Hotel For The Rich Only | Geneva Switzerland Travel Vlog


Produced by Shenaz Treasury

Filmed & Edited by Kaushik Sinha

Thanks to Sony Alpha India for the continuous support!

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  3. Rajan Rajan says

    Love you???

  4. Sanjay Pandya says

    Hi shenaz

  5. brad fincher says

    If Any chance to work with you mail me I'm intelligent to making these type of videos

  6. Kanth King says

    who is paying for this b99999ch

  7. goozoo49 says

    Where is your Wala gone out of your name..

  8. Nittie S MyTreasureBox says


  9. avpfilms says

    Nice place ?

  10. Conti Music says

    Awesome, would you be interested in using my music for free? Liked and followed, thank you!

  11. Nishchay Joshi says

    If ever you need a crew member I am ready to join.You are one majestic Queen of this incredible World @shehnaztreasury and I will gladly be at your service.???

  12. Ragesh Narayanan says

    Please donate for Kerala People. Thousands are still in flooded areas stranded . Please help. Copy paste. Share. Kerala India

  13. Md Yaseen Sharif says

    hotel only for rich!? is k paise kahaase aate hai yaar

  14. informer 360 says

    If you are staying thereThats not for rich surely

  15. Vikrant W says

    One of the best shows ever.. shen you rock babe

  16. Tabish Akhter says

    Fuck you fish.

  17. Neanderthal says

    I envy you.

  18. bick michem says

    Should I travel with you mam? I feel honoured if I assist you.

  19. Hari Shankar says

    @Shenaz Treasury kindly spread awareness of Kerala flood. It is worst till now.

  20. Tittu Rulez says

    Is she wanna show her first arm shave? ??

  21. Rohit Krishna says

    Wow… That's luxury for sure. That abrupt ending though 🙁 Longer videos please!!!

  22. Akshay Jaiswal says

    Hum to gareeb hi hai jaise ??

  23. Giridharan Vijaykumar says

    its a 1 min video wtf

  24. amit kumar says

    Nice content but very short video

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