican. Point is weed for me is a relaxant, pain reliever and helps me be more social. Also to anyone who doesn’t smoke/doesn’t want to I’d suggest doing a bit more research before making over the top conclusions. Sorry but I herd alot of ignorance in this video on both sides.

  5. Dyll fr says

    Shit plumbers make cheese

  6. 「Аᱡဋ」 Қᄐᄂᄂᱮ says

    How he get living in Chicago from someone lacing him ??????????‍♂️??‍♂️

  7. Lijah Anderson says

    Yea dude slow and had the nerve to call someone else retarded

  8. Black Talon says


  9. Andre Oliver says

    He mad because he making no sweat more than 60% of people his age.

  10. BaSicGANg Tv says

    ??? you cant win against this nigga bruh omg you can't

  11. zlDontCryHoelz — says


  12. kingjay202 says

    U got to be high to watch this on god

  13. kingjay202 says


  14. Milkyway25 says

    Every time he said high he said it as haigh ????

  15. lit_phoenixx says

    Trae said MENTALLY FUCKED OFF!!! Yo I’m dead bro!!! ?☠️?☠️?☠️?☠️?☠️

  16. DBG Jay says

    Trae lost this… heavy

  17. Walid Jones says

    I’m a plumber but this shit was funny af Trae nice at roasting no matter what job u have lol

  18. Christopher Bridges says

    You tuber

  19. Skippy says

    Bro make more of these on new cod

  20. CamBamHD says

    stupid hard

  21. CamBamHD says

    song at the end

  22. Daunte Bull Bear says

    yoooo Flocka you fw Tommy Wright III

  23. lxl Yurr lxl says

    hell yeah another BO2 video

  24. Philip Banks says

    Aye finally more music from Flocka! ??

  25. AoiFlower says

    Aggressive Trae is back loll

  26. Ball Sach says

    Lmao I love this shit

  27. LM Yae Digs says

    I didn’t know bo2 was still played best game ever made??

  28. vPure Gunna says

    The Covid 19 is a slapper

  29. GhostDarkRider says

    Nobody:Tape Recorders: 5:37 ???

  30. Clayton Bigsby says

    Fuck da virus ? that track hard doe ????


    Why tf would I wanna be a plumber ? wtf wrong wit the world

  32. WittyManiac says

    It's people like this that give weed a bad rep lmao, it is not for everybody. Clearly this dude don't need to get high if he doesn't even understand why he is getting high.

  33. A Glizz says

    “Wanna get paid to be a parrot too?” Shii too funny??

  34. Jayy Page says

    Where the hell Conway been?

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