Instant Reaction to Wolverhampton’ Wanderers 2-0 defeat to Chelsea and dropping to 7th place on the Premier League on the final day ?

Let us know if you agree with my thoughts and how we feeling Wolves fans after that ? in the comment section below ?

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  1. Richard Grace says

    Was a great game.. become obvious after about 15min what the tactics were though because pulisic was being man marked by 3 players at all times and the entire team was shifted to the left to block off the left side of the pitch (which outside of the buildup to the second goal when pulisic made a run and made than sweet pass under the slide tackle too mount) actually negated pulisic the entire game only problem is it left the right had side wide open for an attack which is what happened on the second goal

  2. Allan Taylor says

    Dave we’ve had a great season again, but you can see the difference in class to make it to the top four. But stick with Nuno, spend some money on a couple of world class players and we will be there.

  3. David Crook says

    Time to freshen up the squad now, i think there will be one or two departures too.

  4. Tommy Hawke says

    D.D. It's been a real pleasure tuning into your channel through this bizarre season. I'm real proud of our manager and squad. There have been some minor fault lines and as you say, i'm putting this diplomatically, we've had some crap decisions against us. Being a Wolves fan means having a few 'dents' in your faith but that faith never breaks and I'm stoked for the Europa and everything else that lies before us along this golden path. Blessings to you and your family and every member of this amazing Wolf Pack across this planet!

  5. Myles Dutton says

    Doc needs to learn to put his head in front of the ball instead of his hands

  6. Andrew Harrison says

    Dave we had a good season anyway m8 we have played 50 nodded game and we go the Europe league to cu just hope we can win it if sellvill go out against Roma

  7. gmortimer20031 says

    Personally, I'm relieved. I hope Arsenal win the cup. I can't see how we can manage another season like that. If we can hang on to our players, and concentrate on the prem, I reckon we can be top 4 next year.

  8. Turrican60 says

    My first post since pre-lockdown, so a big 'hello' to all Wolfs. Okay, let's get straight to the point: despite what we were taught as children, cheats CAN and DO prosper, and the free -kick that led to Chelsea's opening goal is the proof of the pudding. "Goals change games" is the old football cliche, and that's precisely what happened here. The concession of this goal (in added time at the end of the first half, ffs!) completely knocked Wolves out of their stride…which caused a momentary lack of concentration to follow…then bang, it's suddenly 2-0 and effectively game over. Yes, goals change games, but it's the ones your team concede to blatant cheating that really sting and make Premier League football the 'Playground Of Injustice' that it frequently is. As if that weren't enough, habitual incompetent, Stuart Attwell, was appointed as referee for the game. Seriously, I wonder how many of you people immediately thought: "Oh, no! Not THAT f***ing clown again!" when you realised who was in control of the game? Well, I certainly did, and the plank soon lived up (or is that 'down'?) to his reputation as a walking disaster zone (or at least for clubs outside the so-called 'Big Six'). All the same, Wolves should not have allowed that opening strike to rattle them, but they did. Infuriatingly, Wolves had never looked in any kind of real trouble up until that opening goal. That said, Boly has gone off the boil of late, and he's making consistent errors that I'm unaccustomed to. For example, do you remember his half-hearted attempt to intercept the ball in the Palace game, which very nearly resulted in a goal that would have put us 1-0 behind? Don't know what's happened to him, but he now seems far less than the impregnable defender that became his trademark. Let's hope we see a return of a dominant Wily Boly in time for Olympiacos. If not, we'll be in trouble.The 7th-place league finish is hugely creditable in many respects, and you just have to doff your cap to Nuno's fantastic squad after a year-long campaign on the domestic and European fronts. However, while we finally seem to have learned how to despatch the lesser Premier League lights this season, there's also been an overall defensive fragility at key moments in recent games…just look at the points squandered by conceding late goals at Bramall Lane and Turf Moor. In fact, we even conceded goals in the 43rd and 86th minutes against Arsenal at Molineux a couple of weeks ago, so the timing of these concessions must be a cause for concern. One thing's for sure: it won't have escaped Nuno's attention, and he'll secretly be fuming inside. Unfortunately, the games I've just mentioned have ultimately done more damage to Wolves' European hopes for next season than results at any other point this season. Put simply, we should not have needed to go to Stamford Bridge having to win the game – it should've been done and dusted before kick-off. Fingers crossed that Chelsea put one over the Gunners so that we can slip in through the back door. Here's hoping, guys. Overall, another season of progress as Fosun and Nuno rebuild the waking giant. I just hope the lads don't live to regret what may have been. WOLVES AY WE. ???

  9. carl price says

    There wasn't much between the teams really before the free kick … Chelsea may have edged it but after that they lost their heads for the 2nd goal and that was the killer! Agree with you Dave Coady should have put his foot through the ball. … Not going to knock Coady or the Wolves side – they've achieved so much again this season. I will say though its time cheating was taken out of the game and that goes for Wolves players too. VAR checked for an elbow by Raul which was thrown out so in my opinion Zuma should have been booked … Wolves may still hopefully make it to Europe … Another great season …

  10. Mark Farrugia says

    Chelsea offered nothing but we didn’t start with our best up front Podence, Triore plus Vinagre ?? Nuno stuffed up he must learn now to start with your best players so we can score goals.

  11. Mick Francis says

    Gutted. This copied from elsewhere, (Talksport produced an analysis which shows that had VAR not been operating, Wolves would have been in top four. We lost 4 points against Leicester for sure. But drawing so many really cost us but we were so close.)

  12. Graham J says

    Can't see the point in bringing on Traore to play right wing-back. I would have preferred Podence for Jota, Traore for Neto, Moutinho for the Donk.

  13. Brian Weale says

    We were comfortable upto 44 mins then the Ref made a ludicrous decision in giving Chelsea for the non foul. A minute late we're 2 down, just schoolboy defending by Conor, should have just hoofed it away but seemed in two minds. I think we had one shot on goal by Jota in the second half, apart from the cross from Neto that the keeper made a meal of in the first half. Disappointing overall, Jota should have been substituted at half time as he wasn't in the game. The subs in the second half were bourne out of desperation by Nuno, but I'd never slate off Nuno for what he's done for Wolves. Hope Chelsea can beat Arsenal in the FA Cup or we win the Europa League. UTW

  14. Pee-wee G says

    Bery disappointing All hard work for nating I feel like the coach did not prepare this game well Need more experience no happy

  15. chelsea blood1905 says

    Thanks for losing. U guys r a good team, coming season's u guys can really be a top4 team.

  16. Daniel L says

    Unlucky guys thanks for the vids Dave really enjoyed them (neutral fan here). Good luck in Europa Cup, as for league oh well….guess you still don't like Mike Dean, or Mike Dean's beard ??

  17. Michael sussex says

    Hi Dave, not a good performance today but once again another Referee decision does for Wolves we certainly had our share this season especially with V A R.But when you way up our season we have got to be proud of our team. So on to the Europa League fingers crossed ? we could win this Trophy all the best Dave keep your great videos coming I really enjoy them. Always Wolves x.

  18. kevin leighton says

    Hiya Dave, it was always going to be a tough game against Chelsea. We didn't play great! All Wolves fans will be Chelsea fans for the FA cup final next weekend! We finished 7th in our first season and 7th today on 59 points, the same as Spurs. Not too bad really , and Villa stayed up, so on reflection not a bad season! ??????

  19. Sam Pep says

    Me.duleesss wolsssss..pero vamos a levantar la cara..vamos por la europa ligue..salu2 desde mexico

  20. Derek Pugh says

    We can be proud of what we have achieved this season. We have played our premier league games and played the europa games on top. But think next season will be better Dave. We will bounce back. I've grown up seeing us in the old first division and ending up in the forth division. Your dad will remember it. But we are doing ok. Always wolves mate, ???⚽???

  21. Starmeme gamer says

    We played absolutely rubbish. We need to play way better!!!!!!

  22. Curtis Shelton says

    Good analysis Dave all other commentaries are too down on Wolves. They started brightly and had more penetration in the first half and swept up at the back easily. It all changed with the free kick second half poor probably tactics and placement of players didn't work.

  23. Mark Perry says

    Another great season. I didn’t think we deserved to lose today but also didn’t deserve to win. Looked very good for 20 mins but then robbed again by an incapable official! I have never really thought that the Premier League referees are biased towards the Big 6 but this season has changed my mind. We are so close to breaking into the top 6 and 3 or 4 quality additions to the squad should do it IF we keep everyone into next season. IF we keep everyone WILL depend on European football so next Weekend I’ll be supporting Chelsea ( I hate all London teams but needs must!) . Failing that it’s win the Europa League! Can we do it ? yes we can because on our day we can beat anyone however we can’t to rely on it , Another nervy 7 days then perhaps another nervy 3 weeks COYW ?

  24. british bulldog says

    Still proud of wolves and team.we have done great this season considering the amount of games we have played and such a small squad.???

  25. Lee h says

    Joke free kick for first goal but agree with you coady should have done better with the second goal overall Chelsea done a job on us over the two games at the end of the season we got close but just not close enough


    A diabolical refereeing decision. Doherty gives a penalty away trying to protect his face from a high kick last week and Neto gets yellow carded for withdrawing his foot from a pathetically diving man in blue today. It changed the game. After that we were pretty awful and Chelsea didn't have to break sweat.

  27. Jose Medina says

    Dave sorry l wasn't able to watch you, we got hit with a Category 1 Hurricane here in Texas , l am down on our loss..we weren't supposed to lose…now we need to keep our heads up, and do Arsenal.

  28. daniel79tj says

    all those VAR decisions and the last couple of games when we received late goals .

  29. Ken Bartlam says

    It's hard enough to win games anyway but then you get ref not doing his job again it's hard to take coyw

  30. Ian Bourton says

    Not the end we wanted but we never really got going,once again switched off and so many wayward passes when they preessed us high up the pitch.squad will need a few new faces,but still a great season,at the start we would all have taken where we are. JUST SORT OUT THAT BLOODY VAR ?????

  31. Conz Channel says

    What’s with the girl emoji? ?

  32. Graham J says

    Agree totally with your opinions about Neves and Traore. Doc should have stayed on as well. Dendoncker should have got the hook instead of Neves.

  33. Sooty Roadh says

    Definite dive for the 1st goal, terrible defending for the 2nd. Simply not good enough 2nd half, struggled to create any chances and their defence was first to every ball. 6th place was lost because of our results at Sheff Utd and Burnley. All in all another great season in the Prem, would've taken 7th at the start and we beat last seasons points tally so it is progress. COYW!

  34. TragiiiKz says

    Yet again wolves get robbed

  35. Peter Breakwell says

    Ref was coned Dave spot on with the analysis come on Chelsea Europa here we come coyw ??❤️

  36. Amaury Agraz says

    I don’t know but the players looked very tired .

  37. A Perry says

    Yet again another poor glad the season has more crap match to watch(Europa league ) and we can have a rest.till next season.I wonder how many players have played their last premier league match for the of the match .no one.

  38. paul202011 says

    Totally agree about the subs Dave I love Nuno but I think he made some mistakes today. We still got to be positive because it's been a good season and we still have the Europa League left.

  39. Jose Vasconcelos says

    hopefully we destroy in europa league and qualify to champions league

  40. Inthe Woods says

    not the best result but things are going in the right direction.its not like were in a fite to stay up..each season ..few players in and some out ..maybe some of them no they are going and just played the game talks these days..they will beat the gunners easy ..on wards and upwards…

  41. Karl Foster says

    Thought it was about equal up until 1st goal+we just seemed a bit Mish mashed after that, Still Howling Always Wolves ?? European tour still to come ??

  42. Jason Turley says

    Robed again changed the game

  43. the805paradox says

    way too many loose passes. midfield looked too disjointed.

  44. Paul Somerset Wolf says

    We just needed that final push today and we never delivered very poor showing.No one stood out for me two minute's of madness and we were two down and game over.There first goal was a great finish but it was never a free-kick and then Coady very sloppy should have dealt with there second calamity defending.Second half we were worse don't think we had a shot at there keeper. Jimenez looked frustrated and fed up and probably lucky to stay on the pitch.Jota was poor we just looked toothless all over.We got what we deserved well done Chelsea we now have to depend on them to beat Arsenal for us to qualify for Europe next season.Just to say many thanks Dave for all your hard work you give us fan's over the season and with your new watchalong it's been a great success.But dispite today's result we have had a great season and we still have a great chance of winning the not all is lost.Still proud of this team whatever Always wolves???

  45. giovanni perez says

    All they have to do is win Europa league and they will be in the champions league

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