How 𝘕𝘖𝘛 to travel Europe #1


Join me and Welsh Greg as we bumble our way across central Europe with no tent, no plan and our own unique take on what it means to be on an adventure.

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  1. GeoWizard says

    Merry Christmas everyone. Here’s to another year of straight line missions and many other adventures. I plan to film 3 in March alone, until then, I hope you all enjoy something a bit different. Thanks for all your patience and support.

  2. Marc Johnson says

    So cool and weird to see you in my city! (Lausanne) looking forward to watching this series

  3. UZPOLproduction - czyli uzbecko-polskie przygody says

    daaamn, mate, that reminds me my hitchhiking trip from Poland to Georgia 3 years ago. now I have tears in my eyes and you're guilty man! that's really cool shit, good luck on the road in future!

  4. Alex Pritzker says

    This is still the greatest adventure I've ever seen in real life

  5. crackedcookies says

    Damn this video makes the Portuguese seem so cool!

  6. Gorkem Gulan says

    17:37 gerome became gerald then gerry

  7. Spaktor 89 says

    Honestly, you're travel shows could be on tv! Very relaxing and enjoyable to watch! Good work mate!

  8. United Mates of Australia says

    Holy fuck, we all locked the butler in the fridge i guess

  9. Danny Bueno says

    Greg looks like Dylan from Bates Motel

  10. Cmhonsu33 says

    Spent three months in Portugal, I can confirm they're the coolest people in Europe

  11. DrummingFishhead says

    8:37 That queen homage though. Very nice! 😀

  12. Marco Mugnatto says

    Paulo speaks portuguese… "Adios" is spanish

  13. DeadlyLazer says

    What a great video. This series really makes me feel that i haven't lived, and i bloody well need to before it's too late

  14. Scipio Africanus says

    07:30 voice of Bear Grylls "Straight line missioning in Lausanne. Surprisingly few farmers trying to block us from gaining ground."

  15. Scipio Africanus says

    From Geneva to Bratislava in a Straight Line +/- 200 miles

  16. Eren Nova says

    This is great 😁, I feel as if I was on the journey with them

  17. Baptman says

    27:04 I know Im late but duuude Collombey was clearly on the road to Martigny ! Almost half way

  18. KJ Dempsey says

    Crazy adventures with an Englishman and a Welshman 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 ‘Brits abroad’

  19. Xuizo - says

    i bet when you greg and your wife are in the car you and greg sit in the back

  20. Finky Stingers McFarthing says

    I was here since the early days of 20k subs…

    .. 😏.. You know what to do interwebs..

  21. Dwolf44 says

    If i had this kind of money i'd still not do what these lads do o3o

  22. drew says

    how ??? to travel Europe

  23. R134eS2o says

    That guy Jermaine in the car was so nice.

  24. FortuneZero says

    6:46 Savage

  25. dpcon1994 says

    I've been on countless trains across Austria, Germany and Switzerland, and not once have I not been checked! You jammy bastards XD

  26. Big Steve says

    Natalia is such a kind soul

  27. Horace LeDoge says

    Well damn that Vevey-Lausanne stretch is my daily commute, I honestly never get tired of it, and still stop regularly along the way to take pictures of the sunset. Also 100m the left would’ve been a main road down to the lakeside from Lausanne, but I guess a straight line down is trademark at this point.

  28. paddym27 says

    'and that gave us another shit idea'. hahaha

  29. HELLOL says

    Rewatching this series, sick

  30. Andrew Edgar says

    I have hitched rides and they've been like Natalie… they start breaking down the essence of reality and the meaning of life in a 2002 Honda Civic haha

  31. Lord _ Scrubington says

    These videos restore my hope in humanity.

  32. Henrik Engdahl says

    Fucking scripted!

  33. CloudAerisSephiroth says

    dunno if you'll ever read this comment tom, but this video has cheered me right the fuck up. what an adventure, what a beautiful part of the world, and what lovely people you guys met. honestly love your videos so much. thanks and long may it continue!

  34. Ricky Ricardo says

    this dude is like a video game character. Like imagine thinking the world was your playground this much. I could never be half as spontaneous and crazy as this guy.

  35. I Like Turtles says

    And after having a four way with a Swiss lady, we were off.

  36. davekachel says

    you should start to tell old people the truth without burying them with useless information.
    In this or a similar case:
    You are a travel show. People know what a show is.
    If they ask for money you explain its extreme travel with a challenge to not pay anything. The kids loves this stuff.
    On missions or similar cases:
    You are trying to break world records. Everybody knows what a world record is. They will understand
    Nobody needs to know that this is for Youtube. Except if they want to know where they can see it. You could still explain that its a webshow. TV is online nowadays.

  37. Miller Anderson says

    i have to rewatch this, thank you so much for a idea for a trip!

  38. davekachel says

    oh my!
    what gems are hidden in this channel!

  39. Benjamin Speigner says

    I really want to do something like this. God, it looks like a blast.

  40. RARA22 says

    he said Greg yet pointed to himself

    absolute mad man

  41. Jon says

    30:25 Man, that hurts. You really did it to yourself, though.

  42. Roy Thuv says

    What is it with you and straight lines?!

  43. onybr says

    avoiding swiss inspectors.
    gave me so much anxiety.

  44. Cooked Potatoes says

    Future funk <3

  45. netsuo says

    I just discovered your channel some days ago and stumble upon this video, attracted by the fact you're traveling my region and then.. A Guy in Villeneuve actually proposed to drive you to my actual little city, Collombey. Love your channel keep it up and ring me next time you're around here, plenty of great things to do

  46. Nebroid says

    25:38 kosovo?

  47. Kappamsu says

    Conducteurs in switzerland often judge u from what u look like (atleast in big trains) if u look trustworthy u may be lucky and they dont check ur tickets

  48. októ says

    this is nice to watch while crying over my worthless life

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