1. ColeOmenKRITKendrick says

    I was at this game and they stopped the game for a little while to look for his tooth or something like that

  2. Cormac MacMathúna says

    That incident was in porpoise by the goalkeeper

  3. Terrence Wallace says

    Futhead 😀

  4. MarkUltschOnYB says

    yeah, i do. I'm an avid futhead user. i think you, my friend, are the one who misunderstood me

  5. h1shm4n says

    You really don't know hat he's talking about

  6. MarkUltschOnYB says

    lol at how that applies to the video as well, or kneehead to be exact

  7. thachaosmaker says

    yeah I feel really sorry for his knee, gotta hurt

  8. christian ortega says

    he didn't kick him. the goalies knee and strikers face both collided

  9. soldier unknown says

    ong bak

  10. Edward Grayson says

    why did the guy run into his knee? o.O

  11. Heskeyhadyour mumforbreakfast says

    haha same

  12. thachaosmaker says

    i fucking kicks him in the face dude…a goalkeeper is trained to lift ONE knee to protect himself, not kick players in the face

  13. Shaun Stokes says


  14. Paula Lacam says

    yo soy el hijo de la presidente

  15. dtejas says

    Schumacher's heir

  16. Richard Dale Reichel says

    tett i hodet du

  17. 1pk155 says

    The painful thing is that the bastard wasn't sent off and Germany ended up winning. Football can be so cruel at times

  18. Nath88 says

    I used to b a goalie once till I took a face to the knee

  19. kallibaer32 says

    its usual that gk's lift their knee up to protect themselves. but this gk tried to hit the player a bit…perhaps he didnt want to injure this player, but he did.

  20. Andy91 says

    @Eriqo666 Ehm Lillestrøm – IK start mener du vel?

  21. garglebag says

    The goalkeeper is allowed to raise a knee to protect his/her exposed mid-section, which this keeper did with his RIGHT knee, but then intentionally followed with his LEFT knee to hit the onrushing player in the face. Bookable offence.

  22. andres villa says

    @whatnowalli while u are right, this isnt how there trained to do it by any means this is an example of him using this rule perhaps to his advantage but this is not how there trained

  23. Iron519 says

    how was that not booked?

  24. Gio Medina says

    fuck that ima keeper if i see someone coming at me u getting my knee in your face!!!

  25. aztec641 says

    Owned!! XD

  26. Andrew Wick says

    Well youre supposed to raise the knee to the closest attacker…

  27. Osvaldo P, De Anda says

    that was 100% Clean !! I applaud that Goalkeeper !

  28. Ray William Jonson says

    keepers are allowed to put their knee up for protection

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