How 𝘕𝘖𝘛 to travel Europe #2 – Scooters + Mountains = Pain


Today was a race to get to the Kayaks which were patiently waiting for us over in Northern Italy, but first we had to get up and over the mountains. We would have to use cars to get up, but we’d be mad not not to descend in style, wouldn’t we?

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Music at 26 minutes: coffin nails cover by Cody Wright

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  1. GeoWizard says

    Some of your comments are bloody heartwarming. Apologies about the excessive swearing in this one, subtitles are good up until 26 minutes for now, and don’t forget to check out my patreon page, there’s lots in the pipeline you see. Thanks again everyone.

  2. Júlíus Waage says

    This is such an underrated series, having a blast watching!

  3. Jonathan Constant says

    I knew exactly how the scooters would go. I used to ride a scooter around on campus in the hills of central virginia and I've melted some soles before myself.


    He does look a good cook you got give that, My Mum said never trust a skinny chef heeeee Great vid

  5. Ironcheater101 says

    this video is my favourite of all your adventure videos, i just keep coming back to it every few months

  6. Lord Farquaads Twin Brother says

    So we're gonna ignore his ultimate Nokia Button Phone?

  7. Brian Peck says

    Tom's "Red Hot Chiropractors" shirt lol

  8. Potato King says

    I was so emotional remembering asking help from a year 11 to open my locker then 5 years later helping a little year 7 opening my old locker 😭😭😭

  9. Cameron MacDonald says

    The ratio on this grates me

  10. John Bee says

    Absolutely BRILLIANT episode.. A credit to the internet and nature you two pair of beauties! Loved the fact you met so many nice people on this adventure – nice one chaps!

  11. Scipio Africanus says

    Straight Line Mission – Swiss Border Special.

  12. Scipio Africanus says

    12:41 Feels almost like being back in Wales trying to find the least diverting route from a straight line and avoiding meddling farmers trying to block you from making ground.

  13. Pesthaus says

    I was stationed several times in that building to the right @18:48 when i was serving in the swiss army 😄 i have some good old memories up there

  14. Paul Sargeant says

    Loving your channel . . . so it pains me to have to ask: why is it alright for you to travel on a train without paying for the service? Please explain this to me.

  15. Donegal Overlanding says

    What a bloody wonderful video series this is. Somehow I managed to not see this in between the straight line Wales missions, both of them. So this is really up my street, trying not to binge-watch and enjoy it over a few days!

  16. Jacob Carr says

    26:20 Rapp Snitch Knishes sample? You've turned even more into a legend if you're a DOOM fan. Sick content as per! Legend.

  17. Anonym1312 says

    Hahaha what are the odds….Thomas Vincentini is my chiropractor in Brig and an absolute amazing and friendly guy. 😁

  18. Grimmy Grim Grim says

    yeovil weather isnt nice? ok then

  19. Kylirr says

    26:30 – Rap snitches, tellin' all they business. Sit in the court, n' be they own star witness.

  20. Pshady says

    The scooters had me in tears of laughter. I have used one once to travel across a city and a decent of that steepness and length is ludicrous. That’s the stuff that makes an adventure.

  21. Jon John says


  22. Jnogzee01 says

    My jaw actually dropped when Tom picked you guys up after 3 whole hours after seeing you, AND the fact he likes red hot chilli peppers makes him even better

  23. Olin says

    wait, im watching this for free?

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