How 𝘕𝘖𝘛 to travel Europe #5 – This episode was too eventful to name


Watch with subtitles for full effect..

The trip was hanging on a knife edge, but if we could make it to Austria, the final two days would be all about cycling through the countryside and completing our Challenges. The surreal, heart warming string of events that followed and the people that came with them will, I’ll never forget.

Michael’s Bakery:

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  1. GeoWizard says

    Sharing these videos with you all has been one of the highlights of my life. Me and Greg have loved nothing more than a good adventure since we were nippers and being able to present our greatest journey yet to so many like minded people is the greatest gift we could ever ask for. Here's to another storming year of adventure on the GeoWizard channel.

  2. Paul Buxton says

    41:04 Looking forward to the end credits track being the first hit single on the next Amynedd album

  3. DerFo1312 says

    26:16 eating Pomdöner in a nutshell

  4. ody vinty* says

    He said Servus 😃😃 the man really knows Austria

  5. H T says

    Brilliant mate! Cant wait for another travel series!

  6. Kyle Schoene says

    Honestly one of the best series I've ever seen. Definitely looking forward to the next one

  7. professional study-er says

    I just found this channel and am literally crying . How interesting a life can be . Just memories that can be created

  8. Lucas Zoetemelk says

    Loved it!

  9. Geoffrey Gonzales says

    low key simpin for the farmers market girl

  10. RoggieHa says

    This series is probably the best content I’ve ever watched on YouTube. Absolutely class, I can’t believe you’ve done this, such wholesome banter, quality production, and hilarious soothing narration. Honestly my favourite channel

  11. Dylan Hamel says

    What a journey. This was great content man, looking forward to your next adventure when it's possible. Sadly I think hitchhiking will be a tough task for awhile now

  12. TheMidnightwolf15 says

    I would honestly love it if someday you would be able to travel the entire length of the UK – including islands like the Isle of Man and Wight. Probably not going to happen for a while considering the current state of the world right now. I highlight the Isle of Wight as I'm from there originally and do know people who have cycled the entire length of the island within a day. I've been loving these trips you've been taking. The wholesomeness of this series still makes me smile everytime I've re-watched this series 🙂 hope to see more of these adventures soon.

  13. Diego Rodríguez says

    You guys give me reasons to love mankind.

  14. simon alpren says

    Hands down best content on this website. I can’t explain how much I love this

  15. HeroInWonderland says

    thats a pretty big bakery, looked tiny

  16. Ruben Høgh says

    Thanks Tom for great entertainment, good laughs and life-affirming video content! Being from Denmark, I've just finished my first week of Erasmus-exchange in Germany (where I'll be for at least half a year), in which I've been watching both your Wales adventures and this brilliant series. Greg's and your approach is inspiring on so many levels, and I'm happy to take that inspiration with me for my stay, even though the world is a bit wobbly atm. Danke Schön! Cheers.

  17. Alcaseiver says

    Honestly loving this series

  18. LMD Productions says

    Claas for the win

  19. THATSMYNAME says

    24:51 Old Ford Escort could be a Orion sure the young people of YouTube will correct Me Nottttt

  20. THATSMYNAME says


  21. Sam Cooper says

    25:27 way to not thank Paula for the stay! That's just weird

  22. Sam Cooper says

    12:00 they have no idea what weed looks like 🤣

  23. Startled Sloth says

    Tom: "Don't you worry, it won't be the last…"
    2020: hold my apocalypse

  24. L H says

    redditch lol

  25. Chris says

    Do neither of them own a phone other than the old Nokia? Or is this a part of the challenge?

  26. Max Rosen says

    Loved this series. I got to thinking though about how impossible this trip would be anywhere in the United States. It would be very hard to get a bunch of strangers to give car rides and refuge for the night at least where I'm from lol.

  27. R3VILO says

    Have to comment here after watching the whole series today. Insane Content Guys. I'm definitely going to make a trip threw germany where i m from next year. That was very inspiring.
    All the best for you and greg 👌🏼

  28. Pints of Guinness says

    theres absolutely zero chance this wouldve been possible in america. you'd have been mugged or shot at. certainly not picked up hitch hiking. bikes, bags, canoes, etc could never be left unattended without being stolen. having that tiny splinter removed would probably cost $1000.

  29. R4stro3BR says

    Bro they legit found David Luiz wth

  30. Veronika Semanová says


  31. Jackson Willette says

    How to travel europe as a sociopath

  32. Tony Papas says

    These guys eat more than just about anyone……LOL.

  33. Tony Papas says

    "Escape from Redditch"……LMAO

  34. Valais 14 says

    I began watching this series only because it was written "Martigny" on the first video picture. You've done a great job men!

  35. Ezequiel Genender says

    Scores goal
    – GET IN!

  36. Forrest Charles says

    how are you gonna say getting water from a sink as opposed to a water fountain is living off the land

  37. DeadlyLazer says

    Faith in humanity truly restored. What a brilliant series. Honestly has changed my outlook on the world. Definitely persuading me to walk out the fucking door and do something

  38. George JMZ1000 says

    Loving your drunken mischief🤣

  39. Balázs Püspök says

    I feel ashamed to be a hungarian. We are such a xenophobe country…

  40. Nicholas Lee says

    One of the best youtube series' I've ever seen. Loved it!!

  41. Streamolf says

    Not that important but were the ladies in the church Croatian? As it is Burgenland, a sizeable Hungarian and Croatian minority there.

  42. Barty Fufkin says

    Thank you so much for sharing your fun and frolics! We've watched this series every night for the past week while eating dinner and it's been an absolute joy from start to finish!

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