1. Kanishk Kumar says

    Hotshot Racing is the most played game on my 1080ti. (If you have framerate issues, it can be fixed through Nvidia Control Panel.)

  2. Sara Drott says

    Anyone know if its cross-platform online?

  3. Muhammad Oki says

    i used a copyrighted music, but i turned off the music to avoid copyright.

  4. Muhammad Oki says

    I played this game in first time, countdown sound just like mario kart

  5. Stephen Gibson says

    Looks lovely just a shame it handles like a banana skin.

  6. Camron Toney says

    A blast from the past with these Super Nintendo graphics

  7. 54car says

    Very dope looking. I’ll pick this up for the switch. This looks like a Sega AM2 arcade cabinet game like Daytona and Sega super GT.

  8. Michael Reed says

    Furloughed Fortnite developers at it again…😕

  9. Dean Graham says

    It's a pity the track layouts are so, so boring.

  10. Hooded Claw says

    I was looking forward to this game but it’s a bit disappointing. No real lasting appeal from very easy cpu opponents, the Ai is non existent. No real game progression . So I dug out my old Sega Saturn and played Sega rally. That’s the game they were trying to recreate….but they failed miserably on the gameplay front. Graphically it’s a switch game. 6/10

  11. Joel Murillo says

    anyone else getting Rush 2 vibes ?

  12. Dan BrownPierces says

    Thank you for remembering that Split/Second exists! I loved that game and was so upset that we never got a sequel.

  13. hadror13 says

    Audio recording quality is horrible

  14. Zuzu John says

    I just got the achievement for winning all GPs on Expert mode! I love this game, it's got the best power sliding mechanic that I've felt in years!

  15. Grant Toye says

    Wipeout has a similar mode to driver explode. My favorite game, and mode. I wish multiplayer was still a thing on wipeout

  16. Kody Jung says

    they need to bring back Daytoooooooooooooooona!

  17. Roger Ferreira Lima says

    No Android ???

  18. Caio Leandro says

    I think Warrior Within is perfect.

  19. marx117 x says

    Its riiiiiiidge raceeeeeeeeer

  20. Tropixx_XLR says

    Excellent throwback racer, highly recommended!!

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