how 2 protect ur family from COVID


A shitpost, please acknowledge and continue

But srsly though. Christmas and new years are coming up and I know we all want to see our families – I do too – but if people quarantined at first we would have been done with coronavirus in May. For those of you in the US anyway, please limit your travel if you can and hold off on spending much time with groups too large. The pandemic has never had higher numbers, and we really need to get this over with already. Stay distant, wear your masks, play some video games. Play destiny 2! Play beyond light! Get cloudstrike! Grind the deepstone crypt!


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  1. Alak Hul, The Darkblade says

    I was doing it before it was cool

  2. Golden TM says

    Grind destiny for 3 days straight

  3. Ryzel Val says

    Imagine going outside. insert laugh track

  4. Ryzel Val says

    Dang Deathsingers

  5. Arion says

    I would play Destiny 2, but….. I have no Friends to play it with.

  6. Lilia Adrienne says

    Ahh I see that Sprite Cranberry on that desk.

  7. Nathan Salvania says

    Mfw i can't do anything in destiny because i'm poor >:(

  8. Danny Caracciolo says

    If those Republicans could read they would be very offended right now

  9. Kjeld The Younger says

    American exotic drops: Outbreak perfected

  10. Talan mayes says

    Instructions unclear I am now in a bar in California

  11. Yuki Yukino says

    “-“ wait…what’s a family

  12. Check Downstairs says

    Bro I still have to go to school in person because internet is trash.

  13. Valkyrie One says

    Obviously, this is a dance needed in destiny 2… 0:010:03

  14. Leo da Poa says

    All medical organazations on the world: How…it was so simple…and you still managed to fuck it up…

    All the continent of America: We first thought of doing that…but then we thought: "What if we do the oposite of that?"

  15. Syber says

    Sprite cranberry

  16. DerivedWhale45 says

    Want a Sprite Cranberry to get through the holiday cheer n Covid?

  17. toastnuances says

    a good Guardian always wears a mask

  18. Grayson Schneider says

    Who else saw the sprite cranberry

  19. Raptor Maverick says

    Well I’m a package handler at FedEx so..I DONT HAVE THAT PROBLEM.

  20. BachelorBanana says

    Cries in Retail

  21. Henry Vu says

    Can’t I got school

  22. Gabriel Piñeiro García says

    Oh look. Its a graph of his content's quality since he learnt blender

  23. CitrusOverdrive says

    > stompees
    ah, I see you are a hunter of culture

  24. one THICC boi says

    That sprite cranberry made my day thank you

  25. Snarfy McSnarfFace says

    Except school

  26. Not Yaboy says

    Maybe all the traveler did was kill all Karens?

  27. Hudson Simons says


  28. Ares says

    "Essential worker btw" Works at fast food

  29. Nitro says

    Oh ok.

    Goes outside

  30. The Box says

    Stay inside and play Destiny 24/7? I see this as an absolute win!

  31. Pixel says

    There’s no true solution to the Covid pandemic as of late, either we stay inside and the economy comes to a halt, or we go outside and catch Covid. There seems to be no permanent solution to this issue as of late.

  32. Zach Murray says

    I’m a titan main here and how am I supposed to eat my crayons if I’m wearing a mask

  33. TheLoneSamurai18 _YT says

    He's back and he's got the Christmas profile pic,
    it's the most wonderful time of the year!!!!

  34. Anthony Sheriff says

    I’m glad you learned how to animate, your content quality shot up faster than the Covid infection rate.

  35. Rob Russell says

    Just give it to everyone. It only kills the weak and they take up air

  36. master gamer leither says

    Don't worry I will head out to the mall now

  37. ඞCyan Crewmateඞ says

    Still tryna figure out what armour they use it still looks cool

    Oh my god I know now
    Helmet- Righteous mask
    Arms- Qiaos grasps
    Chest- Dragonfly Regalia vest
    Legs- Stom-ee5 exotic
    Cloak- Righteous cloak
    All with the crimson valor shader.

  38. LingeringWill 305 says

    You know it's a dark day when the Hunter makes more smart decisions than 90% of Americans.

  39. Deon James says

    Why dont you bring up a Covid Death chart and show us all how that isn't doing anything but staying steady, with a 99%+ survival rate and 40% of people dont even know they have it. But by all means keep be scared and stay inside, be safe, dont drive, dont party, dont eat junk food, dont drink pop, dont get any other diseases and we can all live FOREVER!!

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