1. Makaveli Santos says

    NBA LIVE 05… Mistery man WYA? ?

  2. Complete Ultra Instinct Broly says

    2003 bruh!

  3. The Titans says

    Why La Clippers ?? Where is Golden State Warriors ? ?

  4. Lorna Ray says

    NBA live 16 awsome

  5. MrBurgundy76 says

    Nba live 2010 is the most underrated sports game I’ve ever played. Shit was insanely good and had the best atmosphere in a sports game ever

  6. Hayley Waalen says

    Minnesota Timberwolves FTW

  7. Choppa says

    What happened to wizards and sonics

  8. Jerry Alexander says

    Really nba showdown 94 is the game that started the evolution

  9. The worlds greatest Spy SpysDontDie says

    EA Sports… It’s in the game!

  10. Camden Neargarder says

    We're was NBA elite 11

  11. Samdaman says

    who else only plays live on mobile lol XD

  12. southbeachtalent says

    Jeff Hornacek with the vicious throwdown!

  13. Window tint laws says

    08, 09 and 10 were the best!

  14. NBA Live 2001 says

    The NBA live 2001 clip has the camera zoomed in way too much. Back that shit out a little so you can see the damn floor.

  15. korkun benden says

    Best NBA live 2017

  16. Jackie Ruiz says

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  17. Big Smoke says

    nba live present android (oL) is trash.

  18. Shaun Crittenden says

    And they call this the 2k cam now ?? live 02

  19. SJ The DJ says

    I am playin' NBA Live 2005 season mode ?❤️

  20. Jeff Cockmann says

    how come EA didn't start using the double analog for those ps2 NBA games. They did use it for NHL Hockey when it came out on ps3.. maybe if EA came up with that double stick layout they would still dominate as far as basketball games go..

  21. Unfazed Jae says

    Graphics in 98 are at the same level of the sims freeplay bruh

  22. Дмитрий Ефимов says

    Best soundtracks in NBA Live 2004 !!! 😉

  23. Christopher Wright says

    04 was the best NBA Live and the best Madden

  24. Logan Merrill says

    Live 09 was goat

  25. Daniel Hanson says

    05 forever

  26. Trajoan Mayberry says

    2007 is Best NBA Live Game

  27. istemixx says


  28. uSuc Godfather says

    Like jeff hornacek was really dunking in the paint back in the day ?

  29. Kyrie Irving says

    You fucking kidding me In olden NBA live u can do Put back dunks and in NBA live18 u can't do that shit and there is no Benches in NBA live 18 and there was back then I'm done

  30. Moon Owhles says

    Why didn't they make the teams' first letter capital in 97?

  31. tımar Ağa says

    what is old dayyyysss

  32. tımar Ağa says

    learned basketball with live 99 so nostalgy

  33. Deals4Zeal says

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  34. Mamba Mentality says

    Whats the song at the end

  35. Scorpion Notikos says

    NBA live 97, 98, 99, 00

  36. Dr. Disappointment YT says

    Best Live Game For Me Is 07

  37. Vanilla Killa says

    04 and 09 were both ??

  38. Aaeon Karma says

    '02 was the one I think that had the circle button to take the charge, didn't care for that, they changed it for the next year I think

  39. Mrran4life says

    05 was my favorite

  40. Kdog 81 says

    Live 2000 hot garbage… Live 2001 ok… 2002 garbage… 2003 got better and fun due to arcade style play. 2004 player models looked fucked up. 2005 got better. 2006 garbage asf…. 2007 piece of shit ? 08, 09 not bad 10 good because of Wang. The rest straight trash?

  41. PrettyBoyErin says

    NBA live 04vwas the best n my first NBA game on the GameCube. I miss the free throw system

  42. Velocity Xont says


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