Welcome to one of the most famous cities in the world. A global city where East and West meet. A city with one of the most recognizable skylines.

You shall find great food, amazing shopping, and 24-hour entertainment. Visiting the ‘Pearl of the Orient’ is an unforgettable experience. Welcome to ‘Asia’s World City’. Welcome to Hong Kong!

The film chronologically progresses from early morning to the small hours of the night, showcasing daily life around Hong Kong.

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Thank you to the following who have helped create this video:

Hong Kong Tourism Board

Airport Authority of Hong Kong

Cathay Pacific

Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotels Limited

Hong Kong Jockey Club

Hong Kong Tramways

MTR Corporation Limited

Ocean Park Hong Kong

Po Lin Monastery

Sevva Restaurant and Bar

Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple

Tung Wah Group of Hospitals

– Music –

Omer Amitai (GlobeTrotter Alpha Theme)


Filmed during February 2017.

For more information on Hong Kong:

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Filming equipment:

– Panasonic Lumix GH4

– Panasonic Lumix G X Vario 12-35mm f/2.8 ASPH Power OIS Micro 4/3
– Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM Telephoto Zoom
– Canon EF 24mm f/1.4L II USM

Other Accessories:
– Sachtler System FSB 8 SL MCF (Tripod + Fluid Head)
– Freefly MOVI M5 3-Axis Motorized Gimbal Stabilizer
– Atomos Shogun 4K HDMI/12G-SDI Recorder and 7″ Monitor
– Rode Stereo VideoMic X

Editing Software:
Adobe Premiere Pro CC

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  1. ScratchThat2009 says

    The most magical channel on YouTube is at it again..can’t wait to see what the next destination will be

  2. CL New says

    I hope want to go there someday… A beautiful and extremely wonderful display

  3. Bunda Sriharyani says

    Hong Kong kota dari negara Cina adalah kota wisata penuh dengan aktivitas berbagai bidang dunia bisnis

  4. andrew ishaku says

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  5. den nik says

    Hong Kong beautifully places !

  6. Unknow says

    I see a lot of poverty and informality

  7. imam supriyadi says

    Madurase Island, Indonesia, Nusakambangan Island Indonesia,. Jail is my Job order,. Nip:132002990-nip:196404241992031011

  8. 이잡부 says

    Hong Kong Free!!! Taiwan No. 1!!! China To Be Divided!!!

  9. 1 1 says

    1:21:10 팬더 식사

  10. جزائري ابن الشهداء وافتخر says


  11. shadowpal2 says

    2:21:55 – woah dude careful of not getting run over there lolol

  12. Артем Скай says

    Сделайте Москву. Гонконг Афигенно получился!

  13. عمر فايد - Omer Faied says

    Next video in Egypt 🌹

  14. ちぇるしー says


  15. No Brang says

    Hong Kong's future is now in China

  16. WX Li says

    fantastic social life

  17. Sena Uçar says

    Uzakdoğu’nun New york unu yapalım demişler olmamış beğenemedim çok ruhsuz beton yığını

  18. Ryan Bourke says

    I'm confused, its says PRC but all i see is Hong Kong

  19. Nasko Np says

    Iro. Uzo. Kyrban. Od. Tyrcina. Ja.
    Zaboravio. Babomy. Pravi. Tyrcin
    Jel. Xteo. Tebe. Da. Ubije. Smajo
    Tyrkovic. Ita. Smajo. Pre. Ped.
    Dana se. Seta. I. Carsiji. Ko. Niko
    Da. Nezna. Damyje.placeno.

  20. Nasko Np says

    Sta. Terajy. Ira. Da. Prolazi. Pored.
    Mene. Namerno. Namestaj ga.
    Nije. On. Dobar. Covek. Nista. Uradio

  21. Suresh Sanaapathi says

    Love from india⬇️

  22. torstenwow says


  23. Akiles boy says

    Esta bonito , pero se ve muy aburrido.

  24. Danny Leung says

    Do you really need to include P.R.C. in the name of Hong Kong?

  25. Thehereigoagain says

    Thank you so much! Fascinating, very interesting. Well done!!!

  26. Кудинов Александр says

    Красивый гон-конг. С Ковровом Владимирской области не сравнить!

  27. Dinislam Isakunov says

    Вот это да девушка за жопу парня) 2:13:56

  28. huynh phi Vu says


  29. Wisnor Coriolan says

    Very beautiful l would like to visit Hong Kong

  30. MC Bastians says

    HK has over 200 islands and 65% rural/green zones! Ur clip is the worst and poorest presentation on any country that I’ve ever seen and been, including Canada! R U racist?

  31. Wilmer Pedro Lopez Ortiz says


  32. A.jabbar Davada says


  33. Roger Bojos says

    Very nice video!

  34. Jay Shankar Shankar says

    Hong Kong free tax city for business so thats develop city

  35. a siu says

    A "WASTE OF TIME" to view what to look, just like thousands puzzle pieces without knowing whether it is HK; Kowloon; NT; ……. every a few seconds jumping from one district/area to another, without CONTINUITY.

  36. Jack Hsia says

    I've been to HK for multiple times. It's indeed an amazing metroplis, hope I'll go back there soon.

  37. 阳离子 says

    Hello, I want to cooperate with you.~

  38. 양지꽃이사Kim's travel story says

    홍콩 사태로 지금은 여행을 가기 힘든 곳이지 않나요? 홍콩 마카오 여행이 생각 나네요.

  39. Ilja Kirillov says

    the city of future.

  40. Nakata Chin says

    build a world city
    strong build a world city
    build a 11 peoples
    strong build a 11 peoples

  41. 屌你老母仆街冚家剷死絕橫屍街頭炒車仆街死 says

    光復香港 時代革命 五大訴求 缺一不可

  42. SHAMAN says

    не уютное, серое место днём, с биороботами

  43. SUPER MUM says

    I like the nature sounds. But please show the place by place in one way like HK Island, Kowloon Side, New Territories and Islands……etc.

  44. francis fung says


  45. JOHN BIDEN says

    Hong Kong will soon emerge as an independent country

  46. Anshu says

    Can you imagine that the value of this video after 96 years

  47. bangalo super says

    Show de imagens.

  48. Chan Bunna says

    Good byes HONG KONG from now until Democracy made

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