Hilarious soccer dives


I DO NOT OWN THIS VIDEO..i know abc1008mbs1179 has the same video.i just wanted to upload it because it was hard to send out messages to all my subscribers and friends about the vid.i hope theres no flaming in the comments, just enjoy the video:)

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  1. SCE2AUX says

    Soccer, this is why you can't have nice things in America.

  2. gigas81 says

    Well Mr. Blatter now that you've been exposed now what do you do dummy? LOL this video was evidence the entire time!!

  3. acerimmeh says

    It's like it's instinct.

  4. Erik Karlsson says

    Aaaaand this is why North America hates soccer.

  5. andy bosik says

    This is such a poor quality video as to render it unwatchable.How about a little more resolution please?

  6. Kao sa3l33 says

    LMAO 2:27

  7. Testekill says

    Jesus, don't they know the thing about diving is to make it look reasonably realistic?

  8. Daniel Matheson says

    Embarrassment to the human race.

  9. Craig Sloan says


    But I don't recognise this thing you call "soccer"

  10. sLeEpYsPoObOb says

    I do.

  11. Lauren Lim says

    Canadian and american don't give a damn about this sports

  12. Falconssoar says

    this is why we Americans don't give a shit about your stupid little game, Rest of the World!

  13. allblacksfan28 says

    "Tap the knee" AH!!! MY HEAD!!!! DumbassXD

  14. The Hockey Critique says

    Holy shit this is a pussy sport

  15. Jonesyful10 says

    They are pussies

  16. Phoenix Rising says

    It's people like this that make soccer look bad

  17. mohamad Firdaus says

    0:57 LOL LOL LOL LOL

  18. fjbutch says


  19. Munda says

    Well the thing is, american football is a full contact sport, and so yes, it is very possible to get injured. Even with the padding, it's easy to get tackled and have your knee bend at an odd angle or something of that nature, pads don't stop that. True in soccer they don't wear pads, but they're not meant to be hitting each other either. But you can't deny that performances like these are bad for soccer altogether, and make soccer players look like pussies.

  20. gigas81 says

    Exactly. When I played youth soccer, I didn't KNOW about this. I'm looking at this video of PROFESSIONALS thinking "what happened between the time I was playing and MLS now?" seriously.

  21. darkey722 says

    you looking at dives look up real fouls and tell me those don't look worse that tackles remember the only padding is on the shins that's it

  22. Francis says

    it's pretty hard to get injured when no one touches you. Diving is fucking gay. Don't get me wrong, i love the sport, and i play alot. But people who dive give honest players a bad rep. And for the record, there are quite a lot more serious injuries in american football

  23. slaptackz says

    2 ;25 clever

  24. Taper0000 says

    I would love to have these players as my patients, nothing wrong with them, heal themselves in a matter of seconds, they make millions and pay their bills quickly, and all I have to do is prescribe 100 cc's of backbone

  25. darkey722 says

    peanut butter.

  26. Francis says

    are you high? in american football pretending to be injured doesn't get you anywhere..

  27. Alfredo perez says

    How do you upload soccer clips like this one

  28. Chikano4lif3 says

    Cristiano ronaldo must be proud his school became successful.

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