Honda Hornet 2.0 Walk Around Review | Great Pricing? | Rev Force தமிழ்


Hi friends, this video is all about the Walk around review of the newly launched Honda Hornet 2.0. The Hornet 160R being a successful motorcycle for Honda in the Indian market, launching a newer version seems to be an ideal option with some refreshing design. So, can the Hornet 2.0 undercut its rivals with its features and pricing, well watch the video to know more.

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  1. Rev Force தமிழ் says

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  2. M Kesavaraj says

    Bro hero super splendor review podunga… romba nalave ungakita ketutu iruken bro plz…



  4. Ebe says

    Nice nice… But Honda is too much delay.. all went to buy for other bikes.

  5. Aakash Sharma says

    Intha oru video kaga ithana nal Rev force chanal la vara wait panitu iruntha hornet 2.0 🔥 🔥 😍 😍 😍 😍 hats off…. soichiro honda💪…

  6. Soundara pandiyan says

    Vandi semma🔥👍

  7. kaushik ram says

    Bro shorter riders ku suit aaguma

  8. karthick thala says

    Pulsar 220f ride review podunga bro

  9. Hari hara Sudhan says

    Bro In 160 cc bike honda X blade or Yamaha r15 which is best bike bro

  10. Diwa says

    NS dha bro

  11. Prakash Raja says

    Kawasaki 125cc bike launch ஆகுதா…அத பற்றி details இருந்தா சொல்லுங்க ப்ரோ…

  12. santhosh balan says

    Need a detailed review of hornet 2.0

  13. santhosh balan says

    Review of build quality ,mileage everything…..

  14. santhosh balan says

    Pls do it full review of hornet 2.0 soon

  15. santhosh balan says

    Great walk around review.

  16. venkatesh kumar says

    On road review ku waiting bro

  17. Dhinesh Sara says

    Bro apache thavara nalla 200cc kulla bike solluga bro best pillion comfort oda

  18. Sreekaran M says

    Nice bro

  19. S Venkatesh says


  20. Ragul Ragul says

    Ns 160 enna bro achu

  21. Teck Raj says

    Performance ku best bike 🔥🔥🔥Low budget bike 🔥🔥🔥I like the bike 👍🙌🙌👍

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