Host Website from your own computer 100% Work….


Host Website from your own computer 100% Work using Apache httpd server very simple.

You can downlaod Apache from

For website hosting you need broadband connection and you also need dynamic or static ip.

I think you shoud have static ip but you can also host website from dynamic ip…

For host a website your router must have NAT (Network Address Translation) configuration.

NAT allows you to host website from your computer.
IF there NAT config is not available in your route then you can’t host website from your computer but you can buy router that has NAT config…

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  1. Gautam .kumar says

    Rip windows xp

  2. Anonymous says

    The computer must be active for 24 hours full day and never taking rest…Where is my TP-LINK external ip??

  3. Rado Racek says

    where you took DNS servers addresses?

  4. irfan sheikh says

    In my nat configuration, I don't have an option to specify internal or external ip. It has only start port and end port options.

  5. Imran Qureshi says

    Bhai window change kar lo. 2018 ha 1990 nahi

  6. Mr. Sinha says

    Jo public ip hai wo static honi chaiye?meri static nhi hai

  7. Cool Brick says

    2016 windows xp

  8. Anubhav Agrahari says

    my router dont have nat service what can i do????

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  11. Likes Prod says

    how can we change the website's url?


    how to host multiple web-site

  13. Randi Mortensen says

    where do you find the Apache exe file to install in windows ?

  14. Tino Lemenič says

    must PC be Turn on (where is website) when I go whit other pc on server, to see my website?

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