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Foley artists use objects to create sounds based on a character’s movements and interactions in movies and TV shows. Sometimes, they will find themselves making sounds for animals. Marko Costanzo is a veteran Foley artist for c5 Sound, Inc. He has who worked on movies like “Ice Age,” “Life of Pi,” and “True Grit.” Costanzo explained how complicated it was to make the sounds of a dragonfly flapping its wings in “Men in Black,” and how he captured the footsteps of a dog at different ages in “Marley & Me.” Then, we showed him an animal clip he has never seen before and had him come up with the proper sounds on the spot.

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How Animal Sounds Are Made For Movies And TV | Movies Insider

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  1. Space Cowboy says

    Excellent video

  2. 999Juice says

    No one:Kids with autism

  3. i'm the king, bitch boy says

    Thought my guy was gonna use a ton of feathers for the flock, but when he pulled out the gloves everything made sense. A master of his craft.

  4. Mr Unsympathetic says

    " When you use a coconut you might here a little a 'kluk kluk kluk' but when I use rocks I hear 'BOOM BOO BOOM BOOM' " He's a foley artist indeed

  5. Clipsgame4 matthewdoyle816 says

    7:46 ASMR

  6. Okay says

    This guys voice is so soothing

  7. DW Dw says

    Did he just say a 5,000 lbs horse

  8. Akamaru says

    welcome to another episode of: this comment is unoriginal|||if someone else is under me, its aristokats comment.

  9. Zeynep Bayar says

    I will never hear it the same! thanks @insider

  10. AB Rigs says

    All those dislikes must be deaf people because they had me interested on how they do it ??

  11. Qtaro Kujo says

    I've watched life of pi and that is VERY accurate lol

  12. IronW42 says

    2:30 a Bicycle card in a bicycle wheel?

  13. Name Changes says

    So what do you do : Hnn it's complicated

  14. Bbyx Marylin Queen says

    Check my yt

  15. Ahmad Waliuddin Wasim Abdul Karim says

    I thought the kitten sounds like…. MEOW???

  16. JM FX says

    oh really

  17. Kalevipoeg says

    You know, the funny and kind of sad thing about foley artists is this: if they're doing their job really really well, you will never notice. That's because the audience does not pay attention to good audio effects that the brain expects to be there. When a large animal is walking, you EXPECT to hear the sound of a large animal walking. When a horse is galloping, your brain EXPECTS that CLOP CLOP CLOP noise. When these guys do it really well so that it sounds natural and is timed well, your brain just immediately accepts that those sounds are being made by those animals on the screen, and you never even THINK about the guy behind the scenes hitting the ground with two rocks. Whereas, if they chose the wrong sound and an elephant walking sounded like someone playing the drums or something, you WILL notice and pay attention to that bad sound design. So, foley artists are least appreciated when they are doing the best job, ironically.

  18. Brendan Price says

    This is so useless. Literally just record the stupid lion and use the sound it actually makes

  19. Angel Sandoval says

    Not all heroes wear capes.

  20. Giovana Giorno says

    Imagine he gets rowdy with his gf in bed and records the noise for something ??

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