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Honolulu – This destination is ready to show you surf and sun as you’ve never seen before! Check out the incredible footage of this Hawaiian jewel to fuel your travel inspiration.

When ready, browse vacation packages to Honolulu:

Welcome to #Honolulu, Hawaii’s capital found on the island of Oahu. Whether you’re here to live the life of a beach bum or want to explore the city’s lush tropical surroundings, you’ll find everything you’re looking for on your Honolulu #vacation.

Hawaii had a pretty explosive inception—Diamond Head Crater, also called Leahi, started life as an active volcano. Don’t worry; it’s since gone dormant, which means you can climb to the rim and take in a truly brilliant view of the coast.

Head to the water and go paddleboarding or swimming; “Honolulu” means “sheltered bay,” and the beachfront here lives up to its name: It’s calm and sheltered year-round.

Honolulu #sightseeing must include a day at Pearl Harbor, and a #visit downtown to take in Honolulu’s history.

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

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  1. Keith Sadanaga says

    Right on Braddah Billie V!

  2. Salman BHR says

    That’s why you don’t wear light colors kids 1:20

  3. Ajmal Shah says

    nice climate contrition to visit honolulu

  4. TourYes says

    we were in Honolulu last year and it's our first time and on the same day, a strong hurricane warning was announced and was on its way to Hawaii!

  5. peter brech says

    Waren schon dort Peter und Helga Brech es ist eine Reise wert


    From India

  7. Lee Moore says

    What’s the best time to visit??

  8. Tekashi 6ix9ine says

    I'm from Honolulu

  9. gholam reza says


  10. Adrian Pokemon Content says

    Honolulu: Where high rise buildings of commerce meet calm beaches where tourists go to surf.

  11. august ken says

    im from singapore being born in the city i feel trap and whenever i visit the beach it feels so liberating hawaii is definitely in my bucket list and i wanted to go there for my first solo travel after this pandemic… Doing so much research now

  12. peter brech says

    Dort ist es wunderschön wir waren von 10jahren dort.Peter und Helga

  13. alcor4ever says

    Miss it!

  14. Basant Kumar says

    What a lovely tourist destination,I like it ?

  15. Saglara Kokoueva says

    Me and my husband flew to Hawaii from Sweden for two years ago through LA passing 12 time zones. It was totally worth it. What a heaven on earth?

  16. Death to the CCP says

    cheaper to fly from Japan or the West Coast?

  17. Ruub story's says

    Bad film

  18. Walid Loumouh says

    What if Diamond Head erupts??

  19. Mylez Eatz says

    BEST SPAM MUSUBI IN HONOLULU – CHECK IT OUT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5w9PjhSY8Rk&feature=share&fbclid=IwAR13tXZ32H2VCCAF9cRobGBBzY9IEK6WFuEjAYQOdzRUlqIVdTUy7nod7Mc

  20. Linas Marcinkevičius says

    Heavenly place! ??

  21. BaBacool says



    That what markiplier was born 😀

  23. Udaya de alwis says

    Beautiful country.. thank you for uploading this beautiful video

  24. Alfredo Ginés says

    This is only for a english work

  25. John The Giant Slayer says

    Are there snakes in Hawaii???

  26. P Val says

    Prote. T had . Bueglar, blue shirt.

  27. Lyz Abalos says

    I’m going to Hawaii this coming February 2020 see u there???

  28. Elisheva Julia says

    I'll start my dream vacation to Hawaii in Honolulu! It looks great! ??

  29. Jack Daniels-Son says

    Everyone knows Honolulu is paradise and offers something for everyone. Beautiful weather in a large city.

  30. Nutriție Sportivă says


  31. David H says

    What about a video on Kua'i???

  32. Андрей Марковский says

    классный ролик

  33. tinsley mccain says

    I live in Honolulu and I do not want to leave

  34. goauld88 says

    I want to go to there.

  35. Mohamed Sped says


  36. frawldog says

    Love ? Hawaiian

  37. Bhavna Singh says

    This episode tune is like ?????????????

  38. The New Territory says

    Hey! I live there

  39. Nazim Adi says

    Wow lm exserting honolulu?

  40. Adam St.Martin says

    May 4, 2019- I loved Hawaii and Hawaiian flag too.. local people were very nice to me..this was the year of 1993 that I stayed in Honolulu with my two cousins and my Aunt and Uncle when were in the military.. Hawaii was 100 percent best.. I will loved to visit back in Hawaii again..

  41. Falcon says

    A pleasing destination

  42. Gigi says

    I’m so sad. It has always been my dream to go to Hawai! I’m from the Western Europe and I don’t know if I’ll ever make it, I can’t afford. I was planning to travel this September and I wish it was Hawai! And by myself? Omg that would been crazy, but not impossible right? I already travelled alone for the first time to Belgium last month, but that’s in Europe, so I can say it was easy and cool! Wish me luck guys! Hope you can make it one day too! ?

  43. Yo Gyal says

    Asian guys hit me up 🙂

  44. Yickerman 94 says

    Took me 22 hours to get there! Well worth it!

  45. zulyreyes_xo says

    Going from January 4-7th!!!! Cannot wait !!!!!!! ♥️✈️

  46. Peter Orszagh says

    Dream place to set down and stay forever <3

  47. Daniel V says

    OMG that's a sweaty ass 1:20

  48. George Washington says

    1621 Allencaster is working with the mormons.

  49. Brandon Farrar says

    It may be a 13 hour flight from where I live, but it’s worth every second of that flight.

  50. Eagle Eyes says

    Honolulu ❤️?

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