How A Blind Person Uses A Computer


Tommy Edison, who has been blind since birth, shows how he uses the computer to send an email. The MacBookPro has an Accessibility preference called Voice Over which reads the screen to him.

Directed & Edited by Ben Churchill



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  1. Антон Журавлев says

    Greetings from Russia.
    Have a good day, man!

  2. Nathan H. says

    This is interesting but photos for the blind is cool: @BnPo

  3. GhostMiner says

    The black wallpaper looks weird, almost like he was using non-activated version of Windows 😁

  4. DarkyBoode32 says

    A computer for blind people should have a narrator and a Braille keyboard.

  5. TheHawk Gaming says

    Please appreciate my work👇

  6. Aziz says

    i am tryinbg totupe woth my eyes closed

  7. Billy Fusco Jr. says

    1:532:00 "oh my"

    2:02 "nvm"

  8. Jank says

    I know a blind person who writes books

  9. ade paul says

    Really impressed but one day God shall open your eye very soon

  10. Papillon M says

    Thanks Tommy, I am expanding my career as a web developer and your video, from 2013, helped me to understand better how to code for the blind. You are great!

  11. Gabriel Cua says

    I don't know why i'm crying


    Even blind people remember the qwerty layout.

  13. Patrick B. says

    I was hoping to see a command line window. 😀 There must be some blind Linix powerusers out there. ^^

  14. Casie Millhouse says

    Thank you for making me smile as my daughter and I learned how blind people use the computer. You are hilarious! Hopefully you don't get too much spam. My daughter asked what happens when a blind person picks up a book that doesn't have braille?

  15. Frank The Blind Atheist says

    I am blind, and I love the Screenreader known as Voiceover!

  16. James Cash says

    @Mr. Edison: Why don't they put braille on currency. One would think it would be convenient for the visually impaired. What is your opinion? Thank you.

  17. Royston Juti says

    Don't forget, there is Jaws for Windows too.

  18. Dino Dare says

    How do you find the system settings and accessibility controls before you enable voiceover?

  19. NeopolitanKeys says

    I'm typing this with my eyes closed

  20. Mutsawashe Tembo says

    would like to meet you one day tommmy

  21. Daniel A. says

    I am tupinh tbis wjth my eyes clisdc

  22. TheChaosLp says

    Tezt gest im thpung fhus bljnd

  23. Classix says

    Why they have a monitor?

  24. AgroBabb says


  25. Clément Guillaumin says

    How do you learn all the shortcuts ? Is it a kind of tutorial you can launch the first time, or do you have to search everything on the Internet ?

  26. Mr J-Charles says

    I set up my Android phone like this. Fantastic because I have a hard time seeing the screen so now it just tells me what I am looking and reads my messages to me.

  27. rudeboyrave says

    hey tommy have you ever played a MUD like cyberassault using a screen reader?

  28. Felipe M.A. Graça says

    I bet you almost never need to recharge your notebook.

  29. Meundies says

    I wish my dad was this good with computers.

  30. FH says

    wonder if he use terminal 🤔

  31. g is for gay says

    This dude is blind and memorized the keyboard I barely have it memorized on PC as it is

  32. Gina Brambo says

    very interesting

  33. 姫いちご〜未来さくら says

    How does he type? How does he know letters if all he knows is Braille wtf?

  34. Jack Hart says

    Damn, he's a pretty good typist!

  35. Alex Eriksson says

    I accidently turned on the voice over on my mac a few times. And I didn't know what it was or how to turn it of. It drove me crazy lol

  36. DarkVitamins says

    This could lead to interesting situations if you read Youtube comments. I won't give any examples of what odd things people might say; but having those words actually coming our of your computer, oh boy… Great video by the way! 🙂

  37. MsBecki says

    The keys must be in braille.

  38. Jacob Brooks says

    He's blind and types better than me
    I'm really depressed now

  39. Alicia O'Brien says

    i was typing this with. u eyes cmksed

    oh crap it's harder than u think

  40. Anyu Min says

    Wow he types so good without vision… and I can't type even half as fast lol

  41. diajeng marta says

    he use computer better than my mom

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